Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The GOP: Partying like it's 1929!

"Fellow citizens, if the Hanoi Hilton could not break John McCain's resolve to do what is best for his country, you can be sure the angry left never will."

George W. Bush
September 2, 2008

Oh, pahleeeez....

I'll have to admit it. I do get a certain amount of joy watching the professional Republican party in action. There is something indescribably fascinating about watching a gathering of corrupt hacks and hackettes - so completely, morally bankrupt - trying to portray themselves as the Party of Morality. The side-splitting, unintentional comedy emanating last night from the city of St. Paul, Minnesota was truly something wondrous and fun to behold! For instance, when Laura Bush stood up in front of the cheering multitudes and proclaimed that during his eight years in office, her husband, the president, had kept the American people "safe", the first words to come to my mind were the Presidential Daily Briefing of August 5, 2001 - over a month before the hideous attacks of September 11th:


How could any sane person with a sense of history and irony not scream with laughter at such an absurd contention? Oh, Laura! What (if anything) were you thinking when you fell in love with that jackass? Goodness gracious, me!
Another thing that struck the funny bone with a vengeance was the old man. After Dubya addressed the convention via satellite from the Oval office, the camera cut to George the elder. It was laughingly apparent that poor old Poppy was just as proud as a peacock at the performance of his half-witted kid. Obviously someone has been hiding the newspapers from the clueless old bastard these past seven-and-a-half years.

The convention got off to a shaky start. The GOP initially found themselves in a damned if they do-damned if they don't situation. Obviously the last thing in the world they needed was for the American people to be reminded of the last eight, nightmare years by having Bush and Cheney physically present at the convention. At the same time, however, the reason for their absence would have been obvious to everyone (even the viewers of FOX and Friends). What to do? Gustav to the rescue! Once it became clear that the hurricane was going to pound the shit out of the gulf coast, Dubya and the Dickster had the perfect excuse to stay away. Thus, they were able to avoid doing further damage to their already crippled party and look like a couple of hands on, in control kind of guys at the same time. It was the first time since Lyndon Johnson forty years ago that an incumbent president failed to show up at his own party's convention.
The theme of last night's festivities I found a mite curious....


Interesting. Is that supposed to mean "as opposed to the person he isn't"? What exactly are they trying to tell us here? Certainly they could not have been referring to the man's judgement, could they? That doesn't make a damned bit of sense! What does it say about his "judgement" when the first important decision of his campaign was his selection of a running mate? In the days since he introduced Alaska governor Sarah Palin in Dayton, Ohio, all sorts of juicy tidbits have been revealed about the woman's past.

I think that it is worth noting here that one of the founding fathers of the Republican party was Abraham Lincoln, a man who believed that no state has a constitutional right to secede from the union. What does it say about the Arizona senator's" judgement" when the person he chooses to be a "heartbeat away" from his seat in the Oval Office is a woman who in recent years was involved through her husband with an organization which advocated Alaskan secession?

What does it say about John McCain's "judgement" when one of his running mate's main selling points is that she was opposed to the infamous "bridge to nowhere" - and then we find out that not only was she not opposed to the bridge, she worked overtime to ensure that it would come into being?

What does it say about McCain's "judgement" when we learn that he allowed the person he chose to be the next vice-president (Heaven forbid) to be "vetted" not by responsible and trained investigators (as did Barack Obama in the case of Joe Biden - a man he has known for years), but by a handful of ideologues from the extreme, lunatic fringe of his already demonstrably nutty party? I sound like a comedy writer, don't I?
And forgive me for bringing this up - I'm not going to make an issue out of this but it is something which is just screaming to be addressed: What does it say about the "judgement" of John McCain when we learn that Sarah Palin's unmarried, seventeen-year-old daughter is expecting a child - and yet she still supports "abstinence only" sex education?

Don't you think at this point in time that it's gut-wrenchingly obvious that John McCain's "judgement" leaves just a tad to be desired? I sure do! All his life, the one thing McCain's peers remembered about him was his recklessness. His inexplicable choice of Sarah "Pale in Comparison" Palin to be on the ticket is but another example of that recklessness.

There were all sorts of moments last night that will linger in one's memory. I'm glad I thought to tape the whole thing. Fred Thompson's hate-filled tirade against Barach Obama was one for the history books. Joe Lieberman had his "Zell Miller moment". Although he refrained from challenging Chris Matthews to a duel immediately afterwards, his very presence there was enough of a reminder what a dreadful mistake it was for Al Gore to choose him as second on the ticket in 2000. His contention that Senator Obama has never worked with the opposition party to reach a consensus was a bald-faced lie and he knows it. Please, If there is a more despicable asshole than Joe Lieberman currently walking the halls of the United States Senate, I'd sure as hell like to know about it. Just drop me an e-mail.
But the absolutely hilarious, highlight of the evening was a stomach-turning, maudlin, sickening and screamingly funny (unintentionally so) tribute to the Gipper. Ronald Reagan is a textbook example as to how dumbed down the people of this doomed country have become in the last thirty years as far as governmental affairs are concerned. Think about it for a minute: The destruction of America's social and economic infrastructure began on that day in January of 1981 when Reagan stood on the steps on the U.S. Capital and said to the comatose American people, "Government isn't the answer to the problem. Government is the problem." Oh, really?

Almost twenty-eight years later, where has the so-called "Reagan Revolution" left us? America's tax burden has been laid on the backs of the poor and middle classes while the people who already had more money than they knew what to do with have had their taxes cut. Our educational system, once the envy of the planet, is in tatters. Bridges all over the country are in serious disrepair and in danger of collapse - I won't even drive on the 59th Street Bridge that connects Queens to the island of Manhattan. Which reminds me, why on earth did they choose to have their convention in St. Paul? Did they really want to remind people of their crumbling infrastructure and the catastrophic collapse last year of the bridge that connected that city with Minneapolis? Again, it's all a question of judgement.

One of the claims made by the narrator of the film was that "the media hated him". Beg pardon? In 1986, you'll remember, Reagan and company were caught red handed supplying arms to the Contras in Nicaragua in direct violation of the Boland Amendment. This little scheme was funded by selling offensive, hi-tech military weapons to the Iranian government of Ayatollah Khomeini - the same guy whose motto was "DEATH TO AMERICA". Nice! In all but a few cases the media gave old Ronnie a free pass. He should have been impeached and sent off to Leavenworth in a padded wagon.

Sooner or later the people are bound to wake up to the fact that Ronald Reagan was a doddering, senile old fool who would have been rendered helpless but for the invention of the teleprompter. It was he who planted the seeds of America's ultimate self-destruction, the bitter harvest of which we are only now starting to taste nearly two decades after his administration mercifully came to an end. And yet the citizens of this once-great nation still worship the dirty old dingbat with a reverence that borders on mental illness. We Americans are funny that way, aren't we?

It is a point of pride with me that I never - for an instant - succumbed to Ronniemania.
The Republican National Convention will continue this evening in all of its absurd and twisted merriment. Of this you may be absolutely certain: I'll be watching. How could I possibly miss such a spectacle? It is - no doubt about it - must see TV for anyone with a sick sense of humor. The "party of Lincoln" (I know! I know! I'm laughing too!) has been taken over not only by organized criminals but by a cabal of fools with the average IQ of a half-eaten box of Milk Duds. Is it any wonder that they're so much fun to watch? I'm sure gonna miss them when they're gone.

Tom Degan
Member in good standing of the "ANGRY LEFT"
Goshen, NY

Thanks to brother Jeff Degan for suggesting the title of this piece.

Happy Forty-ninth birthday to brother Pete Degan.

If you haven't yet checked out Hugh Scott's excellent new web site, "Unfit McCain", you really ought to. Here's a link:
Mike's Election Guide
by Michael Moore

There are one-hundred and thirty-eight days until George W. Bush is out of the White House and on his way to federal prison.


At 8:28 AM, Blogger Prairie Waif said...

Yes, despite my better judgement, I watched last night's debacle of praise to dementia and war criminals. Thank GOD, tonight, I will miss "Pale in Comparison" (to anything human) accept her annoinment by James Dobson and fanatics that make Rev. Jeremiah right look positively meek.

I work the 3-11pm shift and will probably arrive home in time to catch the "low-lights" of the evening; althought, as you say TOM, what could be more laughable or worse?

I still call myself a POLITICAL REFUGEE from Ronald Reagan's "Morning in America." Remember how his morning started with Ketchup being defined as a vegetable? That's when we all learned he was on his way to becoming one; anything to save a buck $$.

I shake my head at all the moronic Hillary-Bots who still whine about how Obama has not praised her enough.
Gee, does that mean you want the "house nigger" to be nicer to the chatelaine who "holds the keys to the Democratic Party's win or not?"

And then some women wonder why the Equal Rights Amendment failed and they receive $0.69 for every $1.00 a man, of equal job and abilities makes.

Maybe, these women, like Palin, should be given a test to see if they are deserving of being called equal because obviously their brain power and analytical abilities fall far below those of us females who find them completely devoid of any values, male or female-->Oh! I guess that would be human values; they lack those too.

Life begins at conception? When do their brains develop? At 44 for her and 72 for him, it must be a death bed cognition or none at all. I'm thinking the latter.

Mary Josephine Bernadette

At 10:51 AM, Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

As usual, you've provided us another informative and entertaining article. Thank you, Tom. And thanks, also, to your brother Jeff. The title's more than apropos, and the picture is a nice exclamation point.

You've touched upon many areas, but I'll restrict my comments to one, since it's really the only part of the Republican propaganda extraordinaire that I have watched so far. Unlike you, it's difficult for me to view the torrent of lies and double-lies coming from everyone associated with that freak show. For this reason, I've only been able to stomach bits at a time. Last evening, after relaxing with a fine Samuel Adams lager in hand, I flipped on the TV just at the precise moment Joe "Benedict Arnold" Lieberman took the podium. What a pack of insincere, and stomach-turning, lies that man was able to come up with in just twenty short minutes, repeating the virtues of John McCain's fight against "the corporations", against the ineptness of Washington, and his incessant fight to protect the American people from...well, I'm not really sure. Once he left the stand I couldn't take any more, so I missed the interview with Chris Matthews that you mentioned. I'm sure Chris was ready to bore him a new one.

Every time I see Lieberman, and hear him speak, I'm reminded of the late '80s TV series ALF. The guy is the spittin' image of ALF's keeper, Willie Tanner, except in this case I know Lieberman's the real alien.

At 11:07 AM, Blogger Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

jefferson's guardian:

Thank you for the kind words, pal.

You're absolutely right. Joe Lieberman is disgusting, isn't he? I don't know who was more repulsive - Lieberman or Fred Thompson. And to think that Thompson really believed he could get the nomination by merely staring stearnly at his audiences. Evem the right wing isn't that stupid.

prarie waif:

We're ALL refugees from the Reagan Revolution....


Tom Degan

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Germanicus said...


Just as a footnote, I did a little leg work (OK, finger work on Google) and found the photographer of the image.

Title of the image: "At the time of the Louisville Flood" (1937) by Margaret Bourke-White.

Did you know how timely and topical you were being?

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...


The fact that dear old Maggie White took that photo doesn't suprise me in the least. The lady had quite an eye and was an artist.

Trivia Question: Who played her in the film, Gandhi?


At 12:41 PM, Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

Trivia Question Answer: Candice Bergen

What do I win, Tom, a free subscription to "The Rant" for a year? [smile]

Sorry for the intrusion. I was anxious for some kind of win today.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger DivaJood said...

I watched in absolute disbelief last night - starting with George W. Bush saying he knew a little bit about what goes into being President, then chuckling. My first thought was "Yeah, and you certainly didn't achieve any of it."

What scares me is that the McCain/Palin ticket might win. Really.

I am adding you to my blog roll, sir.

At 12:52 PM, Blogger stoney13 said...

Margret Bourke-White was played, (and BRILLIANTLY so), By Ms. Geraldine James.

I didn't watch The Republican Convention. I promised my wife, and sons I wouldn't, as that, I always regress in to a gibbering madman, howling profanities, while my family scampers around, hiding firearms before I blast the Holy shit out of another $200.00 TV set.

I will fore go the blessed anointment by "Junk Science James" Dobson, and his "Bureau of Bullshit Artists", who put forth the argument that Adam and Eve rode a T. Rex to the Synagogue.

I will miss the grand accolades heaped upon "Madam Moose Slayer" by a bunch of mealy-mouthed hacks posing as relevant individuals.

I will not be party to, or spectator of this wondrous spectacle of "Bread and Circus" that "St.John the Semiconscious" has prepared for our distraction.

Instead, I shall be tuned to professional wrestling! Yea! I know it's all bullshit! But at least in professional wrestling, you're warned up front it's bullshit, and nobody get's locked up for waving signs that don't reflect party policy!

At 4:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great rant, Tom,
I also watched the RNC. Haven't seen so much white and purple hair since great-grandma's funeral.
Those Gooper's sure can dance though, all that cellulite shakin' to Chuck Berry's "Johnnie be Good."
I was hoping for Glen Miller, the Andrews Sisters, and maybe a bit of Lawrence Welk. Oh well, maybe tonight.
Now, about "war criminals"...are they serious trying to paint that ol' POW as a hero? Yeah, the same one that got shot down over a civilian area of Hanoi on his 23rd bombing run...committing GENOCIDE?
That one?
Speaking of War Criminals, you might want to go to "Globalresearch" (google) and have a look at the case that going to be presented by Prof. Boyle on Sept 13+14.
Oh! and how about Caribou Barbi?
The list is long for such a short time, what with troopergate, pipelinegate, bookburninggate, taking the polar bear off the endangered species list, giving back the money for the bridge to nowhere that had been defunded 13 months BEFORE she took the governor's office, slashing funding (Covenant House) that assists pregnant Alaskan teens (before Bristol got knocked up), slashing funds to Special Education Services (before Trig came along), baluga whales, serving big oil, gosh there's so much more but I'm getting tired of typing.
Now the Refucks are blaming the "media" for being too harsh on Sarah. Geez whiz.
Last GOP VP that blamed the media so much before he said "nolo contendre" was a jerk named Agnew.
same political party, different year.
Tonight will be another "show".
Family values Sarah takes the stage, and I can't wait to hear what Rudy Gu9/11iani is going to say (perhaps in drag). I'm already making the popcorn.
Keep ranting, and laughing,

At 6:14 PM, Blogger DivaJood said...

BTW, I work with your Aunt Kathy - she's the one who gave me the link to your blog.

At 7:00 PM, Blogger Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...


Send my best to Aunt Kathy and Uncle Walt Clements. I love them both like nobody's business! When I was a very little boy, I would look forward to the trips Uncle Walt would make to New York in his blue Volkswagen Beetle. The drives he gave us in that car - either in Goshen, New York or South Bend, Indiana, are some of my most cherished memories of my early childood.

Love and Peace,

Tom Degan

At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Billy Jingles said...

Whiny Lieberman is a reprehensible snake who reminds me of the type of coward who'd yell "lynch 'em" but always manage to disappear in the back of the mob when things go dicey. The Republican "circlejerk" is a disgusting attempt to pander to the Christian right-wing and in their hope to continue Bush's Folly the party will troll for those animated by violence, hate, racism, homophobia, or those who are perpetually pissed and need scapegoats. McCain is a scary old man who feels entitled to the highest office. His fiery and unpredictable temper is NOT what America needs now or in the coming years!

At 12:52 PM, Blogger Prairie Waif said...

While dealing with a drunken co-worker, training a new one and assisting customers, I hear the CBC radio commentator, sorry cannot identify whom, discussing "Palin's" speech; it was all they could do to keep from laughing about how ridiculous it was in its entirety.

This morning, I "open up" my CONSERVATIVE copy of Canada's National Post on-line and find the live blog of their assessing the convention evening as it progresses.


Best lines from Canada's CONSERVATIVE bloggers?

9:15: Mitt Romney's speaking and I just noticed something. The guy is a dead wringer for Dagwood Bumstead. I could never figure out how Mitt got all that money; he doesn't look like a zillionaire. He looks like the guy you put in charge of organizing the office party, because he's just so dad-gum enthusiastic about everything.

9.26: Mike Huckabee

9.37: He told a long story about buying school desks, and how John McCain helped pay for his school desk. Sorry, I zoned out there for a minute. Next up is the Governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, who I'm betting isn't backing the candidate from Hawaii. She must be loving this: the only state that gets less attention than Alaska at most conventions is Hawaii, and now here they both are, hanging out with the big-boy states. Yo! California! How's it hangin? (Sorry, I got a little George Bush there for a moment.)

9.45: She's talking about Sarah's husband, Todd. I don't know about you, but every time I hear the name Todd I think of Bill Murray and Gilda Radner.


I could go on, but why spoil all your laughs for the morning. Be careful! Don't be drinking anything that will irritate your nasal passages as you sputter while laughing and your coffee comes out your nose.

Read from the time stamp 9:15 which is at the bottom of the text, just above the comments section, and read UP to read comments from beginning of evening with Mitt to 11:21

CNN says they couldn't keep track of the shots at Obama.

Yeah, (hail to Germanicus for this comment), it's hard to shoot when the yahoos are shooting while flying above the "snow-white field" from a Piper Cub plane with an AK47. Damn things have one helluva kickback. . and controlling the ammo is worse than a potato launcher. . .GAFF . . .

At 10:10 PM, Blogger Prairie Waif said...


In last week's The Rant, you said,

"She looked and sounded like a giddy little fifteen-year-old who had just been elected class president. Not a whole hell of a lot of gravitas there to be sure. She reminded me of Sally Field as Gidget."

You, and everyone, will love this!

Sarah Palin channels Sally Field to Republicans: 'You like me, you really like me'
Posted: September 04, 2008, 8:00 PM by Kelly McParland

Read as heroic Sarah goes through being Norma Rae, Forrest Gump's Mother, "The Flying Nun" and MORE! (beautiful comparison between Sarah's performance and Sally's acting).

At 2:11 AM, Blogger Jan said...

Great rant, Tom!!!

The best part of the convention ... not a fucking word about the last eight years. It's as if the Gooper never existed.

I love the idea that they are running away from themselves, sorta like the monkey who ran in circles until he ran up his own ass.

These are scary people, make no mistake, because they are righteous, smug and mean spirited. They don't give a rats ass for anyone who doesn't think like them. Selfish, and not a little stupid, they're in control and short of revolution, they know they own the US of A.



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