Tuesday, November 08, 2022



Well, hey there! It is now 1:12 AM, 8 November 2022 - the most crucial, existential Election Day of our lifetimes; one that is right up there with 1932 and 1864. We could lose everything by the time the polls close tonight - and some people a lot smarter than I am are predicting that we might - some are even predicting that we will. Say what you will about the weird times we are living through, they sure as hell aren't boring, Anything but. By this time tomorrow morning we could all be humming a requiem for America. I'm going to keep a harmonica handy just to be on the safe side. We shall see.

"Senator Herschel Walker". Can you imagine? Anything is possible in Idiot Nation. Fasten your seatbelts, kiddies.

A number of years ago, I wrote on this site a piece called "A Message to My Fellow White People". In it, I noted that the shade of America's skin tone was darkening to such a degree that, for the rest of the twenty-first century, the biggest story would be how people who are white reacted to this unavoidable inevitability. All of the craziness that we are currently witnessing throughout the American landscape is about race. It has always been about race in this country. That is the crucial thing you need to understand. Right wing politicians have always needed the boogie man of race to keep white people deathly afraid when they go to the polls on any given Election Day in any given year. The problem for them is this: in a few short years, white people will no longer be the majority in this country. Ain't that something?

I'm not-at-all optimistic about the results of today's election. In recent years, fat and lazy white politicians have seen to it that them darkies will have as difficult time as possible in casting their votes. Even a reprehensible Uncle Tom House Negro on the Supreme Court named Clarence Thomas is making it nearly impossible for democracy to flourish in the United States these days.

I cannot emphasize this enough: if you're a progressive, get out there and vote today like your life depends upon it. Bring as many like-minded friends of yours to the polls with you if you are able to. It you are a conservative: never mind.

It's now a little after three in the morning. The polls  open in less than four hours. Vote.

Strange days indeed.

Tom Degan, Goshen, NY


I finally managed to cast my ballot. They changed the location of my usual polling place and it took me two hours to find it - but I voted, dag nap it! If you haven't managed to already, get out there and vote. This is a big one, folks!


A Message to My Fellow White People, July 2012:

"The Rant" by Tom Degan: Message to My Fellow White People 

Here's a link to the piece I mentioned above that I wrote a decade ago. Happy reading, campers!