Monday, June 03, 2019

Be Careful What You Wish For

It would seem to me that the Democrats need to do a bit of soul searching. Their desire to impeach this president is understandable, admirable even. This is, after all, the most unhinged and corrupt administration that this doomed republic has ever had to contend with. As someone who has spent nearly his entire life carefully studying American history, I feel more than qualified to make that statement. We've had unstable and dishonest chiefs-executive in the past, but nothing and no one comes within a mile of Trump in terms of incompetence. The guy has no peer. It's also a safe bet to say that if it ever gets this weird again, it certainly won't happen in the lifetime of myself or anyone reading this. Donald Trump has become the gold standard for corruption and chaos. But impeaching him should not be where the Dems want to go - not now anyway.
Let me explain why I believe impeachment is a bad idea.
First of all, what good would it do? If he's impeached in the Democratic-controlled House, he will be tried in the Republican-controlled Senate. There is no way in hell that a party as ideologically crippled as the GOP will ever remove one of their own from the Oval Office - even one as obviously disturbed as this president. Impeachment will only take up too much time and will cost an awful lot of money. What good would the entire process do if his acquittal in the senate is a foregone conclusion?

Also (and this is a biggie), are they really that anxious to have President Mike Pence calling the Executive Mansion "home"? Are they serious??? True, Pence is not one half as crazy as The Donald (or, at least I don't think he is) but, like Trump, the vice-president is not one who is known for his brilliance....Okay, I'll refrain from politeness....Mike Pence is about as dumb as a soggy box of moldy doorknobs. Talk to anyone who lives in Indiana. My mother was from South Bend so I have enough cousins and friends there who tell me, almost in unison, that if Mike Pence were to run for governor again, he probably wouldn't even be able to get the nomination from his own party. Mike Pence as president is not a good idea even under the most optimistic of scenarios.

Unless Pence is busted for something big and is forced to resign in disgrace - ala Spiro Agnew - and is replaced by someone more stable - ala Gerry Ford - we really have no alternative other than riding this disgusting administration out for another year and a half. And remember, removing Trump from office would only cause "the base" to explode on a mass scale. These MAGA freaks are just crazy 'bout Trump, and no amount of persuasion is ever going to change that sick reality.

We might as well sit back and face the muzak: We're stuck with Donald Trump for another eighteen very long months. Enjoy the shit storm!

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY   


I stumbled upon this BBC documentary early this morning. It tells the story of how Walter Cronkite and his team at CBS News reported the assassination of President Kennedy. It was first shown on the fiftieth anniversary and is narrated by George Clooney:



At 7:58 AM, Blogger Les Holmes said...

Hi Tom, I am not sure if I agree with you about the impeachment. Yes, it is probably ultimately going to fail, but if there is a strong enough case to justifying starting the process would it not:
a) Show the Democrats are not passively watching from the sidelines;
b) Show the GOP (if the Senate refuse to pass any impeachment) as utterly corrupt, and this will be ON RECORD?

At 10:53 AM, Blogger rustcoal said...

Now that Billy Barr has decided that the president is above the law the House would have to impeach in absentia meaning that Trump would not sit for any hearing. The comedy factor alone is enough to keep Trump in office. I rather enjoy watching Trump lose his s#!t on a daily basis. He is like the thin skinned buffoon we used to tease in grade school because of his reaction to it. One thing I've learned about Republicans is they can dish it out but they sure can't take it. [Know what I mean fellow snowflakes]. One other thing now that the POTUS is above the law, "Crooked Hillary" should run again and her husbands impeachment should be rendered null and void.

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Dave Dubya said...

Unfortunately not impeaching him is dereliction of duty to uphold the Constitution.

Impeach him during the Republican Convention. I don't see why the public would side with the Republican Senate's appeasement. They would be standing against the Constitution. If Dems would hammer that point alone, they will win.

They just need a spine. If not under Trump, when?


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