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"The main problem in any democracy is that the crowd-pleasers are generally brainless swine who can go out on a stage and whup their supporters into an orgiastic frenzy - then go back to the office and sell every one of the poor bastards down the tube for a nickel apiece. Probably the rarest form of life in American politics is the man who can turn on a crowd and still keep his head straight - assuming it was straight in the first place."

Hunter S. Th
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72

As usual, Dr. Thompson was about as right as can be when he wrote those words in late March of 1972. So much sage wisdom emanated from that IBM Selectric of his - and in all-too-short a time. I realize that his best years were long behind him when he pointed a gun to his head five years ago and ended his life, but that doesn't mean that I miss him any less. It has been said by some that the poor guy was in a blind funk after the reelection of George W. Bush. I can relate. I might have followed him into eternity had I been so inclined. But at the time, I was just finding my groove, so to speak.

We can also forgive the good doctor for referring to "the man who can turn on a crowd". Thirty-eight years ago, women in elected office were few and far between. And the ones who were lucky enough to be pioneer feminists - women like Bella Abzug, Millicent Fenwick, Shirley Chisholm and Margaret Chase Smith - tended to be fairly sensible, rational people. As far as I can remember, not one of them was a bat shit crazy reactionary on the level of Sarah Palin.

Which brings me to the nasty subject of this piece you are reading. Back on January 19, I speculated on the possibility of a Palin candidacy in 2012. Actually, "speculation" is the wrong word. It was pure, stratospheric fantasy on my part. Not even when I occasionally experimented with LSD over three decades ago, did my mind ever conjure up a vision that weird. As I wrote at the time:

"I am going to wish upon a star that Sarah Palin gets the nod of her party in three years. It would only mean electoral doom for them. I cannot believe that the American people, in the end, would be nutty enough to send her to the Executive Mansion in 2012. I realize that this is merely a pipe dream on my part, but it is not out of the realm of possibility. So far out of the main stream has that party drifted in the last thirty years, a Sarah Palin candidacy is not only possible, it's damned-near inevitable!"

Again, I must emphasize that this was wishful thinking on my part; of course I was just kidding myself. To paraphrase an old Ringo Starr song, "pigs will fly and the earth will fry" before a situation that weird ever transpires. The sensible side of me kept saying, "It'll never happen". Now I'm not so sure.

Last week on his MSNBC program, Hardball, Chris Matthews (whom I think is one of the smartest sons-of-bitches out there) laid out the scenario in black and white:

1. Our Miss Sarah makes a good showing - and perhaps even wins - the Iowa Caucuses due to the heavy presence of the evangelical vote in that state.

2. She can't possibly beat Mitt Romney near his home turf in the New Hampshire primary, but she takes a respectable second place - which causes the Romney campaign to implode overnight.

3. Next stop: South Carolina - where the average voter in any given Republican primary has the IQ of a bag of soiled laundry. Remember 2000? It was in South Carolina that the voters practically handed the nomination to George W. Bush, thus obliterating the candidacy of John McCain - who until that moment had been the presumptive nominee. Predicting that Sarah Palin would win the South Carolina primary three years from now is as easy as predicting that the sun will set in the west this evening. At that point she will have all the momentum she needs to glide handily to the convention and the nomination.

Could it actually happen? My luck has never gotten that good! But what a treat that would be: FASCIST BARBIE as the nominee of a major political party? A woman who quit her job as governor of Alaska in order to make a quick buck (in fact many millions of them) and then had the gall to blame the naughty liberal media for her decision to bail out on the people of that state? Such a possibility would be too good to be true! Oh, please, fate! Oh, please! Oh, please! Oh, please!

Please bear in mind that I only wish her the nomination because she could never get elected. Her candidacy would only guarantee the reelection of Barack Obama come Election Day, right?....RIGHT??? I'm still enough of a cockeyed optimist to believe in my heart that the American electorate wouldn't do something as drastic and foolish as sending Gidget von Braun to the White House.

Whoa! But wait a minute....What if she were to be elected? What if we were to wake up on the morning after the election to find the jackasses on FOX and Friends beside themselves with glee, chanting like rabid little myna birds , "PRESIDENT-ELECT PALIN! PRESIDENT-ELECT PALIN!" What then? I have given serious thought to this mind-numbing, dreadful possibility.

After thinking the subject over carefully, I have concluded that I am one of the very few people in this country who make under a million dollars per year who would actually benefit from a Palin administration. As I wrote on this site a number of months ago, I'm the kind of guy who, if you give me a bag of nasty tasting lemons, I'll go out and make a delicious pitcher of juicy lemonade.

Take our ex-president - now hiding deep within the bunker under his home in Dallas, Texas: While George W. Bush was the worst thing to ever happen to the country that I love so much, the half-witted little bastard was the best thing that ever happened to me! The blog you are now reading is as much his legacy as anyone's. For a person who makes his or her name satirizing the train wreck that American politics has become in the last quarter century, the very idea of a Palin White House is enough to make all of us salivate like a kennel full of Pavlov's dogs, awaken from their blissful slumber by the bells of doom.

Who would be second on the ticket with her? It definitely could not be another woman (although Michele Bachman would be an answer to my prayers) and it couldn't be another white Christian male. My guess would be Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal or the Buddy Holly lookalike (and Jewish) Senator Eric Cantor. Either one of them would give the ticket the "balance" that was needed. Wouldn't a campaign as twisted as that be a scream?

What would the possibility of a President Palin mean for the United States? It would probably mean the death of this country - but that would be a fait accompli as far as I'm concerned. A people stupid enough to send someone like that to the White House deserves everything that happens to them.

Do I really want something that horrible to happen to America? Of course not. As disappointed as I am in Obama, I want to see him reelected two-and-a-half years from now. He may not be the ideal progressive but what alternative do we have? A third party uprising? That would be suicide. Barring the unforeseen, I have every intention of casting my ballot for him on the first Tuesday of November 2012. I'm just saying that, should the worst occur and America is cursed by one or two terms of a Palin presidency - I'll do quite well, thank you very much. I will be burdened with more material than I'll know what to do with. As Frank Sinatra once sang, "Don't worry 'bout me, I'll get along."

Scooby-dooby-do, baby!

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ' 72
by Hunter S. Thompson

It's still in print and is one of the finest (and definitely the funniest) books ever written about American campaign journalism. I am now in the process of re-reading it for the fourth or fifth time. It is one of the essentials of political literature. Seriously, I cannot recommend this book enough.


At 2:10 PM, Blogger Lydia said...

O god o god o god o god o god how I do hope you were right when you said it could never happen. If the presidency of W sent Hunter S. Thompson over the edge - and it makes sense to me - then suicide could become the national past time among others with brains in their heads to blow out should a Palin presidency ever curse the Earth.

Thompson's quote was brilliant, btw; thank you for bringing it to our attention when it is more-than-slightly applicable.

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Rain Trueax said...

For once I disagree with you. I really really hope they do not nominate her as it would put the possibility of her being president to within an accident of the voter's emotional immaturity. McCain came close and who is to say she could not if something happened as a fluke right ahead of the election. I want the Republicans to choose someone conservatively responsible as a real choice.

Given what I would like, I could definitely see them nominating her. It's totally nuts to me but possible and then who knows what Americans would do. Very depressing is all I can say :(. I think Thompson said it all very well.

At 2:46 PM, Blogger Ronni said...

My estimation of the intelligence of the American electorate is at an all-time low right now. I have a scary feeling (talking to people in this very red state) that she could actually get elected! If that EVER happened, I would regret having sold all my suicidal husband's guns.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger Ellis D., Esq. said...

Tom, since the Left will not support Obama in 2012 after getting conned by him in 08, Palin COULD actually get elected. Real liberals and true progressives will no longer vote against their conscience. A third or fourth party that can nominate a decent candidate will get a portion of the vote Obama received in 08. I know I won't vote for him again. What was appealing to me about him turned out to be total bullshit, the guy isn't cool at all. The Dead never should have raised money for him !!!

At 5:00 PM, Blogger The Catharine Chronicles said...

Come down, my sweet. If Sarah Palin wins the 2012 presidential election, we will all -- en masse -- simply uproot our families and move to Canada or England. In fact, if it even looks like a possibility next summer, we'll start the paperwork and be in Vancouver before Christmas. We'll make a little commune (the Canadians are very tolerant of such things), and commit the Constitution to memory, a la Fahrenheit 451, and remind each other of American history before the Baby Jesus discovered America and evangelical Baptists single-handedly won the Revolutionary War (on a Wednesday, wasn't it?), then sat down the next day, opened the Holy Bible and drafted the Constitution directly from it.

Only our little colony in Canada will remember things like freedom to worship (or not), freedom of speech and the definition of a "well-armed militia".

Either way, sugar, you'll be okay. We all will.

OOO! And... AND!!! A bonus! Paid health insurance....


At 5:02 PM, Blogger The Catharine Chronicles said...

"Calm down", I meant. I'm tired... truly...

At 5:29 PM, Blogger Darlene said...

Never underestimate the stupidity of the voting public. After all, they put GWB in office a second time. How did that work for you? And how quickly they forget the disaster he left.

Yeah, it's a distinct possibility that Sarah Palin could be the Republican nominee. I would have made book that Bush could never be elected. That was before he got a second term. Now I have no faith in the intelligence of the voters and no hope.

I'll tell you what's really scary, If Barbie wins (God forbid), she will surround herself with the same bunch that propped Bush up because she doesn't have the brains of a flea. Enter center stage, Dick Cheney and senile McCain. And there goes the neighborhood.

I think a commune in Vancouver, Canada sounds very appealing. Too bad I'm too old to make the transition, but I tell you my daughter will be leading the pack.

At 5:43 PM, Blogger charles moore said...

Ronni, I am with you in that I also do not have a great deal of confidence in the intelligence of the average American voter, and the idea that she might not only get nominated but possibly elected, scares the hell out of me..

Taking a deep breath and thinking about this it is indeed possible that she might run, but I see too many trends that would prevent her from being elected. The main thing is that she has absolutely no platform. She is quick to criticize Obama, but never has an alternative plan as to what she would do. Like the Tea Baggers who are constantly screaming about lower taxes and smaller government, they and she offer no solutions.

Secondly, I think she lacks the tenacity to plan and carry out a campaign. Given the way she bolted and threw McCain's handlers under the bus, it is going to be extremely difficult for her to find anyone willing to try and work with her.

Palin is like a hyperactive child, pleased as punch to be the center of attention, but having absolutely nothing to offer. If she could not handle being governor of a state with few residents, how in hell does she think she could handle the office of president? A few months, a few hard knocks and criticisms and she would quit again.

If, and let us hope and pray that it is a very big if, by some chance she does manage to get elected, well, we can all sit back and enjoy the ride of our country to hell.

As the old saying goes, dogs can chase cars, but they can't drive them.

At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Boltok said...

That quote is perfect for the scam called Obama. Never underestimate the stupidity of the voting public? They put the jug eared jackass in office.

You all would lover Sarah if some or all of the following were true:
-she was a lesbian
-she abort a down syndrome baby
-she made her daughter have an abortion
-she believed constitutional protections exist only when a republican is president
-she falsified data to create the largest tax scheme imaginable
-she spent quality time with any of the following: castro, chavez, 60's drug addicts and political terrorists, to name a few
-if her religion consisted of sitting in a church with an american hating radical

At 6:59 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Tom, I'm disappointed in you. You may do just fine if Palin manages to weasel her way into office but a hell of a lot of people will not--low wealth folks and minorities will suffer as social justice programs are slashed and the dumbass public cheers Palin on for gutting big government. As for Obama, my biggest diappointment is that he didn't just call an end to both wars. They are meaningless exercises in futility at this point. As for other issues, I think that he has done about what I expected him to be able to do within the confines of the limitations of his office. I can't believe that liberals and/or progressives really expected sweeping change. It seems to me that there is a lot of fundamental misunderstanding of the separation of powers and what the president can do. Arguably, the executive branch has limited direct power because it can't make laws. The focus should be on voting out the obstructionists Republicans and Democrats and putting into Congress folks who will actually support the president's agenda. Obama hasn't been perfect but he's a hell of a lot better than anything offered under the Bush administration and light years ahead of Palin's potential.

I can't afford to move to Canada or Europe. My life is in this country and I don't want to leave. Palin isn't a joke; she's a nightmare; the wicked witch of the west personified and we need to make certain that we throw a bucket of water on her soon.

At 7:08 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Dear Sheria, Not to worry. I am still on the side of the angels. That was just a bit of my twisted humor getting the better of me. I will be on the front line, fighting the Progressive cause.

I Love you, Sheria. Your blog is extraordinary.

At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Boltok said...

What exactly is a social justice program? It is a program for people who feel sorry for themselves, blaming "others" for their "problems", and then expecting those "others" to pay for the deemed "problems."

I will give the answer. Stop making excuses for yourself and others. When you do, it will all become clear. The clarity is that you have one life and your life will be what YOU make of it, through your own thought, effort and industriousness. If you keep making excuses and expecting much from these "others" you will go through life a miseable loser.

I'm sorry, what am I saying, you will be a loser through no fault of your own. I'm sorry. Please forgive.

At 1:14 AM, Blogger Sandra Moreano said...

I have been know to vote republican in the past but I have never will I ever vote for that bimbo. She is a menace to her sex and her party.

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope we put Obama back in office. Since he’s been in the White House, there have been no war casualties in Iraq. CNN doesn’t report it hourly like they used to, so there must not be any, right? And the war isn’t a bad thing anymore since Obama is in office – in fact we’ve sent thousands more troops over and I’m told that’s okay. The world is so much better when he’s around – everything is right again. If Palin were in office, the war would be bad again – we don’t want that.

At 2:27 PM, Blogger LCS said...

I think there is going to be low turnout for the 2012 election. With Palin winning her party's nomination the conservatives will be energized and turn out in force. She will win 51 to 52% of the vote.Therefore Palin will win with about 23 to 25% of the electorate. Good times ahead!

At 2:32 PM, Blogger LCS said...


Exactly. Obama is just as much a war promoter, supporter, monger, as Bush was (maybe more so?). This is one of the disappointments that progressive have in him and will contribute to the lower voter turnout I mentioned above.

At 3:46 PM, Blogger Ellis D., Esq. said...

Low voter turnout is what happens when folks believe their vote is meaningless. When a bullshit artist like Obummer cons the voters into thinking he actually gives a shit about them and then turns out to be just as establishment as the rest of the capitalist assholes, there is going to be disillusionment. Then the apathy sets in. What is really needed is a revolution and anyone with intelligence knows this but also knows the futility of dissent. So nothing will change. I want out but there is nowhere to go. If there was a place to go there would be a mass exodus from Amerika !!

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Tom, I should have read your piece as dark humor. I'm a bit weary as I am losing my optimism that logic and intelligence will win out. I fear that ignorance and mean spiritedness are far more powerful forces.

Keep ranting, I enjoy your voice a great deal.

At 5:10 AM, Anonymous Ron Baldwin said...

I do not understand why there is so much wringing of hands and wailing about how disappointed everyone is in Obama.

Our Constitution is built on checks and balances. Particularly with a minority party whose vocabulary seems to consist of one word (NO) it takes 60 votes in the Senate to pass any legislation. And part of that 60 is Joe (ugh) Leiberman and a fair number of so called Blue Dogs that are more like Republicans than Democrats.

We are getting out of Iraq and focusing on Afganistan, which is where our focus if anywhere should have been all along. We can argue whether we should have been in either Iraq or Afghanistan, but we are there and cannot just say, oops, sorry.

We have an historic health bill that is far from perfect but is far better than no health bill at all. Ask around to see how many of your friends and neighbors were turned down for health insurance for pre-existing conditions. Personally I would have preferred Medicare for all but half a loaf is better than none.

A tightening of controls of the financial sector is about to be passed by Congress. Again it is not perfect but I learned long ago that 50% of something is a whole lot more than 100% of nothing.

I live on the west coast of Florida and already see the economic effects of the oil spill. Although we have no oil on our beaches tourism is way down. The oil spill areas are a catastrophe. But what do you expect the President to do? Don a scuba rig and shut down the well? Grievous mistakes were made in the regulation of drilling but those were not obvious and many were made a long time ago. At least now we can take measures to lessen the risk in the future, and hopefully the new top cap and the relief wells will stop the disaster from getting worse.

I am 76 years old and I learned a long time ago that the world is not perfect. Wishing it were perfect will not make it so. Giving up on trying to make it better, however, will lead to disaster and the recent events in the Gulf show how easy it is to cause a disaster.

At 7:00 AM, Anonymous Ali said...

I started coming to this blog because I wanted to better understand the psychology of liberals. I found this site a while back reading alternet. I read these blogs and comments and wonder, "Can these people be serious." Ron, your comment covers much territory.

Do you believe: that it is a good idea to pass bills which usurp massive amounts of rights from people and add massive regulation, to pass bills when absolutely no one inside or outside of government knows what is in them with additional regulations, fees and taxes in markets already dominated by the federal and state governments, spending massively when the USA is heading toward bankruptcy (Krugman is an idiot, the nobel is becoming a disgrace), that you will get more from government when in the end all will get less.

On healthcare, as a side note, do you know that the total profits from the health insurance industry are less than the amount of medicare fraud each year. Go Government!

Explain how the financial sector lacks regulation. You could fill rooms with paper from financial regulations, from wall street to personal banking. It is an enforcement problem, like our borders. The government doesnt enforce much. Look at Secretary Snow versus congress on Fannie and Freddie on you tube to get a sense of congressional insanity to solvent mortgage banking.


Your at an age where you will be the target for medicare cuts buy government bueracracy. How will you feel if you think your life becomes less long because of decisions from the likes of Mr Berwick or Ezekiel Emmanuel? Do you actually know what these people want to do? Do you trust that government agenecies will always be benevolent?

Your majority of 60 will be a minority in a few months. So you cant exactly call what you have today a mandate. Liberman, blue dogs, fillibusters or not. The real check and balance will show itself on Nov 2.

At 8:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom, i was reading your rant about Palin, and did not get past this sentence: "...3. Next stop: South Carolina - where the average voter in any given Republican primary has the IQ of a bag of soiled laundry..."

this is a common trait among liberal bloggers; attack a conservative, or a conservative group..insult their intelligence..without even thinking about the obvious parallels. i see it every day.

have you heard about Alvin Greene?

At 9:14 AM, Anonymous Ali said...

Ron Baldwin, was this what you thought healthcare would be?


At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ali, said –

I started coming to this blog because I wanted to better understand the psychology of liberals. I found this site a while back reading alternet. I read these blogs and comments and wonder, "Can these people be serious."

I am right there with you. Comical at times. Mind-boggling and frightening most of the time.

Ron Baldwin said –

“We have an historic health bill that is far from perfect but is far better than no health bill at all.”

That’s simply not true. Any health bill that WE CANNOT AFFORD is not good for the country. I don’t care if you’re 176 years old, you apparently haven’t learned much. It is more social security – that’s all – and our social services are already bankrupt. Don’t be fooled by the financial alchemy of the money printers. When are you folks going to get the fact that the US is so broke we cannot even begin to dig out from under our debts in less than two generations? Do you understand that we have debt obligations on the books in the tens of trillions of dollars already? Do you not understand what that means? Don’t care? How do you process that into your assessment?

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Darlene said...

I know it's hopeless because facts don't even faze the minds of some people. Nonetheless, I will try one more time to convince Harley A. that he is very misinformed.

1. In the long run the health care bill will save the government money, not cost it. (It will cost in the short run). Right now the U. S. Government spends more per capita on health care than any other industrialized country with the poorest showing. The bill will eliminate waste and fraud, and by making everyone carry insurance, it will spread the cost among all and because everyone will be insured the government will no longer have to pay when the uninsured go to the emergency room. All of which will cost less per capita than we now spend. I am simplifying it because it is complicated. I doubt that you will see the logic in this, but it has been proven that it will save billions when it is fully implemented.

And, please, don't call it socialism. It is still run by private insurers and health care providers.

2. Where were you Harley A. when the Bush tax cuts (that didn't add a single new job, by the way) and two unfunded wars added nearly 2 trillion to the national debt? Where do you think the debt came from? Add to that the terrible unfunded prescription drug plan that was not paid for and you see how Bush turned a surplus into a staggering debt in eight years.

3. Social Security has proven to be the most successful government program ever enacted. It has paid for itself and has a surplus. If the Republicans hadn't borrowed the money there would be enough to carry the program to 2041. In reality, the money is still available only it's in I.O.U's from the gvt.

I know you won't be swayed by facts, Harley A., because you have made up your mind based on false lies and jingoism. But check the government statistics and not mine if you doubt my word.

I am 85 years old and I have learned to form my opinions on facts from reliable sources like the accurate statistics from government agencies and not entertainers like Rush Limbaugh. So don't accuse me of not learning much. I think you need to look in the mirror before casting doubt on others learning ability.

At 1:46 PM, Blogger charles moore said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1:47 PM, Blogger charles moore said...

For all who are so opposed to health care reform, I can only hope that you are never faced with a long term major illness or accident that will not only cause you to be denied or loose insurance coverage, but will totally destroy you financially.

1:46 PM

At 1:55 PM, Anonymous Ali said...

Where can I find numbers, not rhetoric, so support your assertions.

I always get a kick out these:

Specifically on your points:

1. save money? maybe but what will coverage be like??? see emanuel/berwick for some color

medicare fraud is now massive, how will it be reduced? what if doctors stop covering?

2. low taxes create business activity and capital formation, who do you think pays the bills???

prescription drugs, no argument

3. Nonsense, the usa is the largest holder of treasury debt because of this, there is no money there.

Try this, borrow money you dont have from yourself and then try to spend it. Tell me how far you get. Id love to be able to do this.

Wars? Google 9/11 pictures to remind yourself. Some agreement on Iraq, not so much on Afgahnastan.

Bush deficits were going down until market crash. Look at 2009 deficit. Obama/dems are off the charts.


At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darlene –

I do not listen to Limbaugh, O’reilly, Hannity, Beck, et.al. I was not a Bush fan. I do not demonize Obama – I simply don’t think there’s much to him one way or the other. Personally I wouldn’t have entrusted a lemonade stand to him. As I’ve stated before, I do not treat these matters like a sports fan rooting for “my team”. This country was financially driven off a cliff by Bush and now Obama is setting fire to it.

As for government statistics, the GAO reports year after year report on the unsustainability of our Social Insurance (their term). At current, they forecast over two generations roughly 40-45 trillion in shortfall for SS and Medicare. Go read it – I’m not making that up. As for whether the program has been stripped of money by the Republicans, I’m not even going to ask for proof on that because you cannot provide it. But, whether or not that is true is beside the point. If someone steals my money, it has little bearing on the fact that I cannot now go buy a $30,000 car.

Yes, indeed, the Fed feels they are going to save money by putting our healthcare system squarely in the hands of what is its biggest problem – the insurance industry. Look to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – two quasi-governmental institutions that were poorly run from the beginning. They were created to forward ill-thought-out socially-engineered fiscal policy. The thinking that went into their creation played a large role in the financial collapse of 2007-08. This is the same tactic. I hope it goes better, I really do. I fear it will not, though.

At 7:40 PM, Anonymous Ali said...



At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you really think that Sarah Palin could possibly beat Jeb Bush, Karl Rove, and the Bush crew in 2012? Dream on.

At 6:11 AM, Anonymous Lear said...

I personally like her but dont think she will run unless her poll numbers increase dramatically. She would drain the swamps and that is why the left is hell bent to destroy her and her family.

She has her posse. Her posse gives her power by creating the ability to raise money/votes for those candidates she choses to support. Even if she doesnt run for president, she is a top 5 political force and will have a significant impact on the next couple elections.

At 6:46 AM, Anonymous Will Shirley said...

Tom, howcum so many of the people who find Sarah engaging also can't spell or construct a sentence according to the laws of American English? It just seems so strange to me that so many of these posts read like a slightly retarded pre-teen wrote them. The liberal author can occasionally screw up, but those fascist tea baggers write like English is a second language. Why is that?

At 9:43 AM, Anonymous Boltok said...


Shirley u kant b serius.

Do you request proper written english in a comment section?

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Hear, hear, dear Lear!

With all due respect to you, the left is not in the process of destroying Sarah Palin and her family. They're are doing that quite handily by them selves.

All the best,

Tom Degan

At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious Tom!

Love the beat sensibility. I am listening to Kerouac's tribute disc, "joy kick darkness" and Hunter is on there.

Depp did a great job too in the movie, "Fear and Loathing".

I think Obama should win in 2012 and he might push harder for progressives of course. Maybe Rham has some tricks up his sleeve, but I wouldnt hold my breathe.

I am sure you will be having fun in the election! Cant wait to hear it.

Keep on truckin dude!


At 7:58 PM, Blogger Nance said...

You are crazed, my friend! But you had me reading and riveted. And I agree with everything except the part where I wake up to a Palin administration. The snark would grow yet more sublime for us bloggers, but I wouldn't have time for it; with my Social Security gone, I'd have to get a job selling Chinese junk to The People of Walmart--her constituency.

At 8:03 PM, Blogger Nance said...

P.S. There are two of us liberals in SC--DemWit and I. You can feel free to add brackets to your next rant on SC: rant, blah, truth, pithiness, more righteous rant, SC [All except Nance and DemWit, who are liberal geniuses], rant, truth, etc. ;)

You got some people GOING with this one, dude!

At 2:36 AM, Anonymous JOSSFAN said...

If Parah Salin wins the next election I'm moving to Nova Scotia

At 4:22 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 4:26 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I love reading you Tom. I don't normally comment but ack! Sarah Palin?

Okay, maybe you were just making use of dark humor but Sarah Palin???

I have Multiple Sclerosis and live on a fixed income. Are you trying to scare me to death?

The woman is a looney tune and I can't afford to move anywhere. I'll be trapped... maybe even end up going homeless right here in the late, great, good ole' USA.

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Borat said...

I just realized the greatest benefit to a Palin administration: closed borders AND a liberal exodus to soon to be third world socialist countries. She grows more attractive by the day.


At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Wilma Lamb said...

Don't forget GWB (alias Dumya) spent 8 years in the White House (When he wasn't in Crawford)


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