Sunday, April 23, 2023

Of Mouse and Moron


Ron DeSantis is getting his butt kicked by a mouse. Aren't these interesting times to be alive?

When Walt Disney first proposed Florida's Disney World in the early 1960s, the deal was that the site would be totally self governing - with zero interference from the state of Florida. It was a pretty sweet deal for all parties. The Disney people would have their kingdom, and Florida would rake in all of the cash that would come in from the wallets and purses of the tourists. Governor Ron is trying to change all that. It seems that he is trying to take the operation over. Disney is resisting and Ron has threatened (among other nefarious things) to build a prison right next to the joint. Would DeSantis actually stoop so low? Yes, I believe he would. This jackass is as dangerously contemptible as any politician I've come across in my entire life. I have a feeling that this hideous freak might very well have us all nostalgic for Donald Trump in a matter of time. If either man is sent to the White House next year, this country is finished. Mark my words.

When you wish upon a star....

Uncle Walt

Ron's loudest complaint about the Disney folks is that they are too (GET READY FOR IT) "woke". Can you believe that? He has stated too many times that "Florida is where woke comes to die". When he says moronic things like that, what he is saying is that he is in favor of killing compassion, empathy and racial tolerance - which is essentially what woke means. It also drives him bat-shit crazy that the Disney company is officially in favor of gay rights. According to Ron, Walt Disney would never have promoted equal rights for homosexuals = and he's probably correct in that assumption. Uncle Walt died in 1966, and he was a man of his times; but as everyone with even a cursory understanding of his biography understands, Walt was a man with an almost super-human capacity to change with the times. Had he somehow managed to live to see the year 2023 it's a certainty that he would be an advocate for equal rights for gays and lesbians. Anyway, isn't that (at least partially) what the Disney/Epcot Center is all about? Changing times and a brave neo world. Twenty years ago I was against even the concept of gay marriage. Today I'm perfectly okay with it. I've changed with the times. Why do so many conservatives have such a difficult time with this simple idea? What is Ron DeSantis' problem?

As I've said before, what bugs me the most about DeSantis is his age. He was born a month after my twentieth birthday in 1978.  How is it possible for someone to become such a bitter old man in a mere forty-five years? It's generally not a particularly good idea to pick a squabble with the most recognized cultural icon of the last century, even if that icon's name is Mickey Mouse.

Thank goodness for the unintentional comedians. They make my life so interesting.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY



How Disney Outsmarted Ron DeSantis

An interesting (and funny) essay on this whole stupid situation.


At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Biden's Benghazi: Sudan Embassy Evacuated, One American Dead, Thousands Left Behind...

Look Who’s Going On Another Vacation…

Joe Biden Retreats To Camp David For Another Weekend Vacation Amid More Scandal And Sinking Approval

At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FLASHBACK: In First Senate Campaign, A Joe Biden Suggested His Opponent Was Too Old To Serve…. He Was 63….

Much like Biden, this didn’t age well.

At 2:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Biden Tells Made Up Story About His “Grandpop” Dying In Same Hospital Weeks Before He Was Born.

Not that I just don't believe SLOJOE..I just don't believe him EVER.
Biden Junior's grandpappy, "was still working at Amoco in 1941, when he had a cerebral hemorrhage and died, at the age of forty-eight." (The New Yorker )
Joe was born on November 20, grandpappy died AT LEAST 43 WEEKS
before the 'cursed' event...

Not only that, but he died in Baltimore, while SlowJoe was born in Scranton.

Just making shit up as he goes along.

At 7:30 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Wow, Tom, you have a real dyed in the wool fascist trolling you. I wonder if he'll ever understand how foolish he appears to folks that, pay attention, care, and know what needs to be done. Sad that you have such hatred following you. Ignore him, your words do get through the nonsense.


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