Saturday, June 24, 2023



I've got to start this off by telling you that I think that Randy Rainbow is the best thing to happen to American comedy since Lenny Bruce.  Fortunately he appears not to possess all of the personal, psychological torment and baggage that Lenny carried within him so we can happily expect him to be with us for a very long time. 

How to describe the man: Randy is a musical satirist who performs reworked Broadway musical numbers that hold up a mirror to the current sick and dysfunctional American system of politics. To say that he takes no prisoners in his quest to hold accountable the most corrupt and vile of American politicians would be the understatement of the century. (Oh, and did I mention?) The guy is funny! The videos he posts periodically on his YouTube channel he writes and produces himself. I have written many song parodies in my time and I'm also a video artist; but I've got to tell you that I have nothing on Randy Rainbow. Here's another understatement: I'm jealous, dag nap it! 

Also, if Randy Rainbow is not the poster boy for gay pride in America, he really should be

I wish that he would team up with a composer and produce a very topical and original Broadway production for the simple reason that Randy is the best lyricist to come along since Lorenz Hart. At the bottom of this piece I will provide you with a few links to some of his videos. I don't have in me the adequate vocabulary to describe what he's all about, so you really need to experience him for yourself. Simply put: Randy Rainbow must be seen to be believed. He is a rib-tickling, hoot-and-a-half Laugh Riot. Don't take my word for it; see for yourself. 

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


Here are just a handful of Randy Rainbow's YouTube videos:

Gee, Anthony Fauci: A parody of Gee, Officer Krupke from West Side Story:

Sedition (Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof):

KAMALA! (Camelot):

There Is Nothing Like A Wall (South Pacific):

Welcome to DeSantis:

Rudy and The Beast:

I'M GAY! (Once Upon A Mattress)

Ted and Lindsay (Oklahoma):

Trump Trouble (The Music Man):


What did I tell you? These are only a handful of many. Look Randy Rainbow up on YouTube. Here is one more for the road:

RANDY RAINBOW FOR PRESIDENT! (yeah, that works for me).

He's a national treasure.

Friday, June 09, 2023

The unmaking of the Former President 2023

I had just started putting together a piece about the candidacy of Chris Christie when the flash came over the wire that Donald Trump had been indicted. Aren't these interesting times to be alive? 

Someone once asked me if I thought that the former president would ever go to jail. Here was my answer:

No. Jail is where you go when you have had one-too-many on a Saturday night and you back your vehicle into the plate glass window of the local pharmacy. Donald Trump needs to go to a high security federal prison for a very long time. There is no doubt in my mind that June 9, 2023 is - by far - the worst day of this person's miserable life.

We don't know yet what the indictments read, but there are seven felonies being charged against the president, one involving the Espionage Act. When these charges are finally read out loud there will be a 10 megaton political explosion that will be heard in every corner of the earth. What is about to happen will make the Nixon and Bush Mobs combined look like a bunch of choir boys out for a Sunday picnic at Regents Park. The proverbial substance is about to hit the fan, folks, and there is no way to avoid this nasty fact. And the most amazing thing to me is the fact that this sociopath and imbecile is the frontrunner to receive the Republican presidential nomination next year. Ain't that a hoot and a half?

Is Trump the only member of his inner circle who is being indicted? What people paying attention want to know is: what the hell did Jared Kushner do to receive two billion dollars from the Saudi Arabian investment fund? It must have been an eye-opening quid pro quo that made the Saudis want to gift such a generous sum to the golden boy of American capitalism. My hypotheses is that Trump's is merely the first of several indictments to come. I'm giddy with anticipation.

Like the initial revelations of the sins of the Nixon White House fifty years ago this summer, what is about to be revealed regarding the crimes of Donald Trump and company will be breathtaking - much like the unraveling of Watergate was in 1973. What will be revealed in the coming weeks will stun the senses of the American people in a way they've never been stunned before. Hang onto your hats, kiddies!

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


Former John McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt has an excellent YouTube channel called The Warning. This morning he taped a dire warning about what a possible second Trump presidency would mean to the people of the United States:

We ignore his words to our own detriment.


Here is the first paragraph of the Chris Christie piece that I abandoned for this one:

"Chris Christie has announced his candidacy for the presidency. This is good news. While I would never vote for him, I wouldn’t lose a lot of sleep knowing that he was living in the same house once occupied by Franklin Delano Roosevelt."

AFTERTHOUGHT, 6/10/23, 9:47 PM:

DISCLAIMER: I am philosophically opposed to the death penalty.
Seventy years ago this month, on June 19, 1953,, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for espionage. The prosecutor who sent them to their deaths was a notorious homophobe (not to mention closeted homosexual - and future mentor of Donald J. Trump) named Roy Cohn. I’m just sayin’.

American hIstory is literally drenched with juicy little ironies such as these. Have you ever noticed that?

Today would be a good day to quit drinking.

Monday, June 05, 2023

Things That Go Trump in the Night


It's outrageous and amazing that Donald Trump is only now - as a former United States president - facing felony charges for crimes committed that he has skillfully avoided all of his adult life. It's common sense that the old bugger's luck was destined to run our sooner or later; we can only surmise that this is going to end catastrophically for POTUS #45. As I write these words, his lawyers are abandoning him like diseased rats from a sinking garbage barge. I imagine that serving a client who won't keep his mouth shut would be a nightmare for any self-respecting attorney. Trump has been stumbling around the republic with one foot in his mouth and the other on a banana peel. He has incriminated himself so many times that most of us have lost count of the gaffes. And yet....and yet....he is the favorite to get the GOP nomination next year. If that doesn't beat everything, nothing will. 

the only strategy Team Trump has in their moldy bag of tricks to save the man from an extremely long prison sentence is to plead insanity on behalf of their client. A good case can be made for this. Let's face it, folks: It's been embarrassingly obvious to those of use paying attention these last forty years that Donald J. Trump is as crazy as an army of rancid bats on an LSD binge. If Trump goes to trial as a sane man, it is only likely that he will do some serious time - not that I would ever lose a minute of sleep if that were to happen, mind you - I'm just putting it out there.

What I don't understand is why the most serious charge against him is the fact that he stashed a bunch of classified documents at his overrated bawdy house in Florida. Call me naive if you want, but it would seem to me that inciting a violent insurrection that left four people dead would be a heavy duty charge to overcome. I can only conclude is that the Feds have evidence that he has sold those secrets (at a pretty hefty price) to powers hostile to the good ol' U.S. of A. I wouldn't put it past the hideous old bastard. He's despicable. The moment he announced his candidacy in June of 2015, I wrote on this site that he wouldn't even get the nomination simply because not even the Republicans are that dumb. Once he finally got the nomination, I predicted that he would never with the presidency simply because the American electorate aren't that naive. I've never been more wrong in my life. Bitter experience should have taught me to know better. That is the reason I'm not dismissing outright a Trump or DeSantis victory on Election Day next year. I've learned my lesson.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


by Randy Rainbow

Show me a man who is overtly and militantly anti-gay, and I’ll show you a closet homosexual who is covertly overcompensating his “manliness” by drawing attention away from his secret desires. It is my strong belief that Ron DeSantis is a dandy case in point. Here is Randy Rainbow’s take on Ronnie D. This one is a keeper for the ages.

The man is a national treasure (Randy Rainbow, that is. Not Ron DeSantis).