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From "The Rant", January 27, 2008:

"There's nothing vague about John Edwards' message - you know where he stands on every issue of any importance to average Americans. Unlike Barack Obama, whose heart is in the right place but who talks in poetic generalities, and Hillary Clinton - who is heartless - John Edwards has a definite, tangible vision of the new direction he wants to take America. Why isn't he catching on?"
Oh, Johnny we hardly knew ye! Hah-roo! Hah-roo!

Hindsight is a funny thing, isn't it? Can you even imagine what would have happened had this latest sex scandal exploded two weeks before the Democratic National Convention with John Edwards as the presumptive nominee? That would have set progressive politics back to the age of Theodore Roosevelt! And to think that he probably would have been nominated had Barack Obama not decided to run (I just can't convince myself that the Dems would have been foolish enough to give the prize to Hillary Clinton). Can you imagine how the GOP would have exploited that? The fact that John and Cindy McCain got together before he divorced his first wife would not have meant a thing to these nitwits. Hypocrisy knows no shame.
Oh! And speaking of hypocrites....
I naively believed that Bill and Hillary Clinton had finally conceded to reality and climed on board the Obama bandwagon. That was wishful thinking on my part, I guess. They are both trying to sabatoge Senator Obama's chance to be the First African American in history to live in the White House. Just a few days ago, when approached in Africa by a reporter from the American Broadcasting Company, Bill was asked if he believed Barack Obama qualified to be president of the United States. Our man Bubbah just could not bring himself to say one simple, three-letter word: "YES". And now, it seems, Hillary is determined to have her name placed in nomination at the convention, which is only bound to stir up the emotions of her starry-eyed, sycophantic core supporters - not a hell of a lot of them, but enough to do some serious and lasting damage. They still deeply resent the fact that their gal was defeated by this relatively unknown, prarie lawyer from Illinois....Forgive me, I meant to say "freshman senator from Illinois"....Sorry 'bout that. What was I thinking?
This is liable to get ugly, folks. As if I had to explain this to you, what is happening is this: The former first couple is going to do everything humanly possible to see to it that the Democratic candidate loses on Election Day, thereby giving her a shot at the nomination in 2012. The fact that another four years of Republican control of the executive branch of our government would be the final nail in this doomed country's coffin means not a thing to these two. All Bill and Hillary care about is power - raw, naked power. Neither one of them give a damn about the country they profess to love so much. Neither one of them have so much as a clue as to how transparent their lust for the White House is. These are two thoroughly disgusting human beings. And you ask me why I am no longer a Democrat? Please.
Oh! And speaking of disgusting....
It is plainly obvious - painfully so - that the Republican party is long past the point where they can win any election on the basis of ideas. As Paul Krugman astutely pointed out yesterday in his New York Times column, the so-called "party of ideas" has become "the party of stupid" (Good heavens, what would we do without Krugman? I shudder to think!)
The only way John McCain will be able to win this thing in the autumn will be by demonizing his opponent. One would figure that he would have quite an uphill battle given the way twelve years of GOP control of the House and Senate and seven years of the worst presidency in history have nearly destroyed this country. McCain has stated - too many times to count - that he has every intention of continuing with the First Fool's disastrous military and economic policies. The task he has set for himself is not as daunting as one might think. He has one very important element working in his favor: the rip-roaring stupidity of so huge a segment of the American people. An electorate that would cheerfully send a criminally idiotic jackass like George W. Bush to the White House - not merely once, but twice - is capable of just about anything.
The Republicans have been dealt a very lousy hand. There is only one card they will be able to play from this marked deck - and you know damned good and well which card I am referring to here. They will not be able to win this thing ideologically. By now, most of us know only too well what their ideas are all about. Twenty-eight years of their twisted obsession with deregulation has left America's infrastructure in shambles. Even the utterly clueless American people have started to wake up to that fact. No, the only way the GOP will be able to obtain victory in November will be by frightening the public away from voting for a black man.
If you thought that the campaings of 2000 and 2004 were ugly - OH, BROTHER! In the words faux black man, the late Al Jolson: "You ain't seen nothin' yet!" This is going to get nasty; very nasty indeed. The most disturbing thing (to me, at least) is the fact that Senators McCain and Obama are in a virtual dead heat. It has to be admitted that had the Democratic nomination gone to a white person, he or she would be fifteen to twenty points ahead of the senile old bobblehead from Arizona. America is having one hell of a hard time coming to grips with the idea that a non-white person could be an able and effective chief-executive. The very thought that a black family could live in any other part of the White House but the servant's quarters is abhorrent to some of these knuckleheads. Will these people ever grow up? I think the time has come where they will be forced to do so.
Here is what Barack Obama has going in his favor. In extraordinary times past, Americans have shown that they are perfectly capable of doing extraordinary things. While the Democrats took a major gamble by giving the nomination to an African American, it was a gamble that was worth taking. The people are desperate for change. Maybe the time has finally come where they will be able to take the same kind of gamble the Democratic Party took, toss their preconceived notions and predjudices to the wind, and put their trust in a man whom, like Franklin Delano Roosevelt three quarters of a century ago, will ultimately prove to be a very different kind of president.
Not since Election day 1932 has the need to go in an entirely new direction been as obvious as it is in this extraordinary politcal year. Will we concede to the inevitabitity of the moment? It's hard to say at this point in time. The election is three months away (a lifetime in politics) and anything can happen between now and then. If McCain is elected, it is all-but-certain that the crimes of the Bush administration will never see the light of justice. George W. Bush will do everything in his incalculable power to see to it that Obama is defeated. The right wing propaganda machine, led into battle by Fox Noise, will do everything they can - within the law and without - to make sure that the Republicans are victorious. And let's not forget the very real possibility of voter fraud. They've already stolen two national elections. Don't think for a minute that they aren't planning to do so again. Keep your eyes wide open.
An Obama administration, if inaugurated on January 20, 2009, will be hard-pressed to correct and reinstate some of the programs and social saftey nets that have been looted by the current, incompetent administration. The overwhelming majority of his time will be spent dealing with the fiscal catastrophe that the Bush Mob will bequeath to him. By the end of his first term, he will be seen even by some in his own party to be a failure (Watch for Senator Clinton to launch a primary challenge against him for the nomination as his first term draws to a close - the woman is absolutely despicable). But hopefully, the country as a whole will come to the realization that too much damage has been done to this once-great nation that can be remedied in a single, four year term. As has been mention on this site before, generations of presidents, some of them as yet unborn, will be dealing with the damage that was done in just eight, short years by this one, ruthlessly corrupt, imbecilic president. Patience and fortitude from all Americans will be called for. The next president of the United States should not make any promises but should instead ask for much sacrifice.
Tom Degan
Goshen, NY
The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth
by Joe Conason


At 12:49 PM, Anonymous ethical1 said...

Hope...we have 3 month's left of our prescription. Somehow, its effects aren't working as well as they did when first we swallowed that wonderful little notion. Hope, its all we have left. Our houses, our jobs, our healthcare, now, even our abiity to stay warm and fed have been taken away from many. We watch our neighbors being put on the street, our friends and families looking month after month for jobs that just don't exist, and we continue to hope.

A wise old person taught me the saying, "Wish in one hand and shit in the other, what do you get?"

Every time I turn on the news I begin yelling at my television. I see what is truly happening each day from the net and the stories in the mainstream are no where close to the truth.

How much longer does the MSM think we can take of their nasty, snide right-wing opinions before snipers start shooting them from rooftops as they walk to their luxury cars at night?

McCain has become desperate, grasping at sound bites in a Rovian ploy (don't you know Carl just got a tingle up his spine with that description) to once again dirty this nation in an attempt to trick the country into making yet another major error in judgement.

Neck and neck you say? Watch over the coming months as the pendulum swings in his favor. That's all they need to steal a third election, just a close opinion poll number. Who are they calling in these damn polls anyway? NASCAR fans and McNugget addicts?

I'll keep swallowing my prescription of hope and pray it gets me through the next 90 days. After that, it may be time to try something like acid or mushrooms to keep buying into the absurd lies I'm asked to believe. Anybody got a brown shirt I can borrow?

At 5:33 PM, Blogger Prairie Waif said...

The only way John McCain will be able to win this thing in the autumn will be by demonizing his opponent.

No, Tom, the Hillary Clinton/Zell Miller Branch of the "Democrats-dumb-as-cheap-paper-plates," are the **~REAL~** danger to hope that The United States of America can be returned to rule by The Constitution and "Black Letter Law."

As you state, *the* Clintons will stop at nothing for power. The camera video that shows Hillary stating, "it might be a good idea to enter my name into nomination, that would close things for my supporters so the party could move on," just demonstrates that *the* Clintons will drink sewage, blood or bilge water to slag their thirst for 1. Power, 2. Prestige, 3. Hedonism.

In a Rant you wrote 2 weeks ago, I stated that we had to worry and worry big time because the *IDIOTS* were going to vote for keeping their money in their pockets because "you know how to spend it better than the government! Now the Zell Miller, Dixiecrats (who REALLY CANNOT IMAGINE A NIGGAR >>Ooh! Did she really spell it out?! Didn't anyone tell her it isn't PC to be truthful, fully, anymore?<< in their WHITE HOUSE) can champion THEIR GREAT WHITE HOPE--->Hillary Clinton.

I feel nauseous. I hear that John Edwards will never be allowed to address the DNC, GASP! He and his wife kept their private life of 2006, in 2006-->HOW DARE THEY!! The Billary Bots will run with the Edwards "story" tying it into Obama--->"Imagine if OBAMA is elected and chooses EDWARDS(!!!) as the Attorney General?!!. They will find every crevice that the light of hope is shining through and plaster it with the sewage so densely packed into their mouths and brains.

Obama ain't no sissy, but he's up against the Luftwaffe and the brown shirts handing out wrist bracelets at the DNC in Denver, and how do they keep their chilled cold, evil hearts warm? Under their brown shirts they wear a "Hillary for President" T-shirt handed out to them by Lanny Davis.

Home? Can I come home? The USA? or
"Oh, Canada, my home and Native Land, true patriot pride in all they sons command, WITH GLOWING HEARTS WE SEE THEE RISE. . .

The sun is about to set on the great experiment begun in 1776, if only ONE pin-prick of light can shine through the darkness of evil in the Clintons and McCain camps, we may be able to spend the next 8 years with the beginnings of repatriation of the Constitution of The United States of America.

God help us all if that light is extinguished.


"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness."

At 5:57 PM, Blogger stoney13 said...

This whole week has my Weird-Shit-O-Meter bouncing off the scale!

First we get the news that a Government scientist sent the Anthrax-laced letters to all the Democrats, and scared them all into voting for the Patriot Act.

Then we get the news that the aforementioned Doctor had the mental stability of a rhinoceros on acid! We hear that his therapist, (who cannot spell the word "therapist") actually took out a restraint order on him! That he had been diagnosed with several really scary disorders of the mind!

We're not talking about some shrinking violet when it comes to the "therapist"! She'd been in the clink on drug charges, and for beating up her ex-husband, and this guy scared her!

What else was The United States Government going to do with this seriously maladjusted, individual, but to put horrifyingly, virulent pathogenic bacterial strains at his disposal!

These are the people that all want us to shut the fuck up, and let them do their jobs!

These are the people that want us to buy whatever line of shit they come up with, because it's expedient for them!

These are the people that are paid to keep us safe from mad scientist types with biological weapons!


*sigh* I need a joint...and another Weird-Shit-O-Meter!

At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Dr. Rick Lippin said...

In addition to evil values the incompetency of this administration literally know no bounds.(that is lethal combination)

Tom -You are correct. It will take decades if ever to undue the damage "W" and cronies have heaped upon us.

But "optimism remains a moral imperative"

Dr. Rick Lippin

At 3:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a hopeful cuss, aren't you, Tom? Where are your explainations for why Obama is twisting and turning on every subject? FISA, offshore drilling, federal funding... And you complain about Hillary? Please! Admit it, he's bought and paid for. Like McCain. Like most politicians. Do you think those corporate donations he's getting come free, that the strings vanish? Obama will do whatever it takes to be President (Lie, pander to the right, betray his base), the same complaints you leveled against Clinton. Fair is fair, Tom. Where is your mirror against your hopeful? Why aren't you roundly condemning him for what he's doing? No, instead you defend him. I dislike McCain intensely. His politics are foul. So are Obama's. Face it, the best way is actually to vote third party and find someone who wants real change. All Obama wants change for is himself. You write well and I admire your beliefs. I honestly think you mean what you say. But you're almost an "Obama Zombie", excusing everything he does while riveling his competitors who did the same thing. He's no hero, just a politician. And he's not going to change one damn thing.

At 2:17 PM, Blogger stoney13 said...

Hey, misanthrope 1,

So you're going to vote for McCain? Give us George Bush's third term?

Or will you throw your vote away on Nader the Dog Faced Boy,whose pie-eyed platitudes cluster-fucked just enough Democrats to give us George Bush TWICE!!!

You want the Rethuglicans out? Then you vote for the person who has the best chance of getting it done!

This isn't the buffet at Ling Chow's! You don't get to put a platter together!

Obama ain't perfect by a damn-sight, but he's a damn-sight better than what we've got! In my book that's close enough!

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Amen, brother, Stoney!

Not to worry, Misanthrope 1, I think that Senator Obama just may surprise you. If not, I shall be back at this same spot in four years with an omlet on my face.


Tom Degan

At 10:24 PM, Blogger stoney13 said...

Don't sweat it, Tom. I don't see it getting any worse under Ombama than it was under "King George the Dim"

I don't know what Nader is going to do, but I hope enough people know that he's no friend of the Democrats!

People vote for the sad bastard because they feel sorry for him, and who can blame them! He looks like his parents shot his dog right before they stepped, arm in arm, in front of a bus!

At 12:55 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I finally got to your blog.
To tired to read now, but I think it can educate me a bit. I need that. I will read. Jenn


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