Friday, October 20, 2023

Hurricane Sydney


"The Chicken McNuggets have come home to roost"

Jimmy Kimmel

There cannot be so-much as a molecule of doubt: At this precarious hour, Donald Trump has to be shitting purple yoyos. 

The decision of former Trump lawyer Sydney Powel to flip on Donald Trump has a lot of folks within the sphere of the Trump Mob in a state of raw panic and terror I imagine. Other than The Donald himself, there are eighteen other co-defendants who are implicated in the plot to subvert and overthrow American democracy on January 6, 2021 - the latest "Day of Infamy". How many of her cohorts will be making sweet deals for themselves and turning on the hideous little thug in the hours and the days that follow? If she was an eyewitness in any room  where an insurrection was being formulated, one can only imagine the terror that is being felt at this moment by those who know of her presence. Just you wait! It'll be the equivalent an army of half-witted rats desperately fleeing a sinking ship. This is going to get interesting, folks.

There was always something about poor old Sydney that made me somewhat uneasy. I was always under the impression that the poor old gal was just a tad bat-shit crazy. It is my belief that both she and Rudolph Giuliani could make a convincing case of "not guilty by reason of insanity". it would make perfect sense; and if anyone out there has any familiarity with any of Sydney or Rudy's attorneys in this case, you might want to forward this piece to them.

As it turns out, Sydney Powell won't be doing any time in prison for her crimes against the people of the United States. She'll merely be forced to pay a few thousand dollars in fines and will be on parole for about a year (give or take a few months). The worst that can happen to her will be that she might be disbarred from ever practicing law again. Personally, I believe that she is getting a really sweet deal. She must be very relieved at the moment. She should be.

The former First Fool has always had nice things to say about Sydney Powell. That's about to change as you might imagine. Is Trump tampering with her as a witness? I can imagine him phoning her in the dead of night ordering her to keep tight-lipped regarding every crime she saw committed in the White House during the 2020/21 season. 

"But Sydney, I'm going to be re-elected next year, and my first order of business on January 20, 2025 will be a sweet and juicy pardon for you!"

I wouldn't put it past him for a minute. The fact is that no chief executive has the jurisdiction to pardon Sydney Powell. Hers' is a crime against the state of Georgia. It is not a federal crime. The guy's arrogance knows no bounds. I need to take note here of the fact that the word "bitch" rhymes with "snitch". Wait for that to be the next trend in extreme-right-wing talking points. Mark my words, campers.

It's almost a pity that Dick Nixon couldn't live to see this moment in our history. Compared to the Trump Mob, the Nixon Gang are starting to look like the Founding Fathers. Did you ever dream that you would live to see the day where our national civic dialogue would become this unhinged? I always knew that it would eventually happen - but not in my lifetime. 

Strange days indeed.

Tom Degan - Goshen, NY


This very well-made documentary about the 2020 campaign appeared on PBS's Frontline recently. 

(2) The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden (full documentary) | FRONTLINE - YouTube

It's well-worth your precious time.

AFTERTHOUGHT, 10/28/23, 3:00 PM:

I posted this on Facebook three years ago. I found it in the Memories file. It ain't bad.

Is stealing ever justified?
If your child is hungry and you need to steal a loaf of bread and a pint of milk in order to feed that child, then, yes, stealing is more than justified. Blessed are the meek - even if they're forced to resort to theft. Even if they go to prison for the offense. That is why our prisons are filled with people for whom poverty is almost like an old and dysfunctional friend. Rich people don't go to prison - unless they steal from other rich people.
Breathe in the crisp, Autumn air.

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Chaos In Their Wake

I used to speculate that back in the not-too-Fabulous-Fifties, while Joe McCarthy was stumbling around the country doing so much damage to American civil liberties, the average American could take comfort that seventy years ago, there was only one Joe McCarthy. Today the halls of the House of Reprehensibles is literally
crawling with scores of Joe McCarthy wannabes. One of the most hideous and vile of the bunch is a lamebrained congressman from Florida named Matt Gaetz, He succeeded this week in removing Kevin McCarthy from his position as Speaker of the House. I suspect this was a personal vendetta on his part. As Cassidy Hutchinson relates in her recently released memoires, a couple of years ago Gaetz tried to get Cassidy to let him into her room at Camp David. McCarthy came to the poor woman's aid and effectively told Matty boy to get lost. Matt was determined to get vengeance. It's only a theory of mine but it makes perfect sense.

By the way, After Cassidy's book was released last month, Gaetz, dismayed no doubt by the unflattering things she wrote about him, said in a statement that he and Cassidy dated for a while. In an appearance of the Jimmy Kimmel program, Cassidy Hutchinson stated unequivocally that her tastes in men are several notches above the likes of Matt Gaetz and that "he's not a serious person".

Gym Jordan
Here is one of the many reasons why I left the Democratic Party twenty-five years ago: the main problem with that idiotic party is that they don't think long range. A lot of them were just giddy to join the extremist republicans in ousting Speaker McCarthy - which is why I believe that there are not too many of these knuckleheads who are any good at chess. Did any of them not stop and think about the possibility that the next one might not be as bad as McCarthy? That he might even turn out to be much worse? I'm not sure about Steve Scalese....BUT JIM JORDAN??? (or as I usually refer to him, "Gym" Jordan). The man is a thug and a charlatan of the worst order. Why the good people of Ohio would send such an incomprehensible and disgusting crank to represent them in Washington is anybody's guess. Remember it was Jordan who was caught red-handed in a scandal from when he was an assistant wrestling coach at an Ohio college covering up for some perverted doctor who had been sexually harassing some of the boys under his charge. And don't forget that it was former GOP Speaker Denny Hastert whose life and career were ruined because of a nasty scandal involving the abuse of young men barely out of their teens....NICE!.

NOTE TO THE GOP: Do you folks really want to go down this road again??? Asking for a friend.

In 1856, when the Republican Party was founded, they were the party of black peoples' freedom. That is no longer the case. Wake the fuck up.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


This interview with one-time Republican operative Mona Charen appeared recently on PBS's Frontline:

It's eye-opening.

AFTERTHOUGHT, 10/8/23, 5:34 PM

It appears that Jim Jordan will be the next speaker of the house. Watch while this once-great-nation discends into the abyss