Monday, July 27, 2009

Just an All American Boy

Barack Hussein Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in the state of Hawaii. That was the very same week the Berlin Wall went up.

Coincidence? I wonder.

Once again they're comin' out of the freakin' woodwork, boys and girls. This whole silly and stupid non-controversy was reignited last week during a Town Hall meeting that was hosted by Delaware representative, Mike Castle (one of the very last Republican moderates standing - Good for him). One of his constituents, a woman who was obviously bat shit crazy, removed her birth certificate from a plastic baggie and screeched:

"Congressman....umm....Castle, I wanna know - I have a birth certificate here saying I'm an American citizen....and I wanna know why you people are ignoring his birth certificate! He is not an American citizen! He is a citizen of Kenya!....I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!!"

Oh, dear! This shrill, idiotic twit then proceeded to lead the entire gathering (most of whom were cheering her on) in a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. To his credit, the good congressman tried desperately to explain to this asshole convention that the President of the United States was indeed born on American soil - but to little if any avail.

It was one of those moments - disturbing, weird and wonderful all at the same time - that makes the train-wreck of American politics so much fun to watch. But it wasn't merely the anonymous head cases who were joining in the fun. There was G. Gordon Liddy being interviewed by Chris Matthews on MSNBC's Hardball saying with a straight face that Obama is not only Kenyan-born, he's an illegal alien!

You've got to love G. Gordon Liddy - I sure do. Seriously! There is something to be said for a guy who would hold his finger under an open flame at Georgetown cocktail parties just for kicks, shits and giggles. The man is an inspiration!

On another Hardball edition, Matthews interviewed California Rep. John Campbell who is one of the knuckleheads behind a new piece of "legislation" which would make it illegal for a person to run for president without first producing a birth certificate. Again, the whole stupid purpose of this proposed "law" is to infer that Barack Obama is not a naturalized citizen. After asking him seven or eight times if he believed the president was an American citizen, Chris Matthews was finally able to get this jackass to concede, "As far as I know." As far as he knows. How white of him.

Congressman Campbell and his compatriots have been dubbed "The Birthers", a group of hard-line extremists determined to take advantage of the fact that an American president, by Constitutional mandate, must have been born inside the territorial boundries of the United States. Their purpose, obviously, is to cast a shadow of doubt on the legitimacy of the Obama Presidency.

Anyone who seriously believes that our president's race is not the real issue here is kidding themselves blind. It's all about his race. Let's face facts. There are many Americans who refuse to accept the fact that the leader of the free world is not a white male. I'd love to be able to tell these idiotic people that they can look on the bright side of things and remind them that he is a Christian - but that wouldn't do at all for these clowns. They're hell-bent on believing him to be a Muslim.

If you are as big a fan of irony as I am, I've got a real dandy for you right here: Of the two major candidates for president in last year's election, Barack Obama was the only one born in the United States of America. John McCain was born in Panama. Isn't it interesting that it was the black guy whose citizenship would be called into question? Irony indeed!

If this is a Left Wing conspiracy - trying to pass this "Kenyan" off as an American citizen and, thus, a legitimate president - I must concede it's a damned brilliant one! Just for fun, what say we take these nutty, Right Wing theorists at their word, shall we? Here, for the very first time, I am pleased as punch to present you with....


This evil, subversive plot has been in the making for damned near forty-eight years! By all evidence, since the moment of Obama's birth! Here is a question that all good and decent Americans should demand an immediate answer to: Was the newspaper, the Honolulu Advertiser, in on the scheme when they printed little Barack's bogus birth announcement on August 9, 1961? Just where the hell does that paper lean editorially? To the hard Left, I strongly suspect. Wouldn't that just figure!

The NAACP, in collusion with the American Communist Party, Democracy NOW and Ed Asner, concocted this evil plot deep in the basement of Noam Chomskey's home in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the midst of a week-long peyote mushroom binge. The elevation of this dangerous and subversive man to the highest office in this grand and glorious land of ours is only the first step in their dastardly plan. Their next objective will be to force our daughters - our little personifications of patriotism and purity - to court and co-mingle with NEGROES.

Before very long our children - your children - will be physically forced to memorize verbatim whole chapters of James Baldwin's "Native Son" and "The Autobiography Of Malcolm X". Trust me, it's only a matter of time.

They must be stopped. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the country that we all hold so dear to our freedom-loving hearts. America is falling; victimized by forces who would put a foreign-born A-Rab in the seat that was once held by the sainted Ronald Reagan - RONALD REAGAN, I TELL YOU!

My friends, now is not the time for the faint-of-heart. It a time for boldness and stoutness of mind and spirit. Only our collective intestinal fortitude will defeat the Liberal cabal - those nattering nabobs of negativism - who would burn our beloved country down. The time has come to give America back to the real Americans.
My fellow citizens, you ignore me at your own peril....

And one more thing we must never ever forget: Barack and Michelle Obama named their two daughters, "Sasha" and "Malia". What's up with that?

Of course, what you just read is meant as satire. Only a complete and utter fool could possibly take any of it seriously. The really disturbing thing, however, is the fact that there are millions of people out there who would read those last six paragraphs and wouldn't even come close to getting the joke. While there is plenty of satirical gold to be siphoned from the bottomless mine that these lunatics have provided us with, they have created a dangerous atmosphere that is enabling the nuttiest angels of the American nature. That is something that would do us all well to think about.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


The graphics under the photograph of President Obama at the top of this piece is from the August 9, 1961 edition of the Honolulu Advertiser, announcing his birth. At the time Hawaii had been a state for two years. Just a little reminder.


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by Thomas Frank

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At 4:52 PM, Blogger charles moore said...

Hi Tom, You really hit the nail on the head when you asked how many people would read this and not realize that it was satire. The extremely sad thing about this whole thing is that it is so completely hate driven. Even sadder is the fact that the politicians (who I don't credit with having a lot of smarts to begin with) also know this is a non issue but would rather fan the flames of hate and mistrust than stand up for what they know to be the truth.

At 5:35 AM, Anonymous WaimeaWitch said...

Aloha Tom: you need to be careful about putting that stuff out there, some of those whack-a-doodles will believe it and run with it. I am so disappointed with the level of racism and hatred out there - it's like the 50s! From Rush spewing an endless stream of vileness to that treasonous Lt Colonel telling the Taliban they could kill our captured soldier. What the hell is going on with the right wing of this country? I am terrified for Obama and our country. I was elated when he was elected, and I thought we'd finally move forward and put the crap behind us and get some meaningful work done, but I believe it's not to be. The voters spoke and handed the Dems a mandate and a majority, but they will screw it all up. Forgive my rant, but I am so angry and frustrated. For eight years, I wanted to move to Canada, and ironically, now I want to go more than ever. Is there hope left or am I throwing in the towel too early?

At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done.

At 9:38 AM, Blogger Ellis D., Esq. said...

Tom, in your Manifesto you forgot to blame affirmative action !!

At 11:09 PM, Blogger stoney13 said...

Oh, Tom,Tom,Tom! Not a mumbling word about George Soros? Oh you know old Gillionaire George put up the coin for all those dirty-bad-nast6y Liberals and their godless ways! Probably smoking that nasty "maryanner" too!

It would all be very comical if the Fuckstick Republicans weren't so damned stubborn about it! You'd think that they would have learned by now! When your base is a bunch of whack-jobs, YOU'RE DOING SOMETHING WRONG!!!!!

*sigh* I've said it once, and I'll say it again! I feel like I'm just pissing in the wind!

Political satire has been undone, and laid waste! Officially made redundant by The Republican Party! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING I could POSSIBLY make up could EVER over take the truth!

At 11:04 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I was actually going to come in here and talk shit for your rant you posted on cagepotato. However, I started reading some of your content and I actually like your writing. Keep up the good work.

At 12:31 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Thank you, John. Feel free to stop by and talk shit anytime!

All the best,

Tom Degan

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Mitch said...

I am also big fan of Gordon Liddy, and think "Will" should be required reading in schools.

Try to find him on TV show "Fear Factor" where the nearly-blind Liddy was winning, against people 40-50 years younger than him, until final stunt forced him to drive a car through an obstacle course.

Fear Factor was cancelled shortly after that!

At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anne said...

You were just kidding???????

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Just kidding, Anne.

The Tom Degan Manifesto was just for laughs.


Tom Degan

At 12:46 PM, Anonymous nomoreGOP said...

Your satirical rant reminded me of the sad, sad individuals that watch The Colbert Report on Comedy Central and really think he is a Right wing pundit.. The level of ignorance and racism in parts of our country astound me.

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Sam said...

First time reader, first time caller -- loved the rant. Thank you for the response to my blog. I really needed that laugh.

In all seriousness, I can not grasp how anyone can defend these Birthers and their movement.

I suggested on a message board that the Republicans were leaning towards racism, and that no dousing the Birther movement was support of white supremacists. Someone actually demanded that I apologize to the ENTIRE Republican Party for my statement.

They claimed that even Bill O'Reilly denounced Birthers, and that not all Republicans support them.

Well, duh... but I wanted to respond to them by asking what the Oxycodone Blimp... err... excuse me, Rush Limbaugh had to say on the topic.

As much as I would love to say that this stemmed from an honest mistake by someone who simply got confused -- we all know that simply isn't the case.

But the biggest point that needs to be hammered into the air-filled skulls of these people, is that we should care if Obama is American or Kenyan. We ALL came from somewhere.

For Obama, his father's family is from Kenya. Heck, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson -- technically -- were British (Martin Van Buren being the first President born within the United States). For me, my father's family from Germany. And I'm willing to bet you have a similar claim, Tom -- just like these idiots who want "their country back".

At 6:52 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

"Oxycontin Blimp"....You're killin' me, Sam! I came across your blog quite by accident yesterday - a happy accident indeed.

Yes, you make some excellent points. What the Right Wing loves to forget is the fact that we are a nation of immigrants. You would think these lily white Europeans had been here since the freaking stone age.

Thanks for the kind words, pal. You've got a fine couple of sites there.

All the best,

Tom Degan

At 8:34 PM, Blogger Prairie Waif said...

The comments above cannot be outdone.

Tom, the "birthers" are only "lily white" until they search the "family tree" and discover that ONE drop. Oh, boy, then what ever will they do?!

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Prairie Waif said...

You KNOW the Irish, lily white? Ha! I surely hope not, if so, I have to question my claim to celtic roots.

At 12:38 AM, Blogger Jeff King said...

Gee, Tom, I only have one question for you.

Why has Obama spent over 1 million dollars in legal fees (last time I checked. Please correct me if I’m wrong) to block the release of his long birth certificate (the one that lists all the doctors, nurses, ect that were there at the time of his birth)

We now have military personal that are refusing to follow orders because of this issue. You would think that as the Commander in Chief, the easiest way to diffuse this situation is just to release his long birth certificate and put this all to rest. Yet, he refuses to do that, has spent over a million on lawyers to avoid it, and has shills like you online defending that position.

So. C’mon tom. You got such a big mouth. What do you say to that?

At 2:31 AM, Blogger Sam said...

Jeff, the simple answer is: it's none of our damn business. Do you honestly think there is anything of importance on the "long" birth certificate that isn't on the "short" version?

You, and the people are parading around with in this "cause" are just grasping for threads on the rope that broke above you.

Get over it. There are more important issues in the world for the President to deal with, than a bunch of redneck bastards questioning his birth.

He was born. That's all you need to know.

At 3:00 AM, Blogger Prairie Waif said...

I like knowing that our first African-American President came from the last state admitted to the Union. It's a good demonstration of the Biblical "and the last shall be first."

Good on ya Hawaii!

At 3:56 AM, Blogger Tom Degan said...


The notion that Obama has spent a million dollars to keep his birth certificate private is fiction.

You're obviously very susceptible to the Right Wing's lies and propaganda. Since I've started this site over three years ago, some people have posted some pretty silly things - but what you have written here takes the cake.


Tom Degan

At 11:43 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Even though this is "SUPPOSE" to be funny there are some people in this country that cant think for themselves!! I've been living in this godless country for 46 yrs and I can tell you that white America wont let this become great! The racism was never dead it was just feastering and waiting to come to the surface like cancer! I wonder though if this isnt true feelings from you hiding behind what you want to call "political satire" just to test the waters and see what type of response you would get. We need to remember JFK, his brother Robert, who I watched get assasinated at the age of 5 on television by Sirhan Sirhan, and DR. Martin Luther King, when we start printing things like this! I've been a victim of racial profiling and I don't have a police record and was doing nothing wrong AT ALL! It scares me as an African American when I hear all what is being said about the president! RACISM WILL NEVER DIE IN A THE COUNTRY I SERVED HONORABLY FOR 13 YEARS! AND WHY? ALL WE WANT IS PEACE AND HARMONY!

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Amen to that, George. I've said for a long time that anyone who seriously believed we were living in a "post racial era" was delusional. It's as bad as ever.

Did you ever notice that southerners (many of them anyway) are so damned proud of their confederate heritage and German's are ashamed of their Nazi past? Both causes were about the same damned thing - white supremacy. It kind of makes you think.

And, no, friend, those are not my real thoughts. Promise.

At 12:16 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you Tom! I'm saving your site as a favorite! We as "AMERICANS" can get along and make this country great if we could get rid of the idiots who continuously fan the flames of hatred! I am proud of those AMERICANS who stand up and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"! God Bless all of you, because WE ( African-American MEN) are truly tired of it!

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Sam said...

While I can not even remotely imagine what you have been through in your life -- nor can I apologize for all the injustices that have been thrust upon you. I hope that we can still stand together as Americans. (No need for quotes -- it is what we are.)

And Tom, you are absolutely right about the delusions of a "post racial era"... but Obama's Presidency gives hope -- it is a step in the right direction.

Hundreds of year of despicable treatment -- 230+ as a nation -- will not disappear over night, nor can the reparations be paid in one simple action.

Unfortunately, the stars and bars and swastikas are still way to prevalent in our society. Too many people still take way too much pride in these symbols of hatred. As much as I would love to never see any of them again -- they are a part of our history, as dark as it is, and something we should never forget.

But the people who display these items outside of their historical context are cancers to the world. I wish I could tell them all: "you lost, get over it."

And while we would all love to see an end to the hatred and racism in all forms, the fact is that these misguided souls -- the Klan, neo-Nazis, rednecks, Birthers, Mahmoud Ahmadini... Ahmaadinn... the nutball in Iran, and others -- are starting just enough small fires to distract us from the overwhelming goal. We pretty much have to be content at containing the inferno (and I'm just now realizing that may be an offensive metaphor -- I apologize).

As a Christian, my beliefs do not condone this -- but deep down would love to see David Duke, Rush Limbaugh, Ahmamommasboy, and the leaders of these radical groups who can't come to grips with how we as a would have progressed all be lynched.

Is it justice? Is it revenge? Is it both?

Whatever it is, the point that needs to be made is (however hypocritical it sounds)... if you support the idea that someone is not worthy of being a part of this world, you, yourself, have selected yourself out of the general population. We should have zero tolerance for such hatred.

At 4:13 PM, Blogger Jeff King said...

There are dozens of legal challenges, including one by US Army Major Stefan Frederick Cook. As the Commander in Chief, the guy whose job it is to lead this nations military the simplest most effective way to resolve this situation is to release the long birth certificate. The fact that he isn’t should be sending some red flags to those of you kool aid drinkers that are still capable of independent thought.

And no guys, I’m not attacking Obama from the right. I’m with Webster Tarpley on this one, Obama needs to be attacked from the left. He’s a con, he’s a complete slave to Wall Street venture capital of the worst kind. He’s going to be a thousand times worse than Bush and the fact the there are so many people on the left that should sure as hell know better that have been suckered into this scam speaks volumes as to just how pathetic most of this country is.

“Jeff, the simple answer is: it's none of our damn business. He was born. That's all you need to know.”

Wrong. Very wrong.

If this guy can’t prove that he meets the basic requirements to be president, one of which is this corny redneck law that states you were born in this country, then he is an illegal president. Any military officer following his commands could be tried for war crimes later and would not be granted the same protection under the Geneva Convention.

This issue isn’t going away guys. If you really want to defend Obama’s position you should probably come up with one better than “it's none of our damn business. He was born. That's all you need to know.”

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Bless you, George.

Thanks for the kind words. You will never know how much you made my day, pal. Your words are diamonds from the sky.

All the best,

Tom Degan

At 2:31 AM, Blogger Sam said...

Jeff, your attack on the President is from the left, alright -- LEFT FIELD. There is nothing on the long birth certificate that is not on the standard issue certificate that will change his status as a citizen.

The long form is simply more thorough and specific about a few details. But the location of his birth will not change from one to the other -- and that is the key detail in his citizenship. He was born in Hawai'i -- part of the United States, and therefore is automatically granted rights as a citizen.

This call for the full certificate is nothing more than an attempted invasion of the privacy of the President. This makes you, and anyone else like you no better than the paparazzi. Why is it so hard for you to respect the right to privacy?

You cries of desperation are nothing sadder than about 90% of the previous administration. Like Calvin Coolidge, right now Obama is taking the heat from the failures of his predecessor.

Bush 2.0 fucked up this nation, royally -- possibly in a drunken stupor. And if you want to question the legality of a presidency -- there is a metric shitton of skeletons in the closet at Republican National Headquarters. Is this just vengeance on the part of the elephants?

If you want to pin any blame on Obama... wait two and a half more years. You can't judge a man by 100 days... you can't judge him by 200, either. Give him his proper due to work.

As for the military -- no man was ever hanged by this nation for following orders. We do not pay our military leaders to play domestic politics.

Any general who disobeys an order from President Barack H. Obama, had better be holding more than a gun -- he had better be holding irrefutable evidence.

Or have you forgotten another basic right within this wonderful nation: innocence until proven guilty.

At 2:41 AM, Anonymous Ronin7752 said...

Jeff King: Why has Obama spent over 1 million dollars in legal fees ... to block the release of his long birth certificate."

For the same reason that I never waste time attempting rational discussions with people who have "birther" mentalities: They are not seeking knowledge or resolution of rational concerns. They are seeking ways to destroy the target of their irrational fears and predjudices. In the best-case, rational evidence will have no impact at all They will ignore it, or manufacture new irrationalities to invalidate it. The worst-case outcome is a "new" rational argument will create a new and/or "more twistable" angle of attack.

If I were Obama, I would ask my lawyers to tell me: 1.) How many items on the long form can be brought into question, or used against me in any way? 2.) How did these errors happen? 3.) Create a list of possible worst-case scenarios that could result from any item, or combination of items, on this list. I would also authorize any expenses necessary to aquire any information relative to any of those items. (The tab for accomplishing these objectives within the necessary time frame could easily exceed $1 million.)

I don't know your age or experiences, Jeff, but in 1962 I was 10 years old, growing up in Decatur, Georgia. I remember that era very clearly. The beliefs of the KKK were not only prevalent, they were completely socially acceptable. A mixed-race child was an uncomfortable embarrassment among the few, genteel, "politically correct" people of that time. Average people simply considered them "disgusting" -- not fit for discussion among decent folk. Deeply biggoted people (much more than a small percentage) considered them abominations against White Folk and God that should simply be "cleaned up."

Slave descendants were sub-human. Genuine Africans were animals. So Barack Obama would have been a sub-animal abomination. There is no question in my mind that had he been born and raised in Georgia, he and his mother would have turned out much differently -- if they survived at all.

Your concerns are both valid and rational, and the obvious course of action -- in an ideal country of ideal citizens. However, I ask that you consider these questions:

What if a single, critical item on that form were incorrectly completed or altered -- either accidentally or out of the deliberate prejudice of a white staff member?

What if all the items were technically accurate, but attorneys found some that could be considered ambiguous if questioned by top legal talent with adequate financing? (Which they would undoubtedly have.)

What impact would eithr of the above have on the "birther's" rabid Crusade against Obama, his supporters, and the country...?

Would you still feel that handing the document over to Birthers is the right move? Can you conceive of ANY situation under which Obama could be perfectly "innocent" yet the document contains *something* that justifies his actions?

At 6:52 AM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Tip of the hat to both Sam and Ronin. Well said!

I'm sorry if it looks like we're picking on you, Jeff. That isn't the case, I promise. It's just that this whole birther argument is so damned silly!

The reason it wasn't used in last year's campaign is because John McCain was born in Panama. They have dragged it out now only for reasons of pure desperation..


Tom Degan

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

What is so funny here is that I told my wife that if the now ELECTED President Obama wins that she would see the real America rear its UGLY Head!! I knew that this would bring out the crazies!! Where were all of these people when that C-student lead us into one of the worst economic collapses of the modern times! While Obama is presenting them with his birth certificate he should also present them with his transcripts from HARVARD LAW SCHOOL, that allowed him to become the FIRST Black to LEAD the HARVARD LAW REVIEW! I could care less about his birth certificate! I get up everyday and watch CNBC to see whats going on with the economy and the stock market! Nobody's talking about the facts that the stock market has climbed almost 3000 points since it hit a low of 6000back in Feb-March. How Banks are paying back Billions in interest from the bailout! How the Cash for Clunkers program is helping not only the econmy but also our dependence on oil, better gas mileage vehicles on the roads for those that are scratching their heads! Housing industry is begining to move house again, more houses are being built, Education has come to the front of the debate instead of the back! These are just a few of the things that happening here in our world!! Mr. Bush really put us in a whole during his 8 yr vacation! Now we have a president that is really tackling issues! it is okay for us to disagree after all we all have diferent operating systems in our heads, just remember one thing, We all are talking now instead of screaming, beating and LYNCHING!! Love your blog TOM! God BLess

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Unknown said...


No matter what I would stand side by side with you as an American!! I would still defend this country the all of family like my father, who is a Pearl Harbor and Battle of Normandy veteran, my brothers, My uncles (Cheif Master Sergents and Colonels in the U.S. Air Force) and myself, U.S. Air Force! I love this country! It just doesn't love us back until it needs something like our service in the Military or our blood( the blood drives to save lives)! I wonder if the Red Cross seperates our blood by Ethnic catagory! If I could do it now I would serve this country in the Military! We can STAND SIDE BY SIDE!!

At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Ronin7752 said...

Why I Voted for Obama:

This is a scary topic. Treat it with care.

I didn't reveal my deep-south roots to justify my arguments. They are simply my credentials for understanding the depth and power of racism. And I have a confession to make: While I always knew in my heart that racism was wrong, I didn't always reject it. Fortunately, God granted me status as a human being, and I grew the strength to break free of the influences of my youth.

Yet even now, when I am confronted by aggressive stupidity in a person whose skin is dark, I feel the racist roots inside me tingle and writhe. For me, not being a racist isn't simply following my heart. Sometimes, it is a conscious rejection of emotional fears that were bred into me. Rascism is seductive and addicting more than anyone understands. All at once, you no longer have to think. All your fears are validated. Life becomes easy and obvious. And you are swept up in the warmth and appreciation of your friends. All of you are "special" in your "secret understanding" that everyone else is too stupid to see.

But racism is Heroin for the heart, and like Heroin, using it has a price: What you fear... What you hate... You become.

Obama's relationship with Reverend Wright really threw me for a loop. I was scared. Very scared. Could I really believe Obama listened to Wright's sermons while rejecting his racist core? No way. No true human being can respect a racist as a spiritual leader.

But I kept searching my soul. And finally I saw it. Of course Obama has racist feelings! Just like I do! As damaging as my upbringing was, he grew up on the "business end" of it. Could I really believe that ANY black man could grow up in this country and have NO racist impulses when I can't even escape my own? If I required any black candidate to NOT have racist feelings, I would never find a black candidate I could vote for.

And I wasn't gonna let that happen.

I decided to examine the question from a different angle: Ok, given that he struggles with racist demons just like I do. What does he want to do with them? Can he live with those demons, and remain dedicated to destroying the growth of those demons in other people, like me? So I watched and listened to him until my heart answered the question: "Yes, he can."

My final confession:

If McCain had chosen a running mate better than Biden, I might have voted differently. In the end, his choice made mine...... (drum roll) .... (wait for it) ....................A NO-BRAINER! 8-D !!! (Sorry, just needed a little comic relief!)

At 3:09 PM, Blogger Jeff King said...

Imagine if Bush was behaving this way.

Would you all be so quick to give him a pass?

Remember back when people were accusing Bush of being AWOL during his bullshit National Guard duty (Sweet gig. Amazing that a D student could get into such an exclusive program in the first place) People called him out on allegations that he was AWOL and when Bush stonewalled how many of you back then called bullshit on him?

And how many of you gave him a pass?

And how many of you went even further, not only giving him a pass but also defending him online with a “it's none of our damn business” position?

Now imagine it was a thousand times worse. Imagine that Bush was in the exact same position Obama is right now where people had serious questions about whether he had fulfilled the basic corny redneck qualifications to be president. Think about that for a second. If Bush was an illegal president then EVERYTHING he did during his tenure was an illegal action. Every law he signed, every war we waged, everything. Pretty heavy and damming consequences. Imagine that Army Majors are now refusing to follow Bush’s orders because of this. This isn’t just fodder for bourgeoisie New York yuppie bloggers over their morning coffee. When your Army leaders, basically the guys that we hand guns to go kill people and blow up shit for this country, are lawyering up and accusing you of being an illegal president that should be a stone cold serious issue. And Bush has the ability to resolve this issue in a heartbeat by releasing his long birth certificate and refuses. How many of you people would call bullshit on him?

And how many of you people would give him a pass?

And how many of you would go even further, not only giving him a pass but also defending him online with a “it's none of our damn business” position?

And that’s what I think it comes down to. That’s the bottom line.

You guys are all like the hardcore born-again Christian religious right and Obama is your Jesus. He can do no wrong and you’re incapable of criticizing or committing blasphemy against Him. Got to hand it to Barry, the guy is an amazing facelift for fascism. Regardless of what the issue or facts are, Obama can commit atrocities far worse that Bush and not only will the left not protest against it, but most of you guys will gladly stand in line to let him stick his dick down your throat.

At 3:14 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...


If that's not the best posting ever made on this site, it's damned close. You should expand it into an article.


It is my belief that Bush was an illegal president. Everything he did should be rendered null and void. You make some good points, though.


Tom Degan

At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Ronin7752 said...

Everyone makes mistakes, Jeff. I have no problems giving *anyone* a pass. Even Bush. Even you. ...If you've earned it.

My question is: After I've tried to dialogue with you respectfully and rationally, and you've responded with insults and condescension, should I grant YOU a pass, Jeff? Or should I take off my gloves and start talking to you in your own language?

Nothing I say will mean anything to you, anyway. Your door is closed. But believe me, I can have fun with you. A lot of it. Because I know where your insults really come from: Fear.

If your only purpose is to build yourself up by tearing others down. I suggest you not do it around me.

At 4:52 PM, Blogger Sam said...

You're just recycling the same statements you made above -- and disregarding the answers that are being given.

I will line this up in a pretty little package for you, as you seem to want it spoon-fed to you. Put on your bib.

1. There is NOTHING on the long form birth certificate of any significance, that is not on the short form. Nobody cares what the parent's occupation was at the time of the President's birth. The specifics of where he was born are not going to change.

2. I am not giving Obama a pass. But, I also go against the standard flow of Americans who demand instantaneous results. Progress takes time -- a lot more time than it took for Bush to allow this nation to implode. Obama is not a king, not a dictator -- he can not simply decree something and make it so. Nevermind the fact that he is getting all this interference from partisan lines, and idiot macho military leaders who are overstepping their bounds.

2a. Obama in being systematic about fixing and changing what Bush fouled up so royally. 100 days was never going to be enough time to do it. Four years probably won't be enough. But he is working on it. Unfortunately, he still has to put out these little fires that the idiot right-wing are starting, and preventing him from doing his job efficiently.

3. Bush was driven by greed. The greed of his own oil empire, the greed of his friends who he put on his cabinet. Making decisions that are good only for him and his friends, was reckless, and grounds for impeachment. Unfortunately the nations was already under such distress from the attacks of 9/11 -- something Bush never let us forget (instead of remembering and learning from our mistakes) -- that bringing down the head of the government would have become total chaos.

On the flip side, Obama is attempting to find solutions for EVERYONE. I think he is going a bit too far -- do we need a complete overhaul in healthcare? Yes. Do we need to scrap the current system of healthcare? No... we simply need to shift it to where it is needed. (I hope that clears any believe that Obama can do no wrong in my eyes.)

4. The President's long for birth certificate is none of your damn business, because it has nothing to with his ability to lead this nation. The questions can be answered in the more readily-available sort form -- and I say readily-available in the terms that there is one long-form... and nobody has easy access to their full birth certificate. Anything you would find on that form is an invasion of the privacy of the President, and his parents.

Bush's dodging of National Guard duty -- raised a major question of trust. He swore to protect this country, then went AWOL with a bong and 24 of beer. We should have called him on it, but did he get punished for it? No. Basically he got the walk that you claim we are now attempting to give to Obama.

Clinton lied -- nobody got hurt.
Bush lied in the 1980s -- nobody got hurt.
Bush lied in 2002 -- and how many soldiers are now dead?

Obama isn't lying, he's not hiding anything. It is all there in front of you -- it is simply up to you to open your eyes and realize it's there.

Instead you are desperately seeking something this does not exist -- the Birthers have you on a snipe hunt.

At 4:53 PM, Anonymous Ronin7752 said...

Oh, one final point, Jeff. Since both my ass and yours has just been made several time larger by your "rational" faith in the Right Wing, you probably shouldn't put "good judge of character" on your resume.

At 10:25 PM, Blogger Jeff King said...

“Obama isn't lying, he's not hiding anything. It is all there in front of you.”

Are you smoking crack?

From wnd’s site -

WND has reported that among the documentation not yet available for Obama includes kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, files from his years as an Illinois state senator, Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records and adoption records.

"Obama's attorneys bent over backward to block us," Kreep told WND. "Obama doesn't want anyone to see those records. He's trying to hide them."

At 11:54 PM, Blogger Jeff King said...

What I think is hilarious is when sheltered white people who haven’t really had any black friends go on these huge rants lecturing the rest of us about how race relationships work in America.

Not that many black people from the class of 1977, huh Tom.

The most racism I seeing is coming the white Obama fanatics. It’s not a malicious, KKK degree of racism, but an insulting “Hey, we got a Black president to. I feel your pain.” kind of racism.

At 2:30 AM, Blogger Sam said...

So, now you are attacking people for something they have no control over?

Tom did not handpick his classmates from high school.

And while I may be white, I do know what is like to grow up as a minority. Is it the same as growing up black? No. Does it mean I know what African-Americans have been through over the last several centuries? No.

But has it, coupled with the outstanding education I have been afforded, given me just a little insight -- enough to have a basic understanding? Yes.

And does it mean, that just because I am relatively powerless to do anything about it, that I am not entitled to stand up among those who have been wronged in support of them? No.

I don't represent those who have been wronged. But I have met many, studied with many, talked with many, befriended many, and listened to many. It is a very simple concept -- they are not demanding reparations for previous acts, they are not looking for a handout, they don't want anything more than what is afforded to anyone else in this country. They just want to be seen and treated and respected as equals.

At 3:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Jeff, and yet you cannot grant us the same respect you give them...? Am I supposed to believe that means something from a vulgar a--hole like you?

All you care about is yourself. You would never vote for any black man, because you know he justifiably should have a lot more reasons to hate you than you have to hate him. And while you aren't responsible for that -- nor am I -- you will never take ANY risk, nor make ANY sacrifice, to stop this deadly cycle of racism.

....Unless your black candidate agrees with your right-wing political agenda. AND claims he has no racist feelings -- like Obama. Then, of course, of course, you'll believe him.

What a sucker!

Here's a clue, Jeff. Those Black friends you're talking about... they're lying. To you, at least. Maybe to themselves, too. One way or the other, they're just white-wing bigots playing you for a white, right-wing chump.

One day, they'll leave you behind in the dust, like you think Obama will do to you, and they'll say "I'm not racist, you just can't cut it." And you'll swallow it. But you'll hate them for being Black. And you'll remember what I said.

Blacks survived pain you and I could never imagine. It wasn't MY fault. Maybe it wasn't YOUR fault. But we let it happen, all the same. I'm ready to deal with the consequences of that, even if it takes some sacrifice.

But like George Bush, all you want is "a pass".

At 4:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"From wnd’s site -"

Geez, Jeff. What are you? 16? 17? I've been surfing the Internet since it was ARPANET....


There's only Propaganda, Narcisstic Entertainment, and the Nielson ratings.

Wake up, kid! What you see -- even me -- is not the real world! Grow up and get a brain of your own!

At 5:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

George, you are SO right!

Believe it or not, I have a lot of right-wing friends and customers, and since the economy tanked, it's hilarious how many of them now say "Bush was an idiot -- I always HATED him!"

God help me, it's all I can do to keep from laughing. (I do have to eat.) Who the hell do they think they're talking to? Do they think I'm senile?

Ok, given my age, maybe they DO think that. But they're wrong.

These are "Bush Uber Alles" folks who are jumping ship like rats! Some witty journalist should do a story on how many Republicans are are "denying" Bush more times that Paul denied Jesus!

Character? What freaking character? Where? In Republicans like Jeff? Right! Like we can believe this vulgar prick!

At 4:47 PM, Blogger Sam said...

In the case of school records -- is it not up to the individual institutions to release records? I don't think Obama has any control over school records.

Medical records, meanwhile are a matter of doctor-patient confidence, and also not for public consumption.

I think in this world of paparazzi media, we forget that we have the right to privacy -- and it is frequently being infringed upon.

People almost don't care about anyone else, they want their way and don't care who they hurt to get it. We are taking way too much interest in the personal lives of others, when we really need to be worried about ourselves, first.

At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. George Washington — Address: George Washington Birthplace National Monument; Rural Route 1; Box 717; Washington's Birthplace, Va. 22443

2. John Adams — Address: 133 Franklin St.; Quincy, Mass. 02669

3.Thomas Jefferson — Address: U.S. 250; 3 miles east of Charlottesville, Va.

4. James Madison — Address: Monroe Hall; Virginia SR 205; Westmoreland County near Colonial Beach, Va. 22443

5.James Monroe — Address: Monroe Hall; Virginia SR 205; Westmoreland County near Colonial Beach, Va. 22443

6.John Quincy Adams — Address: 141 Franklin St.; Quincy, Mass. 02169

7.Andrew Jackson — Address: 14 miles south of Rock Hill on South Carolina State Route 5. The Park is on Route 1. Address:196 Andrew Jackson Park Road; Lancaster, S.C. 29720

8.Martin Van Buren — Address: 46 Hudson St.; Kinderhook, New York 12106

9.William Henry Harrison — Address: 12602 Harrison Landing Road; Charles City, Va. 23030

10. John Tyler — Address: John Tyler Memorial Highway; Charles City, Va. 23030

11. James Polk — Address: Box 475; Pineville, N.C. 28134

12. Zachary Taylor — Address: Highway 33; 5 miles west of Gordonsville, Va., and just over 20 miles from Charlottesville, Va.

13. Millard Fillmore — Address: Millard Fillmore Birthplace; Locke, N.Y. 13092

14. Franklin Pierce — Address: The Pierce Homestead; Routes 9 and 31; Hillsboro, N.H. 03244

15. James Buchanan — Address: Buchanan Historic Site; Mercersburg, Pa. 17236

16. Abraham Lincoln — Address: Sinking Spring Farm; 2995 Lincoln Farm Road; Hodgenville, Ky. 42748

17. Andrew Johnson — Address: Mordecai Historic Park; Wake Forest Road; Raleigh, N.C. 27601

18. Ulysses Grant — Address: Grant's Birthplace; Routes 52E and 322; Point Pleasant, Ohio 45143

19. Rutherford Hayes — Address: Rutherford B. Hayes Birthplace; East William Street; Delaware, Ohio 43015

At 8:01 AM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

44. Barack Hussein Obama - Born on Auguat 4, 1961 at Kapiolani Maternity Hospitol, Honolulu, Hawaii. Twit.

At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Double twit!! to you!
You may want to challenge this! schmuck

At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scenario 1:
So there's two (2) illegals just crossed into (you pick it) Az, they make it to a hospital, give birth to a baby boy! An announcement made in the local paper and all!
Give me the outcome if that boy at the age of 48 can become President?
Scenario 2:
One illegal and one citizen, same as above?

At 6:33 PM, Blogger Sam said...

I'm not shocked that someone with the intelligence of a bowling ball just posted all that under 'anonymous'. I wouldn't want people to know who I am, if I was that wrong.

That's great, listing the birthplaces of all 44 presidents. Still says nothing about the fact that Washington through Jackson were NOT BORN IN THE UNITED STATES. It was impossible, the United States did not exist when they were born.

As for the scenario where two immigrants come to America and give birth to a child... the child is an American citizen, no matter what the circumstances of anyone being here.

And yet, you forget that not only was Obama born in the United States, his mother is an American citizen -- and was from Kansas!

At 2:52 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I knew when Obama became president that all those people with hidden agandas, feelings would burst at the seams!! Hahahaha, it really is funny! For them to attack a president is outrageously funny! It just goes to show how the real so called white america feels! But just to let all those Rabid filled, hate flowing thru their blood white americans knw, we African americans are not just sitting on our hands waiting for a hand out! We are starting to change the thinking patterns of our youngsters and even some of our elders! I know this scares alot of the right-wingers (or should they be called wrong-wingers? Hahahaha)! WE are not afraid anymore and we are standing up together with those who believe in the HUMAN RACE! So continue to show your ignorance by putting all that false information out there! ALL IT IS GOING TO DO IS SHOW US (BLACKS) THAT WE WERE RIGHT ABOUT ALL THE MISINFORMATION THAT HAS BEEN GIVEN OUT ABOUT US! It will also highlight what we've been saying about our HERITAGE! THEY HAVE BEEN LYING ON US SINCE WE STEPPED OFF THE SLAVE SHIPS IN 1612!



At 3:57 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

"Wrong Wingers

That was a hoot, George! That is one I'm definitely going to use!


Tom Degan

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

What is even scarier is that at birth, his family manipulated events to that point they put in the local Hawaiian newspaper a bogus birth announcement! So its not the Masons or the Illuminati that have been running the show, its been the Kenyans, led by Mr. and Mrs. Obama.

To call the Birthers idiots, is to insult true idiots everywhere.

At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Andrea said...

I do enjoy reading your posts every weekend while at work and felt compelled to talk this time. I live in Hamilton, Alabama. Yeah, you can just imagine the racist crap I have the pleasure of hearing. I know its the South but Damn!! Where have all the intelligent people moved to? They believe in all this propaganda the Right has put out there. Its like an alien invasion of idiots. People here actually believe there will be death camps if this health care bill passes. I know though alot of this is, like you said because he is not a "white guy."
That is absolutely true. People here hate it. What's so funny is its 100% the Christian Right. They have no shame.

At 9:27 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Dear, Andrea,

That was a great post. Please, keep 'em coming!

Remember you are a candle in the darkness in Alabama.

Love and Peace....

Tom Degan

PS - Drop me an e-mail sometime if you get discouraged:

At 5:47 AM, Blogger Jack said...

Any general who disobeys an order from President Barack H. Obama, had better be holding more than a gun..Thats really well said..
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At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Joseph C. Luthman II said...

I think the stranglehold the NRA has on this country is deplorable.

Ban all guns, except for the military and law enforcement. There is no reason for a private citizen to own a gun. None whatsoever.


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