Thursday, September 07, 2017

POST #734: Random Observationsj

My third selfie in as many years

The following are a compilation of unconnected thoughts that I've recently written down or sent out into the Facebooksphere. Similarities to any persons, living or dead, are purely intentional.
1. The Problem With Blaming Bernie
I find it sad and quite ironic that so many supporters of Hillary Clinton in the last election are blaming Bernie Sanders for her defeat.
Every poll had Sanders defeating Donald Trump decisively, while Clinton - on her best day - was barely neck and neck with the guy. His campaign was sabotaged - not only by the so-called "liberal" media - but by the Democratic National Committee as well.
Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election because, as they've done so many times in the past, the Democrats exhibited their positive genius for taking a bottle of finely aged champaign, and turning it - OVERNIGHT - into a jug of worthless donkey piss.
They were handed, on a silver platter, the most visionary candidate in their nearly two-hundred year history, and yet (for reasons I'll never be able to figure out) decided to go with a tired and stale old plutocrat.
Ms. Clinton was the worst candidate that the Democratic party has nominated since at least Mike Dukakis in 1988; maybe even the worst in living memory. And yet in spite of this, I went to the polls on Election Day and voted for her with as much enthusiasm as I could possibly muster. Why? Because she was running against the worst candidate in American history. It was kind of a no-brainer, folks.
Every once in a while I forget why I bolted that utterly worthless party nearly twenty years ago. On Election Day 2016, they cheerfully reminded me.
 Forgive me, but I'm still feeling the Bern.

2. Ronald and Donald

Thirty-seven years ago, on the night this nation naively sent a feeble-minded, failed "B" movie actor to the White House, the American people effectively pointed the proverbial loaded pistol at their own collective and clueless head. On November 8, 2016 - make no mistake about it - they pulled the trigger.

Then again, compared to what's come along since then, Reagan is starting to look like Abraham Lincoln. Aren't politics amusing?

3. Irony of Ironies:

The fate of humanity tonight depends upon the temperaments of two unhinged sociopaths with really stupid haircuts.

Ain't that a riot?

4. Revisionism:

In Donald Trump's America, we need to rewrite the lyrics of John Lennon's classic anti-war anthem. My contribution to the discussion:

You may say I'm a Dreamer
But I'm not....HONEST, I'M NOT!!!


Every thinking human being is a beautiful dreamer tonight.

5. Twit:

Limited to 143 characters, Twitter is the ideal forum for people with limited attention spans.


Just a thought.

5. To sleep....To sleep....

I have nothing more to say. I must sleep. My plan is to go gently into that good night.

Good night.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


My cousin, Shawn Bliven, is having major issues due to the fact that he is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Here is a link to leave a donation to a fund to assist him with his crushing expenses, I remember the night he was born. It's always been a joy being a part of his biography.


At 12:43 AM, Blogger Jean Weil said...

Tom, Is there any chance you can get the rights to Don McClean's song, 'American Pie"? I'm only partly kidding. In 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected to office. It was what many saw as the beginning of the end of a viable two party system. Was it the day the music died for voters? It was the beginning of the end of the valued middle class, and unions spiraled downwards ever since.

At 5:27 PM, Blogger Mozart1220 said...

Hillary may have been the worst "Candidate" but she'd make a GREAT "President". As opposed to Trump, who was the medias wet dream of a "Candidate" but we can obviously see how that does not translate into good "president".

The problem is not Hillary. The problem is the VOTERS who think the Presidency is about a façade of media "popularity". It's not.

Neil Armstrong was a GREAT pilot and astronaut. He HATED public speaking. Even he said "A parrot can talk, but they aren't great flyers. An Eagle is a great flyer, but you never hear em talk". Too many American was a flashy, outrageous CANDIDATE, but that's not what the job is about.

At 7:54 PM, Blogger Majormajor said...

Every poll had Sanders defeating Donald Trump decisivel".

Are they the same polls that ha HRC stomping President Trump? Didn't you vote for HRC?


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