Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dubya's Final Trick

The question on the minds of every thinking person in the country at the moment is just why the Bush Mob has displayed such jaw-dropping Constitutional arrogance since the day they seized power six years, two months, and one week ago. The impression one gets is that they feel immune from being prosecuted for the hundreds of felonies that have been committed by what is, no doubt, the most corrupt administration since the invention of dirt. The fact that Scooter Libby will never even see a day in prison as a result of his perjury conviction last month is now a foregone conclusion. The First Fool probably has the pardon already written out, sitting in the top drawer of his desk and ready to be issued at the most opportune time (My prediction is late in the evening on Christmas Eve 2008). That being the case, what's the point of even having laws on the books if those very laws may be cynically violated by those at the pinnacle of power through sheer, reckless disregard or via the nifty little technicality of something called, "a signing statement"?

Here's why these disgusting people have ridden roughshod over the laws they were sworn to uphold: It is my belief that George W. Bush is finally going to follow in his father's footsteps. He's going to ( or, at least, he thinks he's going to) issue a blanket pardon in the waning hours of his term of office, "in the spirit of this glorious season" (I tell you, it's going to be Christmas Eve!)

If you'll remember, Poppy Bush pardoned the entire Iran/Contra gang en masse as his reign of error was coming to a close in 1988/89. At the time, the justice department was in the process of finding out just who was responsible for funding the so-called "Contras" in direct violation of the Boland Amendment. These were an armed gang of murderers and rapists (left over from the Somoza regime) who were trying to overthrow the sovereign nation of Nicaragua. Indictments were being handed down by special prosecutor, Lawrence Walsh, including even former Secretary of Defence, Casper Weinberger. Every day, the trail of evidence was leading straight to oval office of Ronald Reagan and the man who had served as his vice-president, George H. W. Bush. Forty-one's eleventh hour pardon of every person involved in this scandal hid from the American people - perhaps for generations - the truth about what really happened. He should have breathed a sigh of relief that Bill Clinton was able to clean his clock at the polls in November of 1992. Had he been re-elected, the facts would have come out and he might very well have been impeached.
January 20, 2001, marked the twelfth anniversary of the end of the Reagan White House. On that day, his papers were scheduled to be made public for study by historians and scholars - but the fix was in. On that day, the fortunate son was sworn in as the forty-third president of the United States. For his first act as president, the hideous little bastard signed an executive order that sealed the Reagan and Bush I papers forever - curiously omitting the Clinton archives at the same time. We fully expect the next administration to correct this situation.
How can we prevent Bush 43 from getting away with what dear old dad got away with almost two decades ago? It's really very simple, folks! It's obvious that the Bush Justice Department has no plans to bring charges against this corrupt and disgusting administration - but that's a good thing, don'cha see? A president cannot issue a pardon against someone if no charges have been filed against them to begin with. We've got to make sure that the only person charged with any crime between now and 20 January 2009 is George W. Bush, himself...That's the beautiful thing about all of this...A president of the United States can pardon anyone he sees fit - but he can't pardon himself! Isn't that wonderful??? As far as Dick Cheney is concerned, the question of when he will be called to account for his crimes against humanity are, at this stage in the game, purely academic. Given the state of his health, the old bastard will more than likely drop dead any day now.
Please, let's not call for any special prosecutors this time 'round. Leave that for the next administration. I leave you with the closing paragraph with which I ended my first posting on The Rant way back on June 2nd of last year:
"PREDICTION: George W. Bush will be remembered in history, primarily, as the first (pray last) former chief executive to go to federal prison. Sound crazy? Stay tuned."
Pray for peace.
Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


At 2:59 AM, Anonymous Wilma Lamb said...

Dear Tom, Why shouldn't Bush show contempt for the Constitution and display such arrogance in office?
He trampled all over the Constitution to gain the White House, not to mention breaking any amount of other laws and has continued to do so ever since he said "I do" and I don't mean just on his wedding day tho he has broken those too.
Bush should feel immune to any checks and balances, all he has to do is run to the Supremes and they will rule the way they are told to.
Is there a freedom that was originally granted by our Constitution that Bush hasn't taken away?

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Charles Moore said...

The sad thing is that most people have forgotten the Reagan years and how rotten they were. When the old bastard died, I was appalled at how so many wanted to elevate him to sainthood while forgetting the terrible things he did. And he was the one that laid the foundation for Dubya and Co.

As for how Dubya has managed to get away with so much, the main problem is that most people are more interested in American Idol and doings of the no-talented TV "stars" than what is going on around them. It is escapism, pure and simple. The attitude is "I am busy looking at Britney Spear's boobs (or other parts). Don't bother me with realiteies."

Another problem, especially with the war, is the lack of a draft. You can bet that if the children of the wealthy (read Republicans)might have to be called up, ths damned war would be over and Bush would have his manhood twisted off.

At 5:27 AM, Blogger Bubby said...

From your lips to Gods ears.

At 2:53 PM, Blogger stoney13 said...

Once again, Tom You got it right! At least now we've got some very, VERY hungry-for-scandal types in Congress, and they will be giving "King George The Dim" a fit for a little while at least!

If you want to see something REALLY scarey go to my blog, and read it! Then hit the link which will take you to the blog where I got most of my information! It's something that should be screamed from every roof-top in this country, and I've done the best I can!

I hate to plug my stuff on your comments board, but this is important! You can plug your blog on mine any time you want!

At 4:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good job again

I'm hoping someone might publish my "letter from Papa (HW) to Son (W)"

Needs to be anon


At 4:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ps- Yes Stoney13 has some very interesting info on his blog.

He's got some good sources somewhere?


At 4:28 PM, Blogger Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

You can plug your site on these pages any day of the week, pal! It's not by accident that there is a link to STONEY'S RAGE on "The Rant" You are one in an army of reason and sanity. There is strength in numbers, my friend!
Tom Degan

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Saltwater said...

Tom Degan, you've done it again. I just read your latest and you really tell it like it is. I wanted to put up this link to a video of a very recent statement by Dennis Kucinich which fits right in with your article.


Thanks for keepin' on keepin' on the blogging against the war and the criminal Bush and his hired bunch of gestapoish monkeybrainers, assassins, armed guards, paid suckups, imps from hell, devils (ditto), buttwipers, sacrificial goats, highway robbers, living gargoyles(oh hi, Condi), and all the G.S. (General Snowjobber) underlings who have helped this monster Bush make such a mess of our country and of Iraq.

And people say Grant, or Nixon, had a corrupt administration!

("Barbara, it's not too late to give your kid a spanking", is what I'd like to say to Mrs. Bush the elder.)

I think sometimes we "respect the office" of the Presidency in this country a bit too much and definitely in the wrong way. "Executive Privilege"- and privileges- have gone way,way too far. Our first president, a far nobler man that this George we have now, had wooden false teeth, for heaven's sake. What I mean is, George Washington did a LOT of good for this country, but NOT to become a king, or to make himself obscenely wealthy. And of course, some of his successors lived and died poor, or in great longterm pain either while still in office or out, and were not healthy or wealthy in their old age. These founding fathers were men who really gave their lives for their country in a way Dubya never can or will even understand. They pledged "their sacred honour", but Bush doesn't seem to have any to pledge. They were not chickenhawks like "Dub-ya Treasure, Dub-ya Scum." (thanks, Doublemint...)

Even to call Bush a chickenhawk is an insult to the bird.

There are so many examples like that (i.e. G. Washington)- of heroic men who led (or served high up in government) this country in the past, yet suffered much for their noble efforts. But nowadays, this phony non-elected "president" we have has enriched himself and his friends by murder and many other crimes large and small. The blood on their hands is beyond measure. Oh, how the American Ideal we were taught in school has fallen! Organized crime on a scale that makes the Mafia look tiny has snatched our whole country!
But we the citizens can, and will, and MUST stop this dictatorship. We are obliged to do so through our congress, so congress had better do it, or congress is complicit in war crimes and crimes against our/their own country and Constitution.
And if Congress will not do right, then the people must go back to the Declaration of Independence and take our ideas of civil and human rights from it. We the People.
Tom Paine could print tracts or handbills in limited quantities, but today the Tom Paines are on the Web, in blogs like yours and in so many good antiwar sites. But it's not enough. Yet. We have to be like the famous Minutemen- we are under threat, from our own government, just as they were, and ust be very vigilant, more than ever before in this country's history, perhaps.

Sorry to blab so long, but news lately has got me on a roll and I'm pissed that Bush continues to show such hubris,("overweening pride") and such insulting disregard for the will of We the People.
And the so-far useless bills and acts in the new congress are gravely disappointing and disturbing. they have to do better, a LOT better, in my opinion.

Your blog is much appreciated, so please keep it up.Every bit of writing and work and marching and speaking out helps. Let's all keep remembering that the phrase is "We the people", and not "George the decider"!

Thanks again,


"Because the times, they are a-changing" - Bob Dylan

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous fearless flower said...

Dear Tom,

You ask what's the point of even having laws on the books if they can be cynically violated by those in power? If laws existed that made it easy to bring justice upon the violators, you'd have no inspiration for this blog! As awful as politics are these days, there's no denying the entertainment value, although I don't doubt you'd hesitate to trade it in for a better world.

It's so frustrating to watch these arrogant power-spoiled societal rejects run things so badly and not get what they deserve. If the perpetrator-in-chief manages to escape federal prison, one can only hope some special judgment is awaiting him that only God knows about.

Thank you for another well-written and informative post. Your grasp of history is amazing!

At 9:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Letter from "HW" to "W"

April 1, 2007

Dear Son,

As your Dad I feel an obligation to be honest with you.

You have always had a stubborn streak but "enough is enough".

You Mom and I actually thought that your brother Jeb might succeed me as President of the United States someday.But,as circumstances and luck would have it,and a level of religious fundamentalism in this country that even I was unaware of, you ended up with the job.

I felt from the very beginning, Son,that you needed help from my old pals like Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld but little did I know how bad their advice would be to you.

Son- How on earth did you decide to invade Iraq? Even I had the sense not to go "all the way to Baghdad". Also Iraq was not the country who struck us on 9/11/ 2001. Son- you need to stop sending our young men and women into this civil war in Iraq. Stop it now!

Son- What the heck happenned during the early days of Hurricaine Katrina? Many poeple in New Orleans are still sufferring over a year and a half later? Son- why?

Also Son- You are getting very bad advice on the powers of the Presidency under the United States Constitution. Son- You are not "the decider". That is for Kings who rule within monarchies. The U.S., a democracy, has a balance of powers between the branches of government of which you are one of three.

Son- I could go on about the many grave mistakes you have made. In retrospect, I knew your limitations even as I observed you as a lad, and should not have let you run for the U.S. Presidency. For that I am truly very sorry.

As your Dad it pains me to witness that the American people and an increasing number of members of even our own Republican party do not support you. I believe, son, that your White House is in realtime meltdown. Every day it seems things get worse.

I am beginning to fear that you might end up impeached or even indicted?

Son- If not for the good of the nation- for your Mom and me - for your wife Laura and the twins- I'm asking you to resign as President of the United States. The sooner the better.

A much easier life in Crawford, Texas awaits you.

Your mother and I love you dearly but we know when enough is enough



At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Wilma Lamb said...

Dear Tom Time is a'passin', we will soon know if Bush's "little" war will start on the schedule Stoney predicted.
Bush is desperate for a distraction
to divert attention from all the corruption headlining the news.


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