Saturday, June 20, 2020

Message To Tulsa

Okay, this will be mercifully brief.
Are you in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Do you, perchance, have a friend or a loved one who lives in Tulsa that you can forward this to? If that is the case, please send this to them:
Hello to the people of Tulsa, Oklahoma! I know that a lot of you are anxious to see -  LIVE AND IN PERSON! - President Donald J. Trump when he blows into town today for a mass, indoor rally. I know the feeling. My whole life I wanted to meet a president. I didn't care if it was an ex-president, a current president - or even future president. Any one would do! I finally got my wish in 1983 when I met a future president in the lobby of the not-quite-finished Trump Tower in New York City. Ironically, that future president turned out to be - you guessed it - Donald Trump. In a further irony, my life is not any fuller for having had this experience. In fact, it makes me kind of sick to even have to think about it  all these years later - but that's another story for another day, boys and girls.
Some of you might have figured this out by now but, apparently, most of you have not. So please, allow me to lay it on the line for you as bluntly as I possibly can:
Our president is an imbecile.

I have no doubt that the political rally in Tulsa will be, if it's still allowed to happen, well attended. People have been lining up in front of the place for the last few days in the hopes of getting the choicest of seats. I can well imagine that the joint will be packed when The First Fool makes his entrance later on this afternoon. The fact of the matter is that der Donald is luring you into a situation so dangerous that your decision to attend the event may very well prove to be fatal. I understand that Oklahoma is a very red state and that the broadcast news channel most favored there is FOX Noise, but you need to understand that, in the four months since this horrible plague began, the FOX stooges have been downplaying its severity. In fact they have been lying to you since they first came on the air twenty-six years ago. I have a theory why Trump would stage a stunt as criminally reckless as this, but I've already written about that. It's too depressing to rehash here.

The president's SCREAM TEAM is telling us this morning that face masks at this event will be optional. I really do hope that all of you have the good sense to wear one if this is the case. Does Trump even understand the nasty fact that, almost certainly, he will have less ballots cast in his name if most of you attend this rally unprotected? That's right: some of you are going to die if you're na├»ve enough to be lured into this thing by the Pied Piper of Craziness. And if you're lucky enough to survive this (which, admittedly, most of you will) there is still the very good chance that you will carry the virus home and fatally infect someone that you love dearly. This is not a good idea.

Donald Trump isn't worth it.

Philly - Partying like it's 1918
So be careful and never put out of your mind for an instant the potential consequences of attending a mass, indoor rally during the worst pandemic in a century. In late 1918 during the Spanish Flu outbreak (it actually started at an army camp in Kansas) The city fathers of Philadelphia thought that the worst of that epidemic had blown over and that it would be a perfectly fine and dandy idea to have a large outdoor parade and bond rally for the dough boys who were in the process of retuning home from Europe's "Great War". The result was a second wave of death and infection that killed nearly fifteen thousand innocent men, women and little children in Philly alone. And remember, this event took place out of doors! Many people were wearing masks. It didn't matter. The results were catastrophic and fatal.

Please stay home today, Tulsa. Here's the theory that I was hesitant to repeat in the above paragraph: Donald Trump only cares about retaining the office of the presidency in 2021. I believe that he wants a second wave to hit the population that is so severe, he can use it as an excuse to cancel the national election in November. Does that sound crazy? Perhaps; but please explain to me what possible motivation he could have for doing something as utterly irresponsible as having an indoor rally with thousands of people during a time such as this? He doesn't give a damn about you - or your family.

This is going to end badly, but I repeat myself.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


Every credible epidemiologist (including Dr. Anthony Fauci) has stated for the record that attending the Trump Love Fest today in Tulsa, Oklahoma is  terrible idea. Think.


This report on the 1918 flu pandemic appeared on CBS's Sunday Morning three months ago. It's less than seven minutes long and well worth your precious time:  

Stay home, Tulsa. Seriously.


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