Sunday, June 21, 2020

The Coming Tulsa Aftermath

Yesterday, just as swiftly as he blew into town, Donald Trump blew out, but not before doing as much damage as he consciously could do - and yes, I do believe that there is a decided method behind der fuhrer's undeniable, clinical and criminal madness. He didn't fill up the convention center much as he would have liked to, much as he predicted. Apparently, the frazzled old geezer had been pranked by a campaign of sabotage conducted by a small army of teenagers who preordered thousands of tickets to an event not one of them had any intention of attending. Those kids, in addition to being brilliant pranksters, saved the lives of many people in that clueless town. Because of what will prove to be the most heroic prank in American history, a lot less people are going to die. I said on this site two weeks ago that it is the generation born in the last decade of the twentieth and the first two decades of the twenty-first centuries who are going to turn this world around. They're already on their way.

The Donald didn't look too well when he arrived back at the White House last night. His shoulders were stooped, his tie was completely undone, and he shuffled along like a man twenty years his senior. There is no doubt about it: the man was severely depressed. Perhaps he had gotten word of the Great Teenaged Prank of 2020; or perhaps he had been examined by his team of ever-present physicians on the flight home and had tested positive for the coronavirus. This is always a distinct possibility. It usually takes roughly two weeks from exposure to COVID-19 until the symptoms begin to appear. Two weeks from yesterday falls conveniently on the Fourth of July. That is when all hell is going to start breaking loose in Tulsa, Oklahoma - and perhaps in the oval office as well.

We do live in interesting times.

As stated yesterday, there can be no rational motivation for Trump to do what he did yesterday - none at all. When Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked the other day if he planned on attending the rally in Tulsa with Team Trump, his answer was, "Of course not." The president has not talked to Fauci in some time according to sources; but he has scores of medical advisors at his disposal, most of whom must have advised him the extreme danger he was putting the people in who foolishly showed up at this rally. According to the televised images I saw, the majority of them were not wearing facial protection. It didn't matter to Donald Trump. Not in the nearly forty-years I've been studying this asshole was I given a better example of what an utter sociopath the man is. A lot of people are going to die in order for him to fulfill his political ambitions. America is starting to enter into Hitler territory. Seig heil, mein Trumpf.

When you get to the point in your national affairs where George W. Bush is starting to look good, you've reached a sorry state indeed. We've gotten to a place where it seems obvious that Trump and the Republican party have every intention of overthrowing the government of the United States by means of illegal electoral tactics. It's obvious in the way they've been limiting the amount of polling places in states and counties that are trending to vote for the Democratic party in November. And it's hideously obvious by the lengths they are going to prevent African Americans from having access to the ballot box.

This is going to get really interesting. We'll just leave it at that.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


Here's a link to view Mike Pence and Donald Trump's Tirade in Tulsa yesterday. It really is an unintentional hoot in more ways than one:



At 10:48 PM, Blogger Just the Facts! said...

Right after all the Blue run cities which have been burnt up by the BLM, will we see a report on the corona virus numbers going up? Most likely no, cause the virus only effects Trump supporters who attended a Trump rally, everyone knows that. Have you lefties lost your collective minds or do you support the Mao like cultural revolution currently eating America alive?

At 9:32 AM, Blogger Just the Facts! said...

How about your thoughts on the unmitigated disaster due to the handling of COVID-19 by your governor Cuomo?

Back in late April the NY Times reported that New York state had issued a new rule mandating that nursing homes take COVID-19 patients back after hospitals had diagnosed and cared for them. That decision, which was prompted by a desire to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed, turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes the state made.

This week, ProPublica published a story looking at the results of the decision. Not only did New York require nursing homes take patients back from hospitals it also specified that the homes were NOT ALLOWED to test those returning to see if they still had the virus!

In the weeks that followed the March 25 order, COVID-19 tore through New York state’s nursing facilities, killing more than 6,000 people — about 6% of its more than 100,000 nursing home residents. In all, as many as 4,500 COVID-19 infected patients were sent to nursing homes across the state, according to a count conducted by The Associated Press…

But Orange Man bad is the theme of your post? Are you that blind to Cuomo's deadly blunders? Guess so.


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