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“Whenever a society adopts racial entitlements, it is very difficult to get out of them through the normal political processes.”

-Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

When Ronald Reagan left office twenty-four years ago, I knew that the damage the hideous old freak did to this once-great nation would be reverberating for generations. Antonin Scalia is merely a trickle in the torrent. 

Rosa Parks
It could only have happened in the Washington DC of 2013. At Statuary Hall inside the Capital Building, the president of the United States was dedicating a statue of Rosa Parks, the woman whose refusal to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama bus to a white man on the afternoon of December 1, 1955 was the spark that ignited the modern-day civil rights movement. Meanwhile just across town, the esteemed justices of the United States Supreme Court were debating whether or not to abolish the Voting Rights Act of 1965, one of the two milestone laws that are forever associated in the minds of most people with that same movement. I'm not kidding you, folks. These two events actually occurred simultaneously. Isn't life strange?

Scalia proceeded to etch into stone his reputation as the one of the more outrageous racists to sit on that court in one-hundred years or more:

“I don’t think that’s attributable to the fact that it is so much clearer now that we need this. I think it’s attributable – very likely attributable – to a phenomenon that is called perpetuation of racial entitlement.”

Twice he used the term. He refers to a "phenomenon that is called racial entitlement". Oh really? Called by whom? I had never even heard of the term until the other day when it came spewing out of Scalia's clueless mouth. He's obviously winging it, playing to perfection the role he has assigned himself as the plutocracy's legal handmaiden, hurling one verbal bombshell after another - something he has publicly stated he likes to do. In an interview Thursday on the Daily Show, Rachel Maddow compared Antonin Scalia to a troll who will anonymously post rude and insulting things on the comments section of a blog or a website. I get quite a few of them on this site as well.

On The Martin Bashir program on MSNBC the brilliant and witty political commentator known simply as "Touré" was a bit more blunt: 

"Is fairness a racial entitlement? Is protecting people’s right to vote a racial entitlement? We have these shenanigans happening all the time, and protecting them is an entitlement? So, you’re giving us the right to vote, as if we were the takers in this game of makers and takers? That whole language is completely racist. And, this idea that, ‘white people work hard and then they give their money to lazy black people....”

The guy doesn't mince words. I like that. 

Scalia discussing law
The only reason we've come to this point is because some half-witted stooge in Shelby, Alabama (ALABAMA??? OF ALL PLACES!!!) decided to challenge what is known as "Section Five" of the Voting Rights Act, which singled out eight southern states that had certain - "habits" shall we say? - of voter discrimination. Those states are required to get the permission of a federal judge if they want to make any changes in their voting laws. The argument is that the Voting Rights Act is no longer needed because, well, that was then and this is now. Everything is fine 'n' dandy these days, thank you very much. Or at least that is what they would have us believe. This at a time when voter suppression nationwide is worse then it's been at any time in half-a-century. Ain't that a hoot?

Instead of repealing the Voting Rights Act all together, Section Five should be amended to include every state in the union. In case it's evaded your attention, certain Yankee states (Ohio and Pennsylvania come immediately to mind) have tried to make "adjustments" to their voting laws that would require citizens who don't own a drivers license to purchase voter ID's in order to participate in the democratic process.  It's the modern-day equivalent of the old poll tax, and would directly effect young people, old people, city people, poor people - you know....THOSE PEOPLE - the traditional progressive constituency. Section Five needs to go nationwide.

Clarence Thomas
It was obvious by their questions to the lawyers making the anti-voting-rights argument that the five right wing neanderthals on the bench have every intention of going gently into that dark night of voter suppression. As expected, Clarence Thomas did not say a word during the entire proceedings (he rarely does) but, given his track record, I know damned well which way he's gonna go. The man gives new meaning to the word "pathetic". Uncle Thomas is as predictable as the setting sun.

Reagan really could pick 'em, couldn't he? What curse of rotten luck brought us to this point?  That someone as ignorant and bigoted as Antonin Scalia should be interpreting law from a bench on the highest court in the land is too weird to even contemplate. I guess it never entered his isolated little mind that these "entitlements" he refers to as "racial" were meant for all the people, and that We The People are indeed entitled to them. Does the silly bastard even know the definition of the word "irony"? As Robert Plant once wrote (or was it Jimmy Page?) "It makes me wonder". It sure does.

"Racial entitlements"? Well, yeah; when pertaining to the human race, sure. It's just sad that a United States Supreme Court Justice refuses to think in those terms. Antonin Scalia is an ignoramus. 

 We all ought to get down on our collective knees and thank the heavens above that Mitt Romney wasn't elected to the presidency in 2012. One or-two-more appointments of one-or-two more right wing extremists would have spelled the end of democracy in this doomed nation. As it is, it's barely holding on.

Aren't politics fun?

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY 


Here is a dandy little ditty I wrote nearly six years ago on the touchy subject of the honorable Clarence Thomas:

It's a humdinger. What has always amused be about Judge Thomas is his positively apoplectic argument against affirmative action.

Where would Clarence Thomas be today had it not been for affirmative action?

He would be mounted on the front lawn of some beer distributor's home in Albany, Georgia - wearing a jockey uniform and holding a lamp.


Democracy is coming to the USA
by Leonard Cohen
Get the fuck out of the way. 


At 4:56 AM, Anonymous Ron Baldwin said...

Tom, let's not forget kudos to G.H.W.Bush for selecting "one of the finest legal minds in America," Clarence Thomas, for trhe Supreme Court. What a joke.

Now we can watch Justice Thomas agree with Justice Scalia in ending "Racial Entitlements."

At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Caroline said...

"Section Five Needs to Go Nationwide" is an excellent title for you to please start a petition on the We the People website. The sad truth is that it's gonna get worse before it gets better. And the weather is gonna help with this cause cause more unemployed people will have time on their hands to get involved in more sit ins and protests. I see massive upheaval coming this summer to all political arenas....personally I am a bit scared of what is ahead of us as a nation. I pray someone in power gets off their ego duffs and gets us back on a moral and ethical track again. Thanks for keeping us update on all the hoopla events of the greedy egotists in our country. Love your take on the events!! (no i am not a robot)

At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Tom V said...


As always a great thought provoking piece. I just have one question as it relates to your reference to Pennsylvannia as well as other states. Whats your opposition to folks having to idenitify who they are. I think if ever there came a time where the Republicans were ever to again win a major election and it was thought to be a win based on voter fraud you would and should be one of the first to want to resolve the unjustice. Basically this issue cuts both ways and I'm not sure why having to prove who you are before exercising one og our finest rights is a bad thing. Your thoughts?

All the best

Tom V

At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Connecticut state Rep. Earnest Hewett (D-New London) found himself in hot water on Friday when audio of a lewd remark he made to a high school-age girl during testimony exploded on the internet. Hewett is quoted telling the science-loving teen who complained of being shy around snakes that he would be happy to show her the “snake sitting under my desk here.”

At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


"dirty old dingbat". Good to see you are still keeping it classy!

At 11:13 AM, Blogger De_Bill said...

Requiring an id to vote isn't a problem. IF the requirement is consistent nationwide, and not restricted to types of id that favor one demographic over another.

Saying a concealed carry permit is a valid id for voting, but a student id issued by a state college or university isn't is a good example.

Also throw in passing the law in an election year a month or two before a major election in the hope that the election will happen before the law can be successfully challenged in court, and it's kind of hard not to see it more as voter suppression than as 'protecting the vote'.

After what we saw in the last election, Section Five should be expanded to apply to every county and state in the entire USA, not abolished. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 didn't just apply to disenfranchised blacks in the Jim Crow south, it was a federal law that applied to all citizens.

Only an ignorant bigot would see it as a 'racial entitlement', and the fact that a Supreme Court Justice would be that ignorant is astounding.

At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Dr. Whom said...

Day two of Sequester: America in Crisis
Middle America A.K.A. "FLY OVER COUNTRY" reporting.

Sun came up on time.
All utilities still working.
No long lines at grocery store or Quick Trip.
Mail delivered.
Internet still running fine.
T.V. and radio still working.
Banks open till noon as always on Saturday.
No riots or any civil disruption noted.
OWS members are still sleeping in late.
Winter still cold as it should be this time of the year.
Current and previous climate effecting sun spots not caused by man or the Sequester.
Gravity still working as no one has reported seeing anything flying into space that wasn't meant to.
Jails not reporting any riots.
Will provide to report the situation as time allows.
P.S. Clocks still working, time has not been bent by Sequester!!

At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey tommy,

maybe if you had said you were part cherokee indian like that lying biotch elizabeth warren, you too would have been racially entitled to go to harvard!

tommy,when is the hope and change coming?

still unemployed? yeah the economy is roaring forward with the clown in charge lol!

when will you economically challenged progressives realize that socialism only stagnates economic growth? like when your hero castro took over all the privately owned sugar plantations when his dictatorship began and then the amount of sugar production dropped like a rock under state planned policies. do you still worship castro and che?

At 3:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breaking news, more liberal lies and half truths uncovered!!

Obama's claim that sequester cuts will bring about cuts in the pay of janitors at the Capital not true as reported by CBS news. Just another Obama lie.

Rachel Maddow Busted Using Multiple Fake Twitter Accounts To Boost Mentions Of Her Show. Caught red handed, another lie from the left.

Liberal Democrat racially entitled elected officials of Detroit are upset that the State of MI might be forced to take over their bankrupt city. After 50 years of being liberal governed, liberal panic is setting in with the thought that a Republican Governor might have to fix things, and expose the corruption of their governing. The lie? Democrat elected leadership claims they have a plan that will work!

You can always tell when Tom and his fellow liberals/progressives are trying to keep their failed policy's from being exposed. They bring up racism. They do it every time.

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh oh, this doesn't look good for the top progressive on cable. Mr. Maher wants "racial entitlements" to end!!

Bill Maher tonight took a surprising stand against the Voting Rights Act. He argued that rather than helping minorities, the Voting Rights Act might actually be hurting the country if it continues redistricting that, as a side effect, allows “crazy right-winger Republicans” to get elected to Congress. Maher was challenged by panelist Gavin Newsom, who argued that there is still a lot of racial resentment and antipathy in the United States, and minority groups still need the protections provided by the Voting Rights Act.

At 3:47 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Hello, Tommy V....

Well, my thought is that their signature is enough of an ID. That's how I've always done it. It ain't a bad system.

Good to hear from you!


At 4:19 PM, Blogger Modusoperandi said...

Anonymous "Uh oh, this doesn't look good for the top progressive on cable. Mr. Maher wants 'racial entitlements' to end!!"
Who knew that voting was an entitlement?

At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey moduspropogandi,

just keep those rose colored progressive glasses on! Drew Carey knows that you progressive loons have destroyed city after city.

Drew knows the progressives with their heads stuffed way up their arseholes have turned Cleveland from the nation's sixth-largest city in 1950 into today's "Mistake On The Lake."

At 6:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Well, my thought is that their signature is enough of an ID. That's how I've always done it. It ain't a bad system."

Trying getting on an airplane with just your signature as ID, that will work for sure.


At 6:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More liberal/progressive failure. Americans voting with their t.v. changers.

The February 28th episode of Piers Morgan Tonight, which featured an exclusive interview with Gus Searcy, the mentor of Jodi Arias suffered a yearly low in the key 25-54 demographic with only 87,000 viewers.

The show is down 27% in total viewers and 38% in the demo from its debut in Jan. 17th, 2011.

Piers Morgan Tonight also had the lowest demo in its time slot and was even beat by HLN’s Dr. Drew (with 208,000).

At 8:43 PM, Blogger Cirze said...



How did you think these guys talked when drinking and hunting with the guys in charge (like Cheney)?

It's not really a surprise when these code phrases slip out in public. It's probably not even a screw up to them.

It would be nice for us all if someone would tape a few of those conversations, wouldn't it?

Cell phones being in abundance.

Fond hope.

Thanks for the reporting, Tom.


At 2:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larger number of Americans voting with their feet to get away from the insane tax laws being developed under Obama.

London-based American lawyers, who specialise in tax and immigration, report a threefold increase over the last five years in the number of American citizens who are giving up their citizenship - a process known as “renunciation”.

Across the world 1,781 Americans renounced their citizenship in 2011 compared with just 231 in 2008, when US tax laws changed, although it remains unknown how many are adopting British rather than any other nationality.

Many decide to give up their American citizenship after tiring of the lengthy US tax return process, which requires them to pay tax on their total income regardless of where they live.

If enough of us do renunciation, who will pay Tom's unemployment check? Maybe the undocumented workers liberals are so found of allowing to move here will.

At 3:40 AM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

For the record:

Tom has never accepted an unemployment check in his life.

I'm just sayin'.

At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Tom has never accepted an unemployment check in his life."

Has no job and no unemployment check, so there for he MUST be one of the 1%.

At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More liberal entitlements.

Administration-approved takeover by Chinese oil company provides Obama backers windfall

The government watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the Treasury Department for records pertaining to the department’s decision to grant a Chinese government-backed company access to oil deposits in the Gulf of Mexico, a move that will benefit Obama donors.

At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may want to look into this. It's to help you find out if you qualify for Obamacare mandate - tax - penalty - surcharge fee.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Dave Dubya said...

My, look how the Righties run from the subject. Perhaps ending slavery was just "racial entitlememts" too.

One loon apparently thinks full body scans at the polls is a good idea. Then if a precinct can't afford one, they would only scream about more "racial entitlements" the Righties so strongly oppose.

There either is, or is not, racism.

The racists all seem to agree, there's no more racism, only from liberals and their "racial entitlements'.

Obama should learn from Walmart (R) on how to deal with the Chinese, eh?

At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We should have a voting commission that would set nationwide voting uniformity for voting hours, acceptable ID, and stop the Republican attempts at stopping legal voters from voting. Not sure why people swallow the lie that we have a voter fraud problem, but then I don't understand why people swallow any Republican BS like cutting taxes creates jobs, etc......

At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave D. like Obama is a liar,

The White House is retreated from its doomsday predictions about the impact of the $85 billion in federal spending cuts as they enter a second week -- with Republican leaders appearing at least satisfied about delivering on their promise to limit government spending and hold down taxes.

At 11:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my, here's a shocker, liberals defecting another one of their policy failure by accusing conservatives of being racist.

That's damned original!

Just scroll back on this this blog for the last couple of years and you will see this happen with regular frequency.


At 11:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just when you think you've got it figured out that only whites and conservatives are homophobic, anti birth control and racist, this pops up!

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) — Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan says white people are promoting birth control for black women because they fear becoming a minority in the United States.

Farrakhan spoke Saturday at Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, invited by the Grand Rapids Community College Black Student Union.

He says white Americans will lose their majority by 2050 and says they’ve introduced birth control to black women “because they don’t want no more black babies.” reports Farrakhan says he opposes same-sex relationships. He says he isn’t “homophobic” and isn’t “afraid of people who choose a lifestyle that’s different” but rather is afraid for them.

At 11:52 PM, Anonymous Jerfferson's Guardian said...

At 4:12 AM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Louis Farrakhan is a Liberal? REALLY? How? He is anything but.

Where is the evidence? Give me one example in his career when he has taken on liberal positions. Explain yourself. I'll bet you can't.

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Dave Dubya said...

Seems all Blacks are liberals to racists, except for GOP tokens like Allen "Commies-In-The-House!" West and Herman "Uz-beki-beki-beki-stan" Cain, of course. Even conservative Muslims must be liberals...because they're Black after all.

I guess we could say holding that belief is a "racist entitlement", eh?

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Affirmative action.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger LCS said...

Only to a conservative is owning a military weapon a guaranteed right, but voting is an "entitlement".

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tom:

None of what the "right wing", like our friend "Anonymous" above, nas anything to do with "issues." The “GOP base” is an attractive and addictive emotional state, not an issue-oriented bunch.

20% of all populations are stimulated by compulsive pursuit of power, control and conflict. It's called “aggressive narcissism.” It is triggered in individuals by particular brain structures.

Before I lose you with neurophysiological details, just consider that the professional psychological definition of “aggressive narcissists” includes self-love to the exclusion of others and their needs, pleasure in exerting personal superiority over others perceived as inferior, lack of caring for the needs of others and a desire to exploit people for personal gain, and an illusory sense of exaggerated power gained only through humiliating and asserting dominance over others. [, etc.]

The tactics “aggressive narcissists” *always* use, which should be obvious to people in their presence but are never labeled as such, are: glibness, intimidation or superficial charm, grandiose sense of self-worth, compulsive lying, conning, emotional manipulation, lack of remorse or guilt, shallow emotions, callousness, lack of empathy, failure to accept responsibility for one’s own actions, need for stimulation, parasitic lifestyle, lack of realistic long-term goals, impulsivity, and relying on sociological strategies and tricks to deceive, almost always betrayed by a sardonic grin. [wikipedia, etc.]

So, look at how and why the “right wing” relates to all issues and how the emotional appeal to the “20%” is played to. Here are some examples to think about: guns, lies, evangelism, conformity, jingoism, hate speech, bullying, media violence, war, upheaval, anything resembling anarchy, torture, accumulation of wealth, power, control, “states’ rights, wage slavery, mob violence, vigilantism, obstruction, and of course anti-anything that might neutralize “aggressive narcissism” (environment, gays, women, research, universal health care, universal voting rights, facts, Medicare, unions, races, taxes, charity, abortion, mental health treatment, gun control, social programs, education). Any “agenda” that provides the emotional stimulation craved by “aggressive narcissists” will do.

Note also that “aggressive narcissists” are either active terrorists or jealous of those who are.


At 3:47 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Good one - and thanks for posting! I loved the neurophysiological details.


Tom Degan

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Dave Dubya said...

The “Conned-servative” mentality is also described as having two other features.

First, the authoritarian personality”

au•thor•i•tar•i•an personality
A personality pattern reflecting a desire for security, order, power, and status, with a desire for structured lines of authority, a conventional set of values or outlook, a demand for unquestioning obedience, and a tendency to be hostile toward or use as scapegoats individuals of minority or nontraditional groups.
- The American Heritage® Medical Dictionary

Second, a more pronounced: amygdala :

Researchers have found evidence that the brains of conservatives are a different shape to those of Left-wingers.

Self-proclaimed right-wingers had a more pronounced amygdala - a primitive part of the brain associated with emotion.

This is the fear center activated for the “fight or flight response”.


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