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We Got the Memo

Devin Nunes: A look of complete shame
"FISA warrants are typically big thick documents - 50-60 pages. If the Nunes memo about one is just 4 pages, you can bet it's a carefully picked bowl of cherries. Made all the more dishonest by holding back the minority rebuttal report. A real debate needs both. Someone fears that."
Former CIA Deputy Director John McLaughlin
Robert Mueller
The "memo" (such as it is) that the right wing SCREAM machine has been freaking out about for damned-near two weeks finally came in. The best reaction, as far as I can tell, came from former FBI Director James Comey:
"That's it?"
Some memo. It might as well have been written on a little yellow post-it-note with a tiny smiley-face drawn on the back, pasted onto Devin Nunes' clueless forehead -  just for good measure, you understand.
If the Republicans were hoping to expose some major political scandal by releasing this four-page collection of nothingness, they were in for a bit of a let down. Their claim that it is proof that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a hotbed of left ring radicals who were in the tank for the candidacy of Hillary Clinton is too weird to articulate a coherent response. Surely they haven't forgotten that it was Comey, after all, who reopened the investigation into Hillary's emails a mere week-and-a-half before Election Day 2016 - a move that cost her the election, by the way.  My belief is that they're hoping that the pitiful attention span of the American public will allow them to follow this line of accusation. Sadly, that hope is more-than-justified.

The Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee have their own memo, three times longer than the GOP's, which points out the discrepancies, errors of fact, and intentional omissions of the Nunes memo. The Republicans on the committee, naturally, voted to keep that one under cover of darkness. Is there anyone reading this who is still unable to understand what is going on here? Call me please. We need to talk.

The right wing's major beef is that the infamous dossier handed over by British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, was compiled when he was working for a conservative organization called "Fusion GPS" which was doing negative research on Trump on behalf of another Republican primary candidate in 2016. Steele was concerned that Trump could be blackmailed by a hostile foreign government (you know which one I'm taking about, don'cha?) and took what information he had to the American authorities. Devin Nunes and friends are claiming that, since Steele's research was possibly politically motivated, they had no business seeking a FISA warrant. They're wrong. Christopher Steele's reputation within international intelligence circles is impressive and long-standing. They had every reason to look into what he was saying and no good reason not to. Nice Try, kids.

This is not - by any means - a sinister plot engineered for no other reason than to bring down Donald Trump by what are inarguably some of the most conservative departments of the Federal government. This investigation began in the spring of 2013 - two years before the Donald announced his candidacy. The  juicy fact of the matter is that Trump - and many in his inner circle - are into this thing up to their bloodshot little eyeballs - including, possibly, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The president's scheme, as anyone paying attention  has easily figured out by now, is to use this silly little memo as an excuse to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and replace him with a nodding sycophant who will then put an end to the Mueller investigation at Donald's behest. If that happens, the remaining supporters of this clown would do well to hang on to their tin-foil hats. The country will explode in a way it hasn't exploded since the Saturday Night Massacre of October 1973.

Somewhere, I am almost certain, Oliver Hardy is laughing. Donald J. Trump has gotten himself in to another fine mess. There are too many Republicans in both the house and the senate who know that their chances of being re-elected in November are a fraction less than zero. As a result a whole helluva lot of them are retiring - "to spend more time with their families". Of course they are. And now that tooting the idiotic party line is no longer beneficial to their reputations, they're speaking their minds - to the utter detriment of Trump. One of these soon-to-be retirees is Trey Gowdy, an excitable right wing congressman from South Carolina. He will be bolting the congress next January after serving eight years. He said in no uncertain terms yesterday that that release of Devin Nunes' pathetic little memo should have no bearing on the Mueller investigation, and that the Feds were correct in their decision to peruse the Steele dossier. He's not the only one speaking his mind. Trump's political fortunes are devaluating by the day. Isn't this oodles of fun to watch?

And hats off to poor old Devin Nunes. Obviously this clown is blissfully unaware that he will be remembered by posterity as one of congress's more pathetic water-carriers. Or perhaps not. Is it my imagination, or does he look rather tormented and ashamed in recent photographs issued for public consumption? When his term is up in eleven months, he ought to retreat to a monastery in the Himalayas and spend the rest of his days praying that the history books misspell his name.  
It was said after the fall of Dick Nixon forty-four years ago, that it was the cover-up that was worse than the crime. In this case I believe the crime will prove to be far worse than the cover-up. During the Watergate affair, no one seriously suggested that the Trickster was guilty of treason (although he did commit a horrendously treasonous act during the campaign of 1968 that we only found out about decades later - but that's another story for another day, boys and girls). Treason is a pretty serious charge, one that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for sixty-five years ago. I don't advocate the penalty of death for anybody - not even a demented thug and common pervert like Donald Trump; but it would seem to me that, if he  has nothing to hide, why is he wasting so much time (which is always precious for any sitting president) throwing one monkey wrench after another into this investigation? Why not let it continue unimpeded and let the chips fall where they will?  If he were truly innocent of any wrong doing he could emerge from this storm politically stronger than ever, making fools of we who doubted him in the process. Why would he go as far as demeaning and slandering the FBI, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Justice? What gives?

This smells, folks.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


I believe that we are within less than a decade of (PLEASE, GOD) a nonviolent revolution, where the people of this doomed republic finally wake up and understand something I figured out decades ago:

The Democrats and the Republicans are beyond redemption.

Why are we governed by political parties? Why are we not governed by human beings?

Just a thought....



At 1:04 PM, Blogger Frances Ruth Harris said...

Thanks, Tom!

At 2:28 PM, Blogger Dave Dubya said...

"The Democrats and the Republicans are beyond redemption".

Indeed, and so are their owners. None of them will be going away, or surrendering power. Only the moneyed elites are represented now. They have won their war on democracy. The militarist corporatocracy will run its course until its collapse. It will not be pretty.

At 3:06 PM, Blogger Paul said...

There will always be people like Nunes who thirst after power absent any conscience. This is not new in American politics, or the history of the world. A rose by any name.........and politics has always and will always have a stench of the gutter as long as imperfect humans are the leaders. Call your political parties anything you want it won't change human behavior. Some are worse than others and our current political leaders are worst than most.

At 3:28 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

My pleasure, ma'am!

At 5:57 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Yes,the Nation is so divided at home and foreign leaders know how vulnerable it is. The"great"one is the most devisive sick nationalist in history.Yes,so it is time for no parties, a revolution ? I don't understand how this peaceful revolt will come to fruition.

At 8:30 PM, Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

Tom, I couldn't agree with your "Afterthought" more. Dramatic change is in all American's future. Ten years from now will look vastly different.

At 9:20 AM, Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

"I don't understand how this peaceful revolt will come to fruition." ~~ Jean Weil

I agree with you, Jean, I wonder whether this is possible at this point myself.

Tom's probably overly optimistic in his assessment of a "nonviolent revolution", yet if consciousness-raising from our collective national sleep occurs in sufficient numbers, anything is possible. Let's hope Tom is correct.

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Just the Facts! said...


Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley is about to release his report on Steele, the FBI, and the dossier.

The Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General is about to release his report on the FBI and DOJ handling of the Clinton investigation. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has referred the allegations about the DOJ and FBI officials to the Inspector General for further investigation.

This should be interesting.

At 6:36 PM, Blogger Clueless It Seems said...

People, not parties is what I've been thinking for a long time. Lovely afterthought.

At 11:54 PM, Blogger Just the Facts! said...

Stock market drop, must be part of the Obama economy, right Mozart?

At 8:05 AM, Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

So the stock market lost everything it gained this year, and Hannity over at Fox Noise is claiming it's Obama's fault.

It's Tuesday. I wonder whether it'll continue dropping like a rock today. If so, Hannity will likely blame Bill Clinton.

If the slide continues on Wednesday, Jimmy Carter better not show his face. ;-)

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Dave Dubya said...

"Stock market drop, must be part of the Obama economy, right Mozart?"

Gee, that's not what he was saying last week. When in doubt blame the Black Guy, amirite? Works every time down at the meetings.

At 12:38 PM, Blogger Mozart1220 said...

No, Clucky, Obama's economy ended in October. Do you know NOTHING about how the government works? Grassley is a corrupt asshole who doesn't care about anyone but the few rich elderly farmers who think he's helping them. It's nothing but distraction. ISN'T IT INTYERESXTING THAT THE GOP WON;T EVEN INVESTIGATE RUSSIAN COLLUSION. THEY'D RATHER TEAR DOWN OUR ENTIRE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.

Clueless, eliminate the TITLES and the IDEAS remain. Kill both parties, see where it gets you.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Just the Facts! said...

Oops, stock market back up, must be the results of the Obama presidency. Right Mozart?

At 2:01 PM, Blogger Just the Facts! said...

"Trump had NOTHING to do with Black unemployment, anymore than he has anything to do with the growing economy. he's just taking credit for the work of others like he always does. " Mozart..

"Obama's economy ended in October." Mozart

Rather arbitrary of you Mozart, so what is it? Trump or Obama's economy?

At 3:01 PM, Blogger Majormajor said...

Texts between FBI lovers reveal Obama wanted to be briefed on EVERYTHING happening in Clinton email investigation – after he 'guaranteed' he wouldn't get involved

Lisa Page wrote her lover Peter Strzok about the Clinton probe: Obama 'wants to know everything we're doing'
Obama had said he could 'guarantee' he wouldn't interfere and there would be 'no political influence' in the FBI investigation
The September 2, 2016 text message was among more 50,000 texts the pair sent during a two-year extramarital affair
Page was an FBI lawyer, and Strzok was a leading investigator on both the Clinton probe and the more recent Trump-Russia investigation.

Flashback: Obama Insists He Doesn’t Get Involved in FBI Investigations
‘I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department or the FBI’

At 7:16 PM, Blogger Mozart1220 said...

Jefferson's Guardian,

I mistakenly wrote your name in place of someone else in the last thread. For this I publicly apologize.

At 11:51 PM, Blogger Just the Facts! said...

President Trump’s Approval Rating Tops Barack Obama BY 4 POINTS at Same Time of His Presidency

At 3:37 AM, Blogger Mozart1220 said...

Clucky, WTF are you babbling about? Obama isn't president, and none of what you say has any sources. Where do you GET this crapola? Oh yeah, Limbaugh. As for the budget, There is a thing called a FISCAL YEAR. The last fiscal year in Obama's presidency ended Oct 2017. After that it's Trump's budget, providing he stops tweeting and demanding stupid parades to get involved in preparing one. Jeez, are you REALLY that stupid?

But thanks for confirming you are using more than one name, as if we didn't know anyway.

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Majormajor said...


You really have't a clue do you? You are however the perfect democrat voter.

At 3:49 PM, Blogger Dave Dubya said...

You really have't a clue do you? You are however the perfect democrat voter.

You don't HAVE to be a low-information, gullible fool to be a Trump supporter....well, maybe you DO. No wonder the Big Lie always works with fascists and followers of the Cult of Right-wing Authoritarian Personalites.

They eat the CRAP up like candy. Look who really doesn't have clue:

Trump Supporters Spread the Majority of Phony News on Social Media
A new study finds that “junk news” is a staple of the #MAGA crowd.

Trump supporters are among the most prolific social media users spreading fake news and conspiracy content, according to new research from Oxford University’s Computational Propaganda Research Project, which has been studying disinformation campaigns globally since 2014.

The group’s new findings are based on study of more than 13,000 Twitter accounts representing politically diverse viewpoints, including just under 2,000 pro-Trump accounts—which were identified by terms like #MAGA included on their Twitter profiles and explicitly pro-Trump content they have shared. The Oxford researchers found that those pro-Trump accounts, though comprising less than a sixth of the total accounts, were responsible for 55 percent of the “junk news” tweeted out from all 13,000 accounts, studied during the period of October 20, 2017 to January 18, 2018. The researchers also studied content from more than 47,000 public Facebook pages during the same 90-day period; they determined that about 60 percent of the total “junk news” links were posted by users that appeared to be aligned with the political far right.

Con-servatism is a mental disorder.

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Michael Stivic said...


In the State of the Union speech, the black caucus would not stand and clap when Trump said black unemployment was at its lowest.

What would it take for the black caucus to stand, maybe if Trump said black unemployment was at its highest?

P.S. When will Adam Schiff have any evidence about Trump Russian collusion? He's been yapping for over a year but where is the beef?

At 11:08 PM, Blogger woodenman said...

What every body should be talking about is how we are getting closer by the day to having a nuclear war with Russia. This memo stuff is not that important. The political and military leadership has to be batshit crazy to think we can win a nuclear war with "acceptable" causalities.

As usual we are the ones creating all the problems but Russia is not Iraq and the morons in charge can not tell the difference. Trump- making America a waste land.

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Majormajor said...


With the evidence piling up daily of how much of a nothing burger the Russian/Trump collusion fairy tale is, I don't blame you for trying to deflect with the fear of war with Russia story. But you see once the box is opened it can't be shut.

Latest is the news that Democratic Sen. Mark Warner texted
with Russian oligarch lobbyist in effort to contact dossier author Christopher Steele. And Adam Schiff being tricked by two Ukrainian radio DJ's...

And then from Investors Business Daily there is this: "Bit by bit, piece by piece, the growing scandal of the FBI´s spying on the Trump campaign is being revealed for what it is: an effort to weaponize the federal intelligence bureaucracy for use by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Recent revelations point to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and a secretive group of supporters and hangers-on both inside and outside of the FBI and Justice Department as having a far deeper personal involvement in the investigation than first thought. Fears of a politicized and manipulative "deep state" are looking less paranoid by the day."

At 6:50 PM, Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

"In the State of the Union speech, the black caucus would not stand and clap when Trump said black unemployment was at its lowest." ~~ Michael Stivic (aka, Chuck)

Of course Chuck misrepresents the exact reason why none of the Democrats clapped for Trump's taking credit where no credit was deserved. The rising tide was not influenced by anything he did.

Now, on the other hand, this sliding stock market is his baby. Anticipated large deficits are inflationary, and markets rebel against inflation. Like oil and water, they don't mix. Be looking for a continuing slide...or worse. Maybe it's time to look seriously at gold.

Besides, Trump provided enough self-congratulatory clapping. Nobody else's was needed.

At 9:35 AM, Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Con-servatism is a mental disorder." ~~ Dave Dubya

I noticed Chuck hasn't responded to or disputed the Oxford University disinformation study you provided. Of course, he's always silent about all of the cited studies you stuff down his throat.

I suppose it's because he's choking on them. ;-)

At 12:25 PM, Blogger Just the Facts! said...

"We need a full-blown investigation of how the FISA court came to grant warrants to spy on Carter Page.

In a word, the Grassley-Graham memo is shocking.

Yet, the press barely notices.

Rest assured: If a Republican administration had used unverifiable hearsay from a patently suspect agent of the Republican presidential candidate to gull the FISA court into granting a warrant to spy on an associate of the Democratic nominee’s campaign, it would be covered as the greatest political scandal in a half-century.

Instead, it was the other way around. The Grassley-Graham memo corroborates the claims in the Nunes memo: The Obama Justice Department and FBI used anonymously sourced, Clinton-campaign generated innuendo to convince the FISA court to issue surveillance warrants against Carter Page, and in doing so, they concealed the Clinton campaign’s role.
Though the Trump campaign had cut ties with Page shortly before the first warrant was issued in October 2016, the warrant application was based on wild allegations of a corrupt conspiracy between the Trump
campaign and the Kremlin. Moreover, the warrant meant the FBI could seize not only Page’s forward-going communications but any past emails and texts he may have stored — i.e., his Trump campaign

With its verification by the Grassley-Graham memo, the Nunes memo now has about a thousand times more corroboration than the Steele dossier, the basis of the heinous allegations used by the Justice Department and FBI to get the FISA warrants.

What the Grassley-Graham memo tells us is that the Nunes memo, for all the hysteria about it, was tame. The Grassley-Graham memo tells us that we need not only a full-blown investigation of what possessed the
Obama administration to submit such shoddy applications to the FISA court, but of how a judge — or perhaps as many as four judges — rationalized signing the warrants.

We need full disclosure — the warrants, the
applications, the court proceedings. No more games."


And for you who respond by demanding Trump release the Dems memo. remember, the memo has been returned to THEM for redaction of security sensitive issues. The ball is in their court.

At 4:33 PM, Blogger Dave Dubya said...

Right on cue, "Just the Lies" regurgitated more Republican lies, proving yet again the Oxford study is correct.

At 6:17 PM, Blogger Dave Dubya said...

And the Oxford Study is proven again:

Fears of a politicized and manipulative "deep state" are looking less paranoid by the day. ...Only if you’re a gullible fool and paranoid to begin with. What? No “Secret Society”?

Ooooo, wooooo, wooooo! The "Secret Society and "deep state" is coming to get you! Just like Obama came and took your guns and religious freedom.

Oooo. Be frightened, very frightened.

At 7:45 PM, Blogger Just the Facts! said...

You asking someone who believes 9-11 was an inside job about lies?

At 8:50 PM, Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave, also on cue, Chuck copies/pastes other's work without citing references or giving credit.

You see, Chuck's a good example of not only a lying con-servative, but one who steals other's work and claims it as his own. He's a plagiarist of the most disgusting kind.

At 8:53 PM, Blogger Majormajor said...

Dear Dave,
You forgot to claim racism.

At 8:40 AM, Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

"You asking someone who believes 9-11 was an inside job about lies?" ~~ Just the Facts! (aka, Chuck)

From the con-servative who doesn't understand basic physical truths and facts of the natural world, and as a matter of fact doesn't believe in science, at all -- just like his president.

But instead, like his president, he bases the shaky foundation of his life on fantasy, hearsay and illusion -- not to mention untruths and lies.

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Dave Dubya said...

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." --Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816

The Oxford Study and the willful ignorance of our "deep state" and "secret society" Republican liars tell us the end of our civilization is assured.

"Very fine people" march with Nazis. Wife beaters and child molesters are praised by a sex offender in the White House.

The barbarians have taken over. They are all Republicans, the Party of Trump.

Con-Servatism is an authoritarian mental disorder embraced by greedheads, haters, racists, thugs, dupes, rubes, and fools.

At 10:41 AM, Blogger ArchieBunkerNYC said...


Your cognitive dissonance sure makes me chuckle.

Saying other people have mental disorders while believing 9/11 was an inside job is hilarious.

Many people who suffer severe brain trauma from hitting their head on a rock while boogey boarding don't remember the incident.

Its not collusion when Democrats like Senator Warner contact Russian Oligarchs. Only Republicans can be accused of collusion, just like racism in the fairy tale land of the Liberal Nanny State Plantation members. amirite?

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Just the Facts! said...

Obama is a fan of the NOI (google photos of Obama and Farrakhan) and in 2008 Louis Farrakhan backed Obama for president at Nation of Islam convention in Chicago.
When is Obama going to disavow the racist Nation of Islam?

"Traditional Muslims don't regard the followers of the NOI (Nation of Islam) as true Muslims. Indeed, in many respects, Islam and the NOI are, as the "Seattle Times" reports, "in complete contradiction." The two key theological differences are that the NOI worships its founder, Wallace Fard, as the messiah, and Elijah Muhammad as God's prophet. For mainstream Islam, the worship of Fard constitutes idolatry, while revering Elijah Muhammad as a prophet violates the Muslim belief that Islam's founder, the Prophet Muhammad, was the last of God's prophets. The NOI's race-based ideology is also at odds with traditional Islam. The "Los Angeles Times" once described the NOI's black supremacist views as "anathema to Islam," which insists on equality between the races. W. Deen Muhammad, the son of Elijah Muhammad, attempted to move the NOI towards traditional Islam in the mid-1970s, renouncing the divinity of Wallace Fard and emphasizing Quranic study and the Five Pillars of Islam with a non-racial approach to religion. These reforms splintered the black Muslim movement -- while Deen Muhammad followed a more orthodox route, Louis Farrakhan and his followers promoted a black nationalist agenda."

Seattle Times

At 10:08 PM, Blogger woodenman said...

Well V.P. Pence is turning in a good performance at the Olympics as a classless bore. He was the only person to remain seated when the unified teams of N&S Korea entered the stadium. He does not acknowledge the Korean dignitaries sitting in the same box as him and brings up human rights abuses of N.Korea. Like the US is perfect in that regard, we imprison more people and kill more people than any country in the world.

While great progress towards peace on the Korean peninsular is being made, Pence is talking more sanctions and for S.Korea to break off all contact with N.Korea after the Olympics.

This is supposed to be about the athletes and good will and the nations of the world coming together in a wonderful setting and then we have Pence, what a shithead!

At 1:32 PM, Blogger Majormajor said...

The US "kill(s) more people than any country in the world."

James, you have something to back that claim?

At 2:30 PM, Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Saying other people have mental disorders while believing 9/11 was an inside job is hilarious." ~~ ArchieBunkerUSA (aka, Chuck)

Chuck, I said you don't understand the basic physical truths and facts of the natural world -- in addition to basing your life on fantasy, hearsay, illusion, untruths and lies.

Never did I claim you have "mental disorders". Dave Dubya wrote that.

But...if the shoe fits! LOL

P.S. You do have reading comprehension challenges...and you're a deceitful plagiarist.

At 8:45 PM, Blogger woodenman said...

Chuck, never trust a Liberal, lying is what we do.

At 6:50 AM, Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Chuck, never trust a Liberal, lying is what we do." ~~ Woodenman1954

James, you forgot to mention, we're master illusionists. LOL

At 11:15 AM, Blogger woodenman said...

JG, do you think it is fair that Liberals have Google and Conservatives do not have a similar place to research any topic they want to? Maybe Trump can cut SS so they can create their own Conservative Google to go to, it is the only fair thing to do.

At 12:08 PM, Blogger woodenman said...

Tom, you have been uncharacteristically diligent in posting comments lately, and it certainly makes for a more enjoyable experience at the Rant. I hope it is not because you are laying around the house sick as you alluded to in the past.

At 12:14 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

In fact I have been out of commission of late and have been keeping close to home. I'm becoming a hermit.

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Dave Dubya said...


The Cult of Cons don’t need no stinkin’ Google, just like they don’t need no stinkin’ facts.

Note: the following statements do not apply to Blacks, immigrants, liberals, Democrats, Mexicans and Americans of Mexican ancestry.

“We wish him well, he worked very hard. We found out about it recently and I was surprised by it, but we certainly wish him well and it’s a tough time for him. He did a very good job when he was in the White House. And we hope he has a wonderful career and he will have a great career ahead of him. But it was very sad when we heard about it and certainly he’s also very sad now. He also, as you probably know says he’s innocent and I think you have to remember that.”

“There is no recovery for someone falsely accused — life and career are gone. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?”

Their aspiring dictator whines about the lack of due process for his thugs and molesters, as he urges his loyal cult to chant, “Lock her up!” Their blind rage and hatred conceals the very idea of hypocrisy from their duped authoritarian brains.

Yes, ignoring due process is OK if you are Republican. Just like molesting and abusing women and children. Locking up political opponents without due process is fine to them.

Of course, this makes them fascists to the core.

“Alternative facts” from their Cult of Rightwing Authoritarian Personalities are all they need. Like good little fascists, they embrace their CRAP that blames and accuses liberals, and fuels their hatred for them. Fascism always needs scapegoats, who are usually liberals, minorities, educators, journalists, unions, and those not loyal to their Cult.

That far Right propaganda is all they need to know. They are well indoctrinated on whom to blame and hate. And it shows. If the rule of law or American values and institutions stand in the way of their Dear Leader, they will be viciously attacked. Now the fascists in the White House and Congress are busy attacking anybody in the FBI who is not loyal to their precious Orange Fuhrer. Meanwhile thugs and sex offenders like Roy Moore and Robert Porter are praised and supported.

Loyalty to the Party of Trump and Kim Jong Don is paramount. Like every totalitarian regime in history they demand loyalty to the party and to the Leader from law enforcement agencies.

They really don’t give a damn about the US or the American people. And that shows too.

At 3:36 PM, Blogger woodenman said...

Hey Dave, have you checked out the proposed WH budget? They are no longer trying to hide their psychopathic greed any more, the base will rationalize and accept any thing they do even if it hurts them directly.

I do not think the US can survive a full Trump presidency, there is going to be a major economic collapse before 2020.

At 6:06 PM, Blogger woodenman said...

Time for the thoughts and prayers spiel again, I am glad this did not happen when I was going to school.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

"...have you checked out the proposed WH budget? They are no longer trying to hide their psychopathic greed any more, the base will rationalize and accept any thing they do even if it hurts them directly."~~ James

James, you're totally right on the money. No longer do the elites, the banking cabal, the multinational corporations, the MIC, and the neocons running the show, hide their intentions. Privatize everything, steal the nation's treasure, and create war everywhere.

But, no matter, this demagogue's base will willingly follow him as he pushes the rest of us into the abyss with them.

I agree with you about a collapse. When who knows, but it's closer than most can ever imagine. We're in deep trouble.

At 8:50 AM, Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

Late comment (It's March 4th), but the following quotation from Devin Nunes, via HuffPost, is thigh-slapping hilarious. Thought you'd enjoy!

"'This is the danger that we have in this country,' Nunes said when Fox News’ Neil Cavuto asked how he felt about the jokes [made by Stephen Colbert, in special broadcast of The Late Show from D.C.].

'The left controls not only the universities in this country, but they also control Hollywood in this country, and the mainstream media, so conservatives in this country are under attack ... they attack people who are trying to get to the truth,' the head of the House Intelligence Committee [Nunes] added.

The propaganda and bulls#*T keeps piling higher and higher.


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