Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hush! Hush! Sweet Harriet

Just when you thought the half-witted, homicidal little thug in the White House couldn't out-do himself in terms of sheer lawlessness, he lowers the bar yet again! Last week, the First Fool ordered his former council Harriet Miers to ignore a congressional summons to testify as to who was involved in the firings of federal prosecutors last year. Even if she had the legal argument behind her saying she could ignore such a subpoena (she most certainly does not) the fact remains that she is no longer in the employ of the White House - Bush has no right to order her to ignore anything! And yet this pathetic, imbecilic woman is such a mindless team player, she proves that Bush's every wish is her command, stupidly setting herself up for an inherent contempt citation in the process.

And this is the person whose nomination he put forth not two years ago to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court?
What kind of Justice would she have made? Thankfully, we'll never know. As appallingly low as the standards of the right wing are (most of them still believing that George W. Bush is a great president) even these foolish and unenlightened people were able to detect the shallow incompetence of Harriet Miers. The Woman had never even written a single legal opinion in her entire career - not one! (Just take a look at the photo above: is that the very picture of cluelessness, or what?) As of today, a good deal of her published output appears to be what can only be described as gushing love letters to her idiot boss, written in the style of a simpleminded thirteen year old in the grip of a school girl crush:
"Dear Governor GWB, You are the best Governor ever! -- Deserving of great respect"!
"Hopefully Jenna and Barbara recognize that their parents are 'cool'. - as do the rest of us"
"You're the best"!
"All I hear is how great you and Laura are doing."
"Thank you for all you and Laura do for the people of the state"!
"You and Laura are the greatest"!
How touching. In response to one of these notes, Bush scribbled to her, "No more public scatology." Indeed. I guess that's what constituted one's fitness for the Supreme Court in this disgusting administration: the extant of one's sycophantic relationship with the commander-in-chief. That her qualifications for so high a judicial position were non-existent, seemed to matter not a whit to Bush (who, let's face it, is fairly whitless). The only important thing is this: she was loyal to him - not to the laws of the land; not to the Constitution of the United States - but to him and him alone. Why has his term of office turned out to be such a dismal and embarrassing failure? For the same reason Warren G. Harding's horribly corrupt administration ended so disastrously eighty-four years ago: Harding, like Bush, filled the executive with cronies and hangers on who were (to put it kindly) ill prepared to deal with the complexities of governance. But as bad as Harding's "Ohio Gang" were (and they were pretty bad - make no mistake about it) compared to Bush and Company, they're starting to look like the Founding Fathers.
From the Associated Press:
"Across the Capitol, meanwhile, former White House political director Sara Taylor found out what Miers may already have known: It's almost impossible to answer some committee questions but not others without breaching either the subpoena or Bush's claim of executive privilege."
In other words, if she can't pick and choose the questions she can answer, she'd better not show up at all if she knows what's good for her. Is that beautiful? How much more evidence is needed to demonstrate the utter contempt this White House feels not only for the laws of the land, but for the Constitution itself - the very Constitution that George W. Bush swore to "preserve, protect and defend"? Of course, poor, pathetic little Harriet has nothing to be worried about. She won't be losing her license to practice law anytime soon, that's for sure. No doubt Dubya has promised her a full and unconditional pardon come what may. Scooter Libby's commutation is only the first of what will turn out to be hundreds and hundreds of pardons. And you thought Bill Clinton's eleventh hour pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich was outrageous? OH, BROTHER! Will Bush provoke yet another constitutional crisis during the final, death knell moments of his presidency by trying to pardon himself? Gee, I can't wait to find out.
The current scandal involving the hideous mismanagement and corruption of the Department of Justice is but a tea cup when compared to the ethical torrent flooding this nightmare of an administration. And here's the amazing thing: we've only scratched the tip of this very nasty iceberg! Isn't that fantastic? We're going to learn so much more in the months and years to come regarding the murderous incompetence of this White House - particularly as the main players in this awful saga start to publish their memoirs. As I predicted on this site last year, 2007 is indeed turning out to be a political junkie's wildest dream. We're talkin' "the gift that keeps giving" here, folks! Watergate was a harmless schoolyard prank compared to what's been going on for the last six and a half years. Only hindsight has made Nixon Press Secretary Ron Ziegler's original description of "a third-rate burglary" seem somewhat apropos. When compared to the criminality of the Bush Mob, the Nixon Gang are now viewed - rightfully - as rank amateurs.
How much more will the American people tolerate from this rogue's gallery of kooks, criminals and fools? My guess is not much. The faithful viewers of FOX News (just about the stupidest people in the Milky Way) are bound to remain in the fold - most of them anyway. But by summer's end, the overwhelming majority of the citizens of this once-great country will be demanding the impeachment and prosecution of not only the president of the United States - but his entire administration. As was once said, "we are a nation of laws and not of men". The people (as in, "WE THE...") are going to take this country back, baby! The trillion dollar shithammer is about to come a'crashing down on this despicable administration. Oh yeah... This is gonna get ugly, campers...really REALLY ugly. Fasten your seat belts!
Swing low, sweet Harriet....
Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

This is slightly off topic but I just HAD to share it with you: Late this morning, some poor, misguided passer-by, who could not have missed the huge "IMPEACH BUSH" signs on each side of my van, left the following, hand written note on my driver seat:
"Are you an American...or are you a Liberal?"
Don'cha just love it?


At 6:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Vicky Perrone,

Just one thing, I love free speech, but I don't like hatred of ANYBODY. I would prefer you would separate the sin from the sinner. such as you could say, "hate his views, hate his beliefs, hate his ways, hate what he decides, hate what he does" etc. etc.

You see you say all that "peace love etc." I have heard from your mouth, but you don't show love to your enemies. You even mention the Catholic worker with praise, well, where is the practice of "Love your enemies, pray for your enemies hate the behaviour and actions etc." Do you understand what I mean? You can't be both. Peace love etc. but then shout I HATE BUSH! then you are contradicting yourself and are not truly living what you say you believe completely.

I care about you as a person, but the other day when I saw you at the pool with my firend Sue Rysinger, and you said how much you HATE, Bush, it really sorrowed and bothered me. I value and respect your opinion, but the freedom of speech isn't maturely chosen and contradictory of what kind of world you are trying to make it. Just in this one area that I have a griefs about.
I had to get my freedom of thoughts out , I hope you don't mind my freedom of speech to you, see you at the pool!

At 6:35 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Dear Vicky,
First of all, let me say inall sincerety, thank you for your thoughtful posting.

I have often thought about what you have said here. How would I react if Mr. Bush showed up at my door on a cold winter's night, looking for a bite to eat and a cup of coffee? Of course, I would invite him in and tender to his every need. I'm a Christian. That's how I was raised:

When I was hungry you gave me to eat
When I was thirsty you gave me to drink
Now enter into the home of My Father
What soever you do to the least of My brother, that you do unto Me...

I promise you, Vicky, I don't hate President Bush. But I despise - with a passion I cannot even adequately describe - what he has done to the country I love so much.

Peace to you...

Tom Degan

At 3:21 AM, Blogger JRD said...

And then he would probably tie you up, take all your clothes and food (I mean, he is entitled to it, isn't he? He is George W. Bush), and kick your sorry ass out into the cold night.


These guys are fascists wrapped in the rhetoric of freedom and liberty. They deserve no pity, no sympathy.

At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vicky, get over yourself and your piety. It is people like you who are always looking for something good to come from Bush and who are going to be in for the biggest shock when this Jugeared Jackass declares martial law and suspends all rights for all citizens and turns this country into a dictatorship that even Hitler could not imagine. Trust me, there will not be an election in 2008. What are you going to do then?

Tom, another excellent posting. The sad and discouraging thing is that neither Bush nor Harriet know (or care) anything about the Constitution or law. Incompetent does not begin to describe them and how Harriet managed to get a degree in law is one of the puzzles of the ages. If this was a banana republic, we the people would be up in arms, storm the White House with pitchforks and take them out and shoot or hang all of them.

This administration is not only totally clueless about the principals of Democracy and the law but they believe they are above it. Can this country really survive another year and a half of Bushes imperial presidency?

At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sure would have been cool to have a puppet on the court that you could control forever. As for impeachment it is never going to happen. The congress has so much complicity in the doings of this administration that there is no one to cast the first stone. The exception may be Kucinich but they keep him in a vacuum. The demons want Bush around to the very end, if you do not like him you will love us.

At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Thou shalt not hate" is not one of the 10 commandments, isn't that interesting? Jesus taught "Love your enemies" but he also spoke harsh, hateful words to some of his enemies, calling them, among other things, "whited sepulchres."

I've always thought the Golden Rule cuts both ways: treat people the way you would like to be treated, but also, don't let them treat you in a way you wouldn't treat them! Don't let them lie, cheat and steal from you or physically harm you or your family. Don't let evildoers manipulate you or other innocent people and get away with it.

I believe one of the worst sins is committed by good and decent people who neglect their civic duty to be aware of important political issues. That's been one of my sins for a good number of years of my life. I voted but I was not an informed voter. I was too arrogant to listen to other points of view and therefore kept myself ignorant.

Sometimes people like me need to be irritated and insulted before they'll look at another point of view, just because we hope to be able to shut the other person up!

Freedom of speech is a very basic human right and I wouldn't want it removed for religious or any other reasons. Ridicule has its place in political discussions and sometimes it is the best way to expose an evil. It would be a mistake to silence the messenger because the message, or its manner of delivery, is making us uncomfortable.

And now about the Harriet Myers thing. That was a thinly veiled attempt to put a totally unqualified political crony in a position of power that would affect the lives of all Americans in a disastrous way for perhaps decades to come. What more proof is needed that George Bush has nothing but contempt for all of us? Or he is just plain stupid? Either way, it's time for him to go and end the abuse.

Here's another thought for those of us who are religious or spiritual: if we allow our national leaders to put our country in a position to sin against the people of other nations, that is also our sin. Our constitution gives us the right to impeach and remove our leaders for a just reason. Otherwise we may need to fear the wrath of God against us all. This worries me. I don't like what my country has done in the name of God and democracy, by invading Iraq and confiscating their oil fields. Now Iran is being threatened with the same treatment.

Impeachment is absolutely necessary NOW, before more damage is done.

At 3:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I simply cannot love a man who has caused the deaths of one million Iraqis; many of them women and children; devastated a country; and increased the number of terrorists in the world and acts of terrorism. Can't do it. I cannot love a man who ignores the fact that 42 million Americans are without health insurance; and plans to veto an increase in healthcare assistance for impoverished children. Can't do it. The man is without compassion, without humility and, his soul is darkened with arrogance, selfishness, and disdain for others. Do I hate him? My emotions are what they are. I control my behavior. Vengeance is mine, thus sayeth the Lord. I will leave George W. Bush's final fate up to the Almighty. Thomas Merton wrote that he never ceased to be amazed at how our own sins punish us. That will be true for everyone. George W. Bush has a great deal of suffering to answer for. His use of denial will not serve him well in the end; nor will his refusal to be accountable. The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small. The most mentioned sin in the New Testament is hypocrisy. Our Lord did not tolerate hypocrites. George W. Bush is the ultimate hypocrite.


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