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Pretty Curtains for Mitch

Yurtle the Fascist

Susan Rudd
Weep no more, my lady
Oh, weep no more today
We will sing a song for my old Kentucky home
For my old Kentucky home far away....

-Stephen Foster

A question to ponder for the ages:

It a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound if Mitch McConnell is there to deny that a sound was made?

I wonder.... 

"I am descended from generations of Kentuckians on my mother's side. I used to be proud of that fact."

-From My Facebook page, 8/2/13

Stella Louise Crist
The moment I posted that little blurb yesterday afternoon, I knew that I would hear a thing or two from my friend, Stella Louise Crist. A proud native of the Bluegrass State, she and I live less than five miles from one another - although we have yet to meet face to face (Technology is funny that way, you know?). I came across her FB page a couple of years ago quite by accident. When I saw that she was a fan of Eleanor Roosevelt, I had to send her a friend request. Not to my surprise, less than twenty minutes after making the remarks quoted above, she responded, gently taking issue with what I said:

"I am still proud of my KY heritage, still love visiting there, seeing the mountains, talking to the people. Just do not sometimes understand their voting practice."

She makes a good point. I guess I was a little bit harsh in my judgement. It is my experience from visiting there that Kentuckians tend to be good and decent people - the absolute salt of the earth - with a smidgeon of pepper thrown in for variety's sake. It's just that - Jeez Louise! - why would such lovely people keep sending a flaming asshole like Mitch McConnell to represent them in Washington? What's up with that??? 

Alison Lundergan
I was a bit too hasty in criticizing them. It would appear that my Kentucky kin are - FINALLY - coming to their senses, or at least most of them are. They're beginning to wake up. It's curtains for the political career of Mitch McConnell. The man is toast and jelly. He's within fifteen months from being permanently and eternally consigned to the dustbin of history where he rightfully belongs. Not only is a serious challenge being mounted for his seat by Kentucky's Democratic Secretary of state, Alison Lundergan, it is now a certainty that he'll  be challenged in the primaries by some screaming freak from the Tea Party! 

Life is beautiful. 

Yeah (forgive me for gloating but....) as I said on this site well over two years ago, the so-called "Tea Party" was the Frankenstein Monster, created by the Republicans, that would come back to destroy them. It is happening as I write these words. Are you ready for their beef against Mitch McConnell?

"HE'S TOO DAMN LIBERAL! He's just some DAMN Com'nist who goes walkin' 'round dressed like some DAMN, New York JEW lawyer! They oughta put up his statue up in the DAMN  Kremlin!"

You heard it, boys and girls; our boy Mitch is too much of an extreme, bomb throwing Lefty for these nitwits to handle. I'll tell you what: show me a political party that has arrived at the curious notion that Mitch McConnell is not right wing enough for their tastes, and I'll show you a political party that has taken leave of their senses - an understatement if ever there was one.

This is a request I've made before, but I need to make again: 

Please, if anybody out there knows of a more reprehensible snake slithering through the halls of our nation's capital than Mitch McConnell, I'd really like to hear about it. Call me or email me. They just don't get much more corrupt and thoroughly disgusting than good ol' Mitch. The guy is capable of sending my thoughts to places where they don't normally travel - as I related four months ago on this very site:

"I have this dream of beating the distinguished gentleman from Kentucky to a fucking, bleeding pulp. Confronting him in a dark alley somewhere in the District of You-Know-Where, I can visualize pounding his skull to the very edge of existence. Once he got the message, I might then be seriously tempted to set the decrepit old son-of-a-bitch on fire - just to keep things interesting, you understand. But that kind of treatment would be much too harsh and brutal - even for the likes of Mitch McConnell. Just stuff the bruised and bloodied little bastard into a dumpster behind some third-rate pizzeria on K Street, where he can think things over whilst he recuperates."

Harsh stuff, I know. But it was only a weird daydream of mine. Rest assured, violence has never been my schtick - not even against a reprehensible old bugger like Mitch McConnell. I'm a Gandhi/Jesus kinda dude - not to worry. It's just that the guy brings out the very worst in me - as that little tirade amply demonstrates. I'll be fine, I promise.

I really believed that on Tuesday, Election Day 2008 that Mitch McConnell would be sent packing. Call me a cockeyed optimist. I woke up on Wednesday morning stunned to see that he would be polluting our national political dialogue for another six years. What the hell was I thinking? My Kentucky cousins let me down.

All bet's are off for next year. Mitch is now less popular with his constituency than any politician in recent memory. Rotten mangoes and scarlet fever are polling better these days. He has found himself in one of those unenviable, damned-if-he-does and damned-if-he-don't  predicaments. If he moves too far to the right in order to appease the extremists, he only alienates people with an IQ above room temperature. His dilemma is that  he doesn't dare nudge himself even an inch toward the center. Heaven help him if he even thinks of going in that direction. That is why Mitch McConnell - and the entire Republican party - are within a few short years of disappearing.

These are the good old days.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


The photograph near the top of the page is of Kentucky native, Susan Rudd. She was my maternal great-grandmother. She died very young, never even living to see the dawn of the twentieth century. My grandfather, Walter Clements, did not even retain a single memory of her. The photo on the left is of he and I, taken in the summer of 1971, right around the time of my thirteenth birthday. He passed away in August of 1975. That's my heritage, folks! 


The Rachel Maddow Show

This is an essay of Rachel's from last year, calling Mitch on the carpet for his (not "imagined" as he claims) war against women.

I love Rachel Maddow. Just my luck - the girl of my dreams turns out to be a lesbian. I'm having that kind of life. 


Freeda People
by John Lennon

Mind Games (1973) was one of John Lennon's greatest and, inexplicably, most overlooked LP's. At the time it came out in the autumn of that year, most of the critics dismissed it as trash. Pity. It only proves once again (as if any more proof was really needed) that Dr. Winston O'Boogie was decades ahead of his time. THIS ONE CRANKS, BABY!

He's gone - and he's not coming back.

For other recent postings on this dumpster of LEFT WING propaganda, please go to the link below:

"The Rant" by Tom Degan



At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

That is why Mitch McConnell - and the entire Republican party - are within a few, short years of disappearing.

I want to believe this, I really do, but the power behind McConnell, and the Republican Party, is money. Big Money pays them well to do their bidding.

Big Money also handsomely pays their corporate media shills for distorting reality as much as possible to dupe the voters into voting for their puppets.

Too many Democrats are also all too willing to feed at the corporate trough and sell out the American people.

With Citizens United opening the doors to yet more corrupting influence of Big Money, I think the problem will only get worse. The anti-democratic gerrymandered congress will not yield to the majority of Americans who have voted, and will vote, for Democratic representation.

Democracy is losing to the Republican/corpo-dem Right. More Americans voted for Democratic representation last election, yet the Tea Cult minority has taken over Congress. More Americans voted for Obama, yet the tea cult has blocked every jobs bill.

I don't know what can wake Americans up to this. One thing certain, is the corporate media are fine with it. We have lost our free press, our essential investigative journalism necessary to a free republic.

The Right has corrupted our politics by working the refs, with their "liberal media" fabrication. Once people are duped by that lie, that leaves only the Right as their source of information. Yes, they believe the Republican Party over legitimate news and journalism.

"Liberal media" was their first and most important "big lie" to gain power.

They will continue to demonize and destroy anything and anyone who gets in their way. Look at how they are attempting to re-define liberals as commies and liberalism as "failed".

As I've stated, they are powerful, crooked and utterly merciless.

Count on that to continue, not only in the media and government, but from their dupes in these comment threads.

Also worth repeating is, their ideology is utterly inseparable from the narrow agenda of the elites' efforts to keep and expand their wealth.

I've asked before if any con-servative could dispute this.

None have. Same old "blame the commie liberals" for everything.

At 6:07 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

I have always counted on the common sense of Americans to safeguard our politics from extremes.
Elections are won by those who participate: Who is voting for these people?
I hear one of Mac's competitors is a far right Tea Party person. If she wins, how would that change anything? I suppose getting Mac out of leadership is a good sign, but who will the Republicans put in his position?
There seems to be this mixture of Republicans getting more extreme and their hate and obstructionism for anything Obama.
If our politicians do not reflect our majority will, I guess that majority is not voting.
According to the polls Americans have it right, the Congress is in almost single digit approval ratings.
The moral character of our politicians does matter. Making good decisions, is what it's all about.
It's no longer a matter of ideological differences, it's a matter of intelligent, workable solutions, or just become another 3rd world country.

At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Jay said...


I think you’re faaaar too kind when talking about Kentucky. I don’t wish to disparage you or those you know, but there has to be some ignorant, racist, gun-toting, hill-billies running all over that State. This is the place that has given forth both McConnell and Rand Paul. They are 0-2 in “well thought out representation.

I’ve been to the politics section of Louisville, Kentucky. I placed a post a day or two Harry Reid and John McCain did their “end-around” Reid and left him looking like he got caught pumping the neighbor’s pooch. It’s one of the few place you can find advertisements for White Supremacist groups, which I kind you not, encourages you to bring the kids!

McConnell’s days are numbered, but it is a matter of who will be his undoing. The treacherous Tea Party which is chomping at the bit to be its own distinct political party finds any standing GOPer “too liberal.” It isn’t purist ideology they are seeking, it’s power.

What we need to hope is that the DNC actually throws some major money towards this race. Grimes need to battle ad for ad, headline for headline, yard sign for yard sign and bumper sticker for bumper sticker. The DNC can’t afford to enter this race with its dick glued to its thigh. This is literally a front line, “push them back,” political fight. It’s the equivalent of the D-Day Invasion, Battle for Midway, and the Battle for Endor all rolled into one.

Maybe Kentuckians are waking up. Maybe they are realizing the GOP and Tea Party aren’t representing them, but themselves only. Mitch has a very good chance of losing to Matt Bevin, the Tea Party challenger. This doesn’t work in Grime’s favor who could attack Mitch’s non-record. Matt unfortunately gets first crack at Mitch’s do-nothing record. He then gets to go toe to toe with a fresh record, no luggage, in a relatively “conservative” staff. (They’re more ignorant than “conservative.”)

Stupidity knows no political party. Hell you don’t even have to register and we have a LOT of stupid people in this country. Bevin’s presumed anti-government, anti-tax, “I’ll put money in your pocket,” typical Tea Party mantra might play well with the Hillbillies. Shit—It just might mean more catfish noodlin’, or that White Supremacist getting some new lumber for those nifty crosses they build, or Jethro being able to finish off his moon shinin’ still, or Joe Bob getting that last Duck Dynasty t-shirt. As an added bonus, Bevin just might “have wurds wit dat uppity nigger in da White House.”

I sincerely do hope Kentuckians, who don’t catfish noodle, get off their ass and help Grimes. For all this patriotic, “We the People” bullshit, and anti-government talk which borders on treason, Chris Christie shown the light on Kentucky this week. The rarely spoken, little known truth, that Kentucky is a “welfare state” is out. I hope Kentuckians are made as hell. Hard to blame the “Jews, faggots, and niggers” in NYC when your own state is sucking this country dry.


At 12:09 AM, Anonymous By telling the truth am I a racist? said...

Tom Degan said...

Breaking News from July Unemployment Falls to 7.4 Pct as 162,000 Jobs Added [6/2/13, 8:31 a.m. ET]

Given the GOP's constant obstruction of this administration it's a miracle that he's been able to accomplish anything at all.

Do you deny that America's economic situation has improved since 1/20/09 - or is that just my "liberal" imagination?


When the payroll report was released last month, the world finally noticed what we had been saying for nearly three years: that the US was slowly being converted to a part-time worker society. This slow conversion accelerated drastically in the last few months, and especially in June, when part time jobs exploded higher by 360K while full time jobs dropped by 240K. In July we are sad to report that America’s conversation to a part-time worker society is accelerating: according to the Household Survey, of the 266K jobs created (note this number differs from the establishment survey), only 35% of jobs, or 92K, were full time. The rest were… not.

At 11:19 AM, Blogger Just My Two Cents said...

Now that most of us have finally read what is in President Obama's Affordable Care Act, it looks like there may have been some unintended consequences associated with the bill. James Hoffa Jr. may be right when he said the ACA will “destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the backbone of the American middle class.”

The previous post may be correct that the US is slowly being converted to a part-time worker society, with help no doubt from the ACA. If George Bush was still President we progressives would be all over this FACT but lets just hide it under the rug with the rest of our failed liberal policies!

It looks like we just need to pass more liberal laws without reading them to fix our problems!

I'm starting to believe the ACA may be a pig with lipstick!

At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Twenty-five years after accusing an innocent man of rape, Tawana Brawley is finally paying for her lies.

Last week, 10 checks totaling $3,764.61 were delivered to ex-prosecutor Steven Pagones — the first payments Brawley has made since a court determined in 1998 that she defamed him with her vicious hoax.

A Virginia court this year ordered the money garnisheed from six months of Brawley’s wages as a nurse there.

She still owes Pagones $431,000 in damages. And she remains defiantly unapologetic.

“It’s a long time coming,” said Pagones, 52, who to this day is more interested in extracting a confession from Brawley than cash.

OUTRAGE: Tawana Brawley attends an Atlanta rally with Al Sharpton in 1988, three months before a jury would rule that her rape tale was a hoax. She had been lying low until The Post last December found her living in Virginia.
NO E$CAPE: Tawana Brawley arrives at her nursing job in Richmond, Va., where she had been evading payment of defamation damages.
Mike Theiler

“Every week, she’ll think of me,” he told The Post. “And every week, she can think about how she has a way out — she can simply tell the truth.”

Brawley’s advisers in the infamous race-baiting case — the Rev. Al Sharpton, and attorneys C. Vernon Mason and Alton Maddox — have already paid, or are paying, their defamation debt. But Brawley, 41, had eluded punishment.

She’s now forced to pay Pagones $627 each month, possibly for the rest of her life. Under Virginia law, she can appeal the wage garnishment every six months.

“Finally, she’s paying something,” said Pagones’ attorney, Gary Bolnick. “Symbolically, I think it’s very important — you can’t just do this stuff without consequences.”

Pagones filed for the garnishment with the circuit court in Surry County, Va., in January, a few weeks after The Post tracked down Brawley to tiny Hopewell, Va.

Before The Post came knocking, not even her own co-workers knew she was the teen behind the spectacular 1987 case.

“I don’t want to talk to anyone about that,” Brawley growled after a Post reporter confronted her about her sordid past in December.

Employing aliases including Tawana Thompson and Tawana Gutierrez, she leads a relatively normal life by all appearances, residing in a neat brick apartment complex and working as a licensed practical nurse at The Laurels of Bon Air in Richmond.

She’s also raising a daughter, a neighbor said.

Brawley was spotted one morning emerging from her house with a young girl and a man dressed in hospital scrubs.

They left in separate cars — Brawley in a Chrysler Sebring and the man and child in a Ford Taurus. Brawley arrived at work about 30 minutes later, and the man pulled into the same lot minutes afterward.

Her current life is a far cry from the one she fled in upstate Wappingers Falls, NY.

She was only 15 when she claimed she was the victim of a crime whose shocking brutality sparked a national outrage and stoked racial tensions.

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Mozart1220 said...

Tom, I'm with you on Rachael Maddow. Think of my continued pain when I discovered Stephanie Miller on Current TV and discovered SHE is also a lesbian. Nearly makes me want to get surgery.

High unemployment numbers and a move to a part time society" is not Obama's fault. It's the fault of GREEDY employers. Profits are fine with me, but why anyone would need to be uber rich at the expense of the society that allowed them to be so is beyond me. In the 1950's the top tax rate was 90%. Guess what THERE WERE STILL MILLIONARES. Guess what else? The economy thrived. Go figure.

And I'm trying to figure out what one woman lying about a rape has to do with any of this.

At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

And I'm trying to figure out what one woman lying about a rape has to do with any of this.

Why, to the cult of con-servatives, that behavior represents ALL liberals, doncha know. What else CAN they expect from a bunch of "America-hating commies"?

Let this be our "fair and balanced" lesson today.

At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

our failed liberal policies

Still no examples cited to support this cult of con-servativism dogma. Still no con-servative dogma that disagrees with the narrow agenda of corporate right wing power.

Worth repeating:

Among liberal successes, all opposed by conservatives at the time, we find:

The founding of the United States of America.

The defeat of the Confederacy and abolition of slavery.

Suffrage for women.

Social Security that keeps the elderly out of poverty and the disabled fed and sheltered.

Medicare that provides treatment for the sick and injured poor.

The Civil Rights Act (The original bill was crafted and drafted in the JFK Department of Justice, headed by Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Opposed by conservative Southern Democrats and supported by Northern Democrats and moderate Northern Republicans.)

More recently we have emerging marriage equality and reduced bigotry toward the gay community.

Not a failure in the entire liberal bunch. It’s called progress, and progressives are the reason for it. That would be the real “liberalism”, as defined by acts, instead of defined by the radical Right,

No deception, just the facts.

At 8:38 PM, Blogger Pappyz said...

As far as Rachel and Stephanie, who are gorgeous women, well, thanks for nuthin.

At 11:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Nearly makes me want to get surgery'

Better get it done before Obama Care is fully in place.

At 12:07 AM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

What the hell does Tawana Brawley have to do with Mitch McConnell?

At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

“The bottom line is we’re not broke, there’s plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it,” said Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), “The government has a right, the government and the people of the United States have a right to run the programs of the United States. Health, welfare, housing – all these things.”

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who Cares about Mitch with this happening.

"The real import of Barack Obama’s political career will be felt long after he leaves office, in the form of a permanently expanded state that is more assertive of its own interests and more ruthless in punishing its enemies. At times, he has advanced this project abetted by congressional Democrats, as with the health-care law’s investiture of extraordinary powers in the executive bureaucracy, but he also has advanced it without legislative assistance — and, more troubling still, in plain violation of the law. President Obama and his admirers choose to call this “pragmatism,” but what it is is a mild expression of totalitarianism, under which the interests of the country are conflated with those of the president’s administration and his party. Barack Obama is the first president of the democracy that John Adams warned us about."

Our first half white, half back President acts as if he is above the law.

At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

For some reason the trolls don't want to discuss McConnell...or anything, for that matter. They just want to dump their plagiarized claptrap. That's what cult members do, since they are incapable of original thought.

As we have seen exemplified numerous times, there's no honor, or honesty, in con-servatism. Only failure for the country, as it seeks only to suppress democracy and promote the interests of the economic elites.

Which brings us back to their puppet McConnell.

At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Chuck Morre said...


I for one would think you and other liberals would be rejoicing in the demise of McConnell and for that matter the GOP.

Of course with out any opposition to liberalism, who will liberals blame their policy failures on?

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

Yeah, Tom, without any opposition to liberalism, who's gonna pass corporate written regulations, legislation, and trade agreements?

And without any opposition to liberalism who's gonna restrict minorities from voting?

And without any opposition to liberalism how are the rich going to get more tax breaks, and the poor less food stamps?

And without any opposition to liberalism, who's gonna cut Social Security for the elderly and disabled.

And without any opposition to liberalism, who's gonna cut Medicare for the poor?

And without any opposition to liberalism, who's gonna execute the mentally ill?

And without any opposition to liberalism, who's gonna invade countries that didn't attack us?

And without any opposition to liberalism, who's gonna shut down the evil Marxist Muslim black guy's death panels, while he's out to destroy America??

We'd be doomed, I tells ya, doomed.

At 4:51 PM, Blogger Mozart1220 said...

"Our FIRST PRIORITY is to make Obama a one term President"

Really Mitch? THAT'S why people voted for you?

At 5:35 PM, Anonymous Chuck Morre said...


And your point is?

At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


And the reason people voted for Obama was, they wanted free phones, an end to the Wars, USA again being loved instead of being hated, the most transparent administration in our country's history, lobbyist no longer having free easy access to Oval Office, unemployment at 5% in July of 2013, and on and on, the reasons are endless. Sadly, the rpomises made have yet to be kept.

At 11:19 PM, Anonymous James said...

Chuck, I think you are shaky ground when you attack Liberalism as a political philosophy.
Liberalism and Conservationism are both legitimate in theory,it is the when they are put into practice by imperfect people do you see less than perfect results.

Republican politicians are far from perfect and what they have done in the past and what they want to do in the future is positively UN-Christian like. With the exception of their stance on abortion, I do not see how you and Harley can support them.

The Liberal philosophy of taking care of the less fortunate, trying to keep nature pristine and protecting the poor from abuse by the rich all have Christian origins.

If you contrast the teaching of Jesus against the Republican agenda, they are totally at odds with each other. They do not deserve your support.

At 2:46 PM, Blogger Mozart1220 said...

ANanymous, it is clear that Rush Limbaugh is doing your thinkiong for you. THERE WERE NO FREE PHONES (it was a program started by Reagan that subisdised phone service for the poor and under Bush was extended to include cell phones)Anyone with a brain wants wars to end (which they never will but the current two ARE winding down) and for America to be universally loved (which it never will be but our reputation is vastly improved over the Bush years since Obama has taken office)Ending lobbying is up to CONGRESS and go figure that never came to a vote, the unemplyment rate HAS dropped and would drop even more if Boehner would remember he's working for us and not Grover Norquist.
No President toce Washington has kept all thier campaign promises and expecting them to just set you up for dissapointment. The obstructionism coming from this House of Reps is unprecidented. Remember whatThe subject of this weeks editorial said


Well, that obviously failed (like most Republican policies, but I'lll ask you the magic question that I know you will not answer HONESTLY.


At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Chuck Morre said...


Good to hear from you again!
About being on shaky ground, work with me a little, while I attempt to explain and provide an answer to your questions.

1. I agree 100% with you that Liberalism and Conservationism is being enacted by imperfect people! Just as Christian Churches are populated 100% by sinners and imperfect people, so are all organizations of humankind.

2. Republicans and Conservatives are two different things today. I do not support either 100% because of the issues you have correctly addressed in point number 1. And I am certainly not sinless or perfect, and understand that my views and understands are tempered by that fact.

Let's look at the role of the Christian in today's society. The instructions to the Church (IE: the people of the Church, not the organization or the building) was to take care of those in need within the Church and within the Churches out reach. No where is it found in the Bible that Christians are to give to Government so the Government can take care of the poor and sick. The Church is required to do that. Think for a second, when Jesus said give to Cesare what belongs to Cesare, did Rome(Cesare)have welfare programs to take care of the needy? No! So Jesus was not supporting the money be given to govt for redistribution of the wealth as Liberalism want today. What I believe he was saying is as Christianity is an individual personally relationship with God, so should a Christians actions with the need be personal. Hence His command to love your neighbor as your self. We are personally responsible to take care of those who are our neighbors in need.
But as we both agreed to at the start, we are all sinners and all fall short of the glory of God and therefore do not live our neighbors as ourselves.

Before you become to hard on your self for failure to keep this command, remember Christians are told that he who does not work does not eat. No excuses or exceptions offered, like I got laid off, or I can't get a job because of my race. Remember what Jesus said when Judas wanted to take the perfume being used to wash his feet and sell it so the money could be given to the poor? He said the poor will be with your always. Jesus is recognizing that their will never be a victory in the War on Poverty, that spreading the wealth will never undo the condition of mankind, (sinful) and one of the rewards of the sin in this world is poverty.

So I am not sure I agree with your position that all the good Liberalism is trying to do has Christian origins.

I believe that Liberalism is an attempt to correct the failures of the Church (because it is imperfect), not because Jesus commanded them to, but as a replacement for the teachings of Jesus and to replace the Church with government. Some might call that a form of humanism.

Final thought, when discussions like ours begin and I should have done this at the start, it must be noted that we do not live in a theocracy. Jesus was talking to an audience that for the most part were looking for the replacement of Rome with a theocracy, which was not the mission of Jesus. A non personal of government instead of the personal change that Jesus was calling for.

So what is the correct action for a Christian today? I support Conservative capitalism as the best way to improve the lives of a nations people. With the excess wealth of the nation used to take care of the on average 5% of our population that can not care for themselves. (Shame on the Church for not taking care of that 5%, for by doing so the Church itself has allowed government to replace them in their role of caretaker of the disadvantaged) But today with close to 45% of our population receive some form of money from the govt, I do not believe that many of us are crippled or lame or
blind or of a low IQ to were we can not work.
Then I fall back on, if they DO NOT Work (not CAN NOT WORK) they cant eat.

At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

when Jesus said give to Cesare what belongs to Cesare, did Rome(Cesare)have welfare programs to take care of the needy? No! So Jesus was not supporting the money be given to govt for redistribution of the wealth as Liberalism want today.

Well, thanks Reverend, I'm glad somebody cleared that up.

So was it just the Roman Empire’s military that Jesus wanted to support? I don’t recall Him being a Republican.

Let’s study us some history, shall we?
In Rome the upper class was called patricians. The Senators who ruled Rome came from patrician families.

Below them were the equites. They were merchants and bankers and sometimes civil servants or army officers.

All other free people were called plebeians.

Many inhabitants of Rome were very poor. Often they had to live off a 'dole' of free grain provided by the government.

Oh, no, say it ain’t so, Joe.

Welfare bums way back then? And a Roman version of gubmint food stamps to boot?

Those damn socialist Romans! I bet they built roads for public use too. Well, since they were like today’s Republicans and they hated a minimum wage, had slaves do the hard work.

Intriguing as this is, there’s more:

The Romans were also skilled engineers and they created a system of public health. The Romans noticed that people who lived near swamps often died of malaria. They did not know that mosquitoes in the swamps carried disease but they drained the swamps anyway.
The Romans also knew that dirt encourages disease and they appreciated the importance of cleanliness. They built aqueducts to bring clean water into towns.
They also knew that sewage encourages disease. The Romans built public lavatories in their towns. Streams running underneath them carried away sewage.

Public aqueducts? Public lavatories? Public health? Is there no God??

Christians are told that he who does not work does not eat.

Thank you. Let them liberal cripples starve. Show us where Jesus said that, please, so’s we all know.

we do not live in a theocracy.

Thasright, cuz good con-servatives tell us it's a Christian nation.

Sorry to interrupt your sermon, Rev. Teach us the truth, ‘cause we don’t want nonna that Satanist socialist book larnin'.

Please continue, and tell us how Jesus revered wealth, how He praised the money changers, and demanded tax cuts for the rich servants of mammon, and wanted them to dictate public policy, just like today’s con-servatives and Republicans.

We breathlessly await your wisdom.

At 1:09 AM, Blogger Mozart1220 said...

I noticed no conservative wants to answer my question.


At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Chuck Morre said...


You are a waste of good good band width.

Yes the GOP wants the economy to improve while Obama is in office. The fact that it hasn't has ZERO% to do with what the GOP has done, and 100% to do with the policy's of the President.

After 5 years in office, (two of which he had total control of the Federal Govt,)the fact that the President and his KoolAid drinking supporters are still blaming others for his failed policy's and broken promises tells me that he wants the economy to fail. Reason? Makes more people dependent on BIG Govt, which he supports, who will vote for his policy's knowing that when the policy's fail, Liberals will "bail" them out. After 5 years and no improvement, why else would the President continue to "stay the course" with same ideas that got us here?

At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

You are a waste of good good band width.

Unsupported, and contradicted by just the facts.

the GOP wants the economy to improve

No evidence cited. Their stated primary mission was to undermine and defeat Obama. They blocked all jobs bills and lowered our credit rating for political purposes.

After 5 years in office, (two of which he had total control of the Federal Govt,)

False. Dems DID NOT have two full years of a filibuster-proof senate. The Supreme Court is ruled by the Right. Congress and the Senate are controlled by Big Money. Liberals have been in the minority for decades.

his failed policy's

None cited.

Reason? Makes more people dependent on BIG Govt, which he supports, who will vote for his policy's knowing that when the policy's fail, Liberals will "bail" them out.

Right wing indoctrination and dogma, unsupported by facts.. Pure Limbaugh koolade. aka: LIES.

After 5 years and no improvement

False. Unemployment numbers and the NYSE numbers have turned around from what Bush left.

You know what I think? Lies and radical Right Wing propaganda are not only a waste of band width, they undermine our entire economy and the government’s duty to serve we the people.

Got some more indoctrination for us Rev.Rush?

We’re happy to cut your lies to shreds.

At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

I was once told not to waste my time arguing on the internet with a political ideology. - "Koolade Chuckie"

So we may conclude your cult leaders must not have told you this, because you obviously listen to only them.

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Mozart1220 said...

CHuck I love your excuses. During the two years Obama had a slight majority, the GOP fillibustered a record amount of times to block legislation. They are still doing it. There HAS been improvement in spite of GOP obstructionism, but you won't hear Limbaugh and Fox admitting it. Unemployment rates are lower, the defects are dropping, and our reputation isn the world is VASTLY improved over the Bush years.

The actual answer is NO, the GOP does NOT want the economy to improve. Why should they? The powers that be are rich enough not to care and if the economy improves under Obama THEY don't have an excuse to trash him.

At 5:11 PM, Blogger The New York Crank said...

I sincerely hope Mitch McTrouble is history, but don't count him down and out until his opponent has been declared winner of the election, and somebody drives a silver stake through Mitch's heart at midnight at a crossroads. Otherwise, he could be like the Terminator. Even when he's dead, he isn't dead. But then you're sure he's dead, but he's not dead. But then....

Very Crankily Yours,
The New York Crank

At 7:34 PM, Anonymous Chuck Morre said...

Mozart if you knew the answer, why did you ask it?

You too have become a waste of good bandwidth.

At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Maps are US said...

Auh, 57 states and this too? Rich very rich.

“You know, the Panama Canal is being widened so that the big supertankers can come in. Now, that’ll be finished in 2015. If we deepen our ports all along the Gulf, places like Charleston, S.C., or Savannah, Ga., or Jacksonville, Fla., if we don’t do that those ships are gonna go someplace else.”
President Obama on Jay Leno Show

Who says he needs a teleprompter?

At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damned North Carolina Tea Party, KKK Racists!

At 12:43 AM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

You too have become a waste of good bandwidth

Ouch. And this is coming from a guy who actually believes he knows what Jesus really thought about taxes and government food programs.

"A waste of good bandwidth". That's gotta hurt...not me and not Mozart, but the poor wretch who's dogma has been humiliated by facts and reality. Not that "Koolade Chuckie" has shown any real humility or shame.

He's bottomed out again, cast from his lofty self-righteous preaching peak to the abyss of personal attack.

Rev. "Koolade Chuckie" Rush's sermon's are now repetitive ad hominum attacks. Yeah, that's how Righties react to facts bouncing off their thick closed skulls.

Time to go back to copy and paste plagiarizing, sport.

At 12:48 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

Since there are no more new sermons from Rev. "Koolade Chuckie" Rush, I thought I'd add a little fact.

As long as I'm wasting band width, did you know that, along with public water, sewage, roads, and food for the poor, the Roman state also paid public doctors to treat the poor?

I bet that socialist Jesus was on to something when he said pay your taxes.

But of course, only Rev. "Koolade Chuckie" Rush knows exactly for sure what Jesus thought. esecrc

At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

I couldn't resist.

Reince Priebus – just remove the vowels in his name

RNC … PR.... BS

At 2:16 PM, Blogger Mozart1220 said...

Necause I wanted to see your answer if any. Most conservatives just ignore the question because they too know the answer and are too embarrassed to admit it.

I love the "57 states" thing too. I'm surprised the dude didn't bring up birth certificates,teleprompyters,"Obamaphones" and "you didn't build that". Conservatives are hilarious the way they attempt to turn the mundane into some kind of scandal.

At 7:53 PM, Anonymous Dave W said...

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs! Only then will we have Democracy in Amerika free from the Koch brothers and the Plutocracy! Corporations are not people! Only when we are all equally poor will there be social justice in Amerika!

At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!

And right on cue, here's the repetitive, last resort "you're a commie" tactic of the humiliated and discredited cult of con-servatism.

Say, "Dave W", aka "Chuckie Koolade", what did you say the name of your private prison union was again? LOL!!!

You must have forgotten that. Big surprise.

Guess what. Senior citizens, the last demographic of the Party of Mammon, are leaving in droves.

Why Seniors Are Turning Against The GOP

Buncha old commies, anyway, right Chuckie?

When's your next sermon, there, Rev. "Chuckie Koolade" Rush?

We already know you can copy and paste.

At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

BTW, has anyone noted the numerous postings of the same old "Dave W" quote? What was it Goebbels said about repeating a lie often enough?

Yeah, that's how the radical Right has operated since the 1930's.

I guess they can't find better role models than fascists. Hmmm. I wonder why?

At 3:46 AM, Anonymous Chuck Morre said...

Alinsky's Rule # 5

Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

Or more specifically, “It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.

[source: Rules for Radicals; Saul D. Alinsky]

The best examples of this Rule can be found in the posts by Just the Facts. Just ignore he, she or it as their posts never enlightens the reader.

At 5:13 AM, Blogger Mozart1220 said...

Wow Chuck, you really put yourself in a hole on that one didn't you? Desperate much?

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

The best examples of this Rule can be found in the posts by Just the Facts. Just ignore he, she or it as their posts never enlightens the reader.

In other words, "JTF is a commie" and we don't want no facts. Yeah we got it. Liberals are commies and only Rev. "Chuckie Koolade" Rush speaks the truth... well his cult's "truth".

The rest of us rely on just the facts.

There is a reason why the ridiculous should be ridiculed.

This is why I welcome the next piece of ridiculous claptrap from the cultist who can only copy and paste, call liberals commies, or attempt an outrageously ignorant thought of his own. He believes he knows what Jesus thought about taxes and government aid to the poor...and what do you know, his Jesus, that exists only between his ears, matches perfectly with the political ideology of Rev. "Chuckie Koolade" Rush.

Amazing coincidence? Or cult think.

I report, you decide.

Come on Rev. Give us some more of your Jesus Limbaugh talk. But you can count on ridicule. Know why yet?

At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."

"And all that believed were together, and had all things common; And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need".(Acts 2:44-5)

Christian ideology, commie ideology, or both?

I report, you decide.

Or we could just suspend our reasoning and believe whatever Rev. "Chuckie Koolade" Rush tells us.

We await the wisdom of his next sermon... or copy and paste.

At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Chuck Morre said...

The posts in response to my answering your question might explain why you don't get more thoughtful conversation that you were looking for.
Simply put, why bother? You have JTF and Mozart who simply can not allow thoughtful conversation of opposing views to their radical left wing message.
Until proven different, I will leave their replies to my answer to your question as examples of liberalism at it's best.

Regards and best wishes and stay in touch.

Chuck Morre

I believe the reason for their problem is they assume I am posting under the names of Dave W, etc. Guess they can not believe there is more than one person who disagrees with them.

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Mozart1220 said...

Oh Chuck you are so typical. Anyone who disagrees with you has a "radical left wing" message, and if we present you with facts we are "notallowing thoughtful conversation"
How much thought are you putting in when you parrot Fox news and Rush Limbaugh?
You refuse to acknowledge the unprecidented obstuctionism from the GOP from ashcanning jobs bills in the House to record numbers of fillibusters in the Senate. WHat have you to say about the statement the subject of this weeks blog made when Obama was elected


I in other words, screw the country, we are going to do everything we can to see the President of the United States fails to restore the economy"

You should be ashamed for supporting such people.

At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

I am posting under the names of Dave W, etc.

"Anonymous", "Dave W" and Rev. "Chuckie Koolade" Rush present the same ideological copy and paste. And he...I mean "they" refuse to answer any questions whatsoever.

Note also "Chuck Morre" appeared after a real Charles Moore entered the conversation. (Since disappeared.) "Chuckie Koolade" has a history of appropriating the names of others. Isn't that right "Dave W"?

Also note "Chuck Morre" and "Dave W" love to link their name to a union or commie website.

So even IF they were different people, the cult-speak and behavior are identical as "they" refuse to answer questions and ignore facts just like the same person.

I'm sure Tom can easily see how many posts are from the same IP address.

It's typical Right Wing Trollery 101, isn't it "Just my two cents"?

The hysterical part is "they" get outraged when called out and STILL refuse to answer questions.

The radical Right MUST LIE. They represent a powerful and wealthy anti-democracy minority bent on one-party rule. This is the truth Americans need to awaken to.

How about the private prison union you "belong to", there, Dave W?

Or are you equally as annoyed as "Chuckie Koolade" and refuse to respond?

Anonymous, Dave W, two cents and Chuckie sound exactly the same. How's that working out to "allow thoughtful conversation"?

Coincidence? I report. You decide.

One thing certain is, they don't answer questions.

It's against their cult indoctrination.

At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just the Facts, Mozart, who are you trying to convince?
Maybe you haven't picked this up yet, but no one responds to your posts any more.

No one is engaging you in debate, as James has done in the past with Harley and Chuck Morre. No one is asking your opinion, there is no massive wave of support for your treatment of those who you disagree with.

I think you both have become irrelevant.

At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

but no one responds to your posts any more.

Oh, really? Sez who? Cuz YOU just did. You "guys" are never correct, are you?

What you mean is Trolls, as they post their names with comnmie and other websites, don't answer questions.

Are you saying THOSE posts deserve response?

Oops. Never mind. YOU don't answer questions.

No one is engaging you in debate we debunk your lies and dogma.

Now go plagiarize some more, and do some commie baiting. It's all you can do, isn't it?

The work for the Party of Mammon never ends, does is sport, er "boys".

At 6:28 PM, Blogger Mozart1220 said...

Hey Anonymous.


I guess you are a "no one". At least you admit it. I did notice you didn't refute anything I said.

At 10:35 PM, Anonymous James said...

Chuck, even though I do not agree with most of your opinions I decided to show you some respect and see how you would respond. Well you started showing me respect back and also changed your posting style quite a bit. One thing I have to give credit for is not losing your self control and getting into trading insults with the Liberals here.

I figure by treating you as my equal, I have a much better chance of changing your mind about some aspects of politics than constantly attacking you.

JTFs has zero chance of you agreeing with him on anything because of his style and I do not think he is able to change.

Nothing we say here will change the world but if I an able to bridge the gap between a liberal and a Conservative even a little, I think that's cool.

At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Pam said...

Oh, please, don't judge all Kentuckians because some of them voted to keep Mitch McConnell in the Senate. Some of us are actually educated, logical thinking adults who would never, ever think of voting for Mitch or Rand Paul.
Not all of us are racist, gun-toting, barefoot and ignorant. Unfortunately, we live in a red state that gets $1.51 back from DC for every tax dollar we send it, so in reality, we live off the blue states. Is that not a kick in the ass?

At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Just the Facts said...

What if I'm correct about Chuckie's multiple ID's? Ask Dave Dubya about why there's a "Dave W." linking to a communist website. Ask the original Charles Moore about it, while you're at it. Is that not insulting? Of course if "James" is just another "Chuckie Koolade" ID then it doesn't matter.

I notice you two have a lot of nice things to say about each other...and nobody else.

When you fault my points "because of my style" does that negate the facts and support Chuckie Koolade's nonsense? What about multiple personality Chuckie's "style" of plagiarizing and NEVER responding to questions? Is that style OK? Is that not insulting?

Tom can easily find out if "James" is also posting from the same IP address as the all the other screen names.

Your praise of only Chuckie is leaving an impression.

Just sayin'.

At 2:04 PM, Anonymous James said...

JTFs, You have a point, in trying to be less partisan I might have neglecting my fellow Liberals here.

And when you posting serious stuff, not being sarcastic, you are the best debater on the Rant. But I guess you do not remember me saying many times in the past that the Republicans are the cause of most of our problems today.

I think you are most effective when you posts the facts without all the sarcasm, it just makes you look angry.

At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


To date you have not posted anything nice that would warrant anything being posted nice about you.

Your hate for anything right of center is well know as your refusal to stick to the subject, your attack posts on the poster not what they have posted and your refusal to answer any questions.

Not a very pretty picture of a compassionate liberal, but sure fits the bill for a radical liberal.


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