Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Four Dark Years Later

Do you remember the image? Who can forget it? There he was - the idiot! - prancing around the deck of the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln with that grotesque smirk on his face! There he was - wearing that stupid flight suit - looking more like a plastic G.I. Joe than the commander-in-chief. Karl Rove's office was ecstatic! Oh! they must have thought, this footage is gonna look just great in the 2004 campaign commercials! As it turns out, the stunt did, in fact, produce some great campaign images - for the Democrats! By the autumn of 2004, the Republicans were trying to forget about May 1, 2003 - four long years ago today. That was the day that a corrupt, hideous, half-witted little piece of shit named George W. Bush - the man that a lot American people were foolish enough to send to the White House two years before - proclaimed for all the world to hear: "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. The United States and her allies have prevailed"
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Don'cha love it?
When it became painfully clear that the mission was anything but accomplished, they tried to tell us that the huge banner behind him heralding victory had been manufactured by the Navy - as if they actually had the facilities on board the ship to produce such a thing. A little over two months later when it finally dawned on every thinking person in the country (a group which would naturally exclude the First Fool) that a seriously nasty insurgency was taking shape, G.I. George would have none of it:
"BRING 'EM ON"!!! Isn't that a scream?
Four years later, in the wake of a "troop surge" that the White House claims is working fabulously - just fabulously, my dears - the number of killings of Iraqi civilians and American soldiers are higher than they've been at any time since our once-great nation lunged into this obscenity. Four years later it has become poignantly clear that the illegal, unwarranted invasion of the sovereign nation of Iraq was the biggest foreign policy blunder in American history. The damage that has been done to that country - and to this country - will be palpable a century from today. Four years later it is clear that, for the second time in a generation, a crude and disgusting Texan has launched his country into a war that common sense should have told him it could not win. Four years later the administration of George W. Bush - once so cocky, arrogant and self-assured - is in the process of implosion. Four dark years later the corruption and criminality of this disgusting administration is now even apparent to former true believers. For all intents and purposes, the Bush White House is finished.
It was never about WMD. It was never about "bringing freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people". Remember, these are the same people who stole two elections in their own country. Are you naive enough to believe that they give a damn about the freedom of the Iraqi people or even your freedom? Please.
They tried to sell the American people on the idea that it was Saddam Hussein who was responsible for the carnage of September 11, 2001 - and the American people (particularly the viewers of FOX News) swallowed the lie whole. So determined were they to go into Iraq that it was one of the first items on the table the day after the 2001 inauguration. The nation was now in the hands of a failed oil man - but he was determined to finally succeed whatever the cost. That's the most disturbing irony of all: the plunder and destruction that is today occurring in Iraq is really nothing more than another one of this disgusting little frat boy's many failed oil ventures.
Administrations have gone down before; that's nothing new. The unspeakable tragedy in all of this is the fact that when this administration goes down, it'll take the rest of the country down with it. George W. Bush, Richard B. Cheney - and the tidal wave of human shit that comprises this nightmare of an administration - we'll be gone from view very soon. Bush himself will die in federal prison (I'm convinced of that); Dick Cheney is going to drop dead any day from now. But of this you may be absolutely certain: we'll be living with the after-effects of the Bush/Cheney regime for the rest of our natural lives and beyond. This self-inflicted wound will take generations to heal.
"I'M THE DECIDER". Are you laughing yet? Ah! I thought not. Come to think of it, this really isn't very funny, is it? This appalling situation might never have come into being had it not been for a compliant, lazy lap dog press that acted as mere stenographers while the Bush Mob catapulted the propaganda. These are, indeed, shameful times we live in. It used to be a point of pride to be an American. Now it's just embarrassing.
It's interesting. The other day I was looking at some old photos of the 29th president, Warren G. Harding - previously thought by historians to be the most inept occupant of the executive mansion in history. We've lowered the bar to such a degree in the last quarter of a century as to what constitutes an able and effective president that the guy is starting to look like George Washington. Now that's funny!
Pray for peace.
Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


At 10:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

Bushes presidency is one of the saddest, sorriest periods in the history of the United States, and unfortunately he is too dim witted to realize it. The only thing we can hope for from this catastrophe is that it will be the death knell of the Republican Party for many years to come. As you have pointed out before and what too many people forget is that this mess began with Reagan and things have simply gone downhill from there with every Republican president or congressional majority.

As you point out so well, it is going to take decades for the US to recover from the mess he has created and now being at an advanced age, I can truthfully say that I am glad I don't have that many more years to live and see the US struggle to cope with the destruction Bush has created.

Incidentally there is a new book by Lee Iacocca titled Where Have All the Leaders Gone? The introduction to it is circulating around the internet and it certainly appears to be timely and provocative as well as extremely critical of the Bush years. It looks like a book to be read by everyone who has questioned Bushes leadership.

It will be interesting to see how the budget bill is finally resolved, but if the Democrats do not have the numbers to stop him in his tracks this time around, I am sure that by the end of the year they will. And along with you, I hope that he and all of his cronies spend the rest of their worthless lives rotting in prison

At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very good article as usual Tom and every word is true; but no I am not laughing yet, when I read of another slaughter of the innocent Iraqi civilians by a bomber or the death of more of our troops for no reason other than Bush is desperatly trying to hold on to Iraq's oil which I read yesterday the Iraqi shill is going to "legitimize" in June. I feel like crying and sometimes do at the depths to which our once great country has sunk since January 20 2001.
Or is it election day in 2000?
Please quit saying "WE" sent GWB to the White House, "We" did no such thing.
Katherine Harris and the Supreme Court sent George Bush to the White House.
I know know Bush is ridiculous, he built his business career on empty promises and his "presidency" is run the same way.
Bush is the Elmer Gantry of our time.
Bush is not one of the worst, his is absolutely the very worst Presidency in the history of this country

At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom-It truly pains me to read your accurate characterization the administration meltdown and the impact on the nation.

WHAT CAN WE DO? Surely not just suffer?

Your friend

Dr. Rick Lippin

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Ginamonster said...

What frightenes me, as always, is the multitudes of people still in support of this president. And the persecution by them of those of us who disagree.
I can only pray that Congress will find a way to stop the madenss.

At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct. I was recently in a discussion with one of my neighbors who supports Bush but is totally clueless as to how God awful he really is. She is convinced that he is the countries salvation and refuses to listen to any other point of view. To quote one of my favorite lines from the movie Tom Jones, "Your ignorance, as the great Milton says, almost exhausts my patience".


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