Tuesday, January 07, 2020


Around the time I met the child rapist
It's certainly not a good thing to be Donald Trump these days. Truth be told: I've never thought it's ever been a good thing to be Donald Trump. I say this from personal experience. Two years before his name became a household expletive with the release of that idiotic "Art of the Deal" back in the early eighties, I had my own encounter with Donald Trump. It was, as I remember it, shortly before Trump Tower was opened to the public. I was working on a metal restoration crew, polishing and lacquering the brass railings in the lobby of the soon-to-be-opened Tower. All of the sudden, this impudent jackass walked up to the foreman I was working under, an Italian immigrant names Frank Amato. Trump, with a degenerate little sycophant in tow, walked up to where Frank was working.
"What's that chemical he's pouring over my brass railings?" asked the future Common-Pervert-In-Chief.
"Well, Mr. Trump", replied Frank, "This is a chemical called 'Noxon', which we use to...."
"NO", came the firm reply from the degenerate little sycophant. "When Mr. Trump asks you a question, you will direct the answer to me."
"You goddamned little WOP piece-of-shit, you're not worthy to look Mr. Trump in the eye!"
I witnessed this revolting behavior with my own eyes. I knew, from first-hand-experience - THIRTY SEVEN YEARS AGO - what Donald Trump was all about. And some of you still wonder why I was so alarmed when this jackass was nominated by (GET THIS!) "The party of Abraham Lincoln" four-long-years-ago this summer? I was paying attention, kiddies. And, of course, I wasn't the only one. My mantra four years ago was: "This is going to end badly". I was only one of thousands of bloggers out there trying to warn you. Most of you already understood this. A significant minority of you did not. We really need to do away with the Electoral College. Seriously.

And now we learn that The Donald's Former National Security Advisor John Bolton has decided to cooperate fully and testify during the impeachment proceedings. I have a funny feeling that Bolton won't be invited to the Trump family's Thanksgiving dinner in November. Can you even imagine how mind-numbingly awkward that would be? Last night on MSNBC, Lawrence O'Donnell speculated that Bolton's reason for cooperating at this late stage, is simply because he will be able to manipulate the more-pliable Mike Pence into carrying out the blueprint for the onset of World War Three. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if that were, indeed, the case.

Whatever the case may be, we are screwed either way. We will either be forced to continue on for the remaining year with an unhinged maniac like Donald Trump navigating the ship-of-state, or we'll have to content with an imbecile like Mike Pence calling the shots. Either way, America is fucked. Get used to living in a nation in ruins.

Have a jolly good evening, campers!

Tom Degan
Goshen, New York


Al Franken: Master of the Senate

I just read this today. As brilliant and as funny as we might expect Al to be. I really wish that he would come back. He is one of the best senators of my lifetime. Honestly.


At 12:56 AM, Blogger Just the Facts! said...

When will Iran stop it's endless war against the West?

At 10:56 PM, Blogger Just the Facts! said...

So what's your prophetic forecast this time? List the ones in the past that have come about while your at it. LOL

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Pappyz said...

Hi Tom, where's all the wingnuts ?
This blog used to be loaded with your naysayers spewing nonsense with a certain flair for dramatics.

Must be too difficult to keep up with the maniac in the West Wing.
I believe you're correct, we're doomed.


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