Friday, May 30, 2008

McClellan's Talking

It's really quite funny when you think about it. Whenever this disgusting administration goes "on message", one can hear a pattern emerging. Such was the case with the reaction to the new book by former White House press secretary Scott McClellan:
"It's puzzling".
"This just doesn't sound like Scott".
"This is sooo heartbreaking".
"He sounds like a left wing blogger".
"This is not the Scott I knew".
"Oh, Scotty, we hardly knew ye (Ha-roo! Ha-roo!)"
My pesonal favorite were the comments of the current press secretary Dana Perino, who described McClellan as a "disgruntled former employee". This is the same woman who back in December, when asked a question which contained a reference to the Cuban Missile Crisis, didn't know what the questioner was referring to. Think about that for a minute. In October of 1962 the United States and the Soviet Union came to the very brink of nuclear war. For the first and only time, humanity was facing the very real possibility of the end of the world. It was the most infamous (and potentially lethal) diplomatic/military event in world history - and the press secretary to the president of the United States of America has never even heard about it! The Bush administration has been - from day one - packed to the rafters with idiots like Dana Perino. The question is literally begging to be asked: Just where in the hell do they find these assholes?
This book reveals absolutely nothing that anyone paying attention all these years didn't already know: the invasion of Iraq was based on non-existent or faulty intelligence and the American people were lied to in the run-up to the war. What is amazing is to hear a former high official of this administration admit as much. As it was quoted from the book in yesterday's New York Daily News:
"History appears poised to confirm what most Americans today have decided - that the decision to invade Iraq was a serious strategic blunder....Waging an unnecessary was is a grave mistake....I've come to believe that an even more fundamental mistake was made....a decision to turn away from candor and honesty when those qualities were most needed. Our lack of candor and honesty in making the case for war would later provoke a partisan response from our opponents, that, in a way, further distorted and obscured a more nuanced reality."

This will only be the first book of many. It is interesting to contemplate just whom among the scores of sycophants who are now condemning McClellan will be writing their own kiss and tell memoirs a year or two down the line. You can be absolutely certain that a whole hell of a lot of them will eventually cash in while simultaneously trying to whitewash their respective roles as players in the most corrupt and incompetent administration in the history of human stupidity. And let us not forget the fact that a lot of these people are going to be prosecuted for serious felonies committed against the American people. What better way to handle all those nasty legal bills than a sweet, six-figure book deal? I can't wait for Karl Rove's book. That should be really interesting! The question is, what publishing firm will be disreputable enough to sell it? How many people will be foolish enough to buy it? The survival of too many depend on how much distance they will able to put between themselves and George W. Bush in the next year or so. Here is Scott McClellan's take on the First Fool:

"[He is] not quite the leader I once imagined him to be....He has engaged in a degree of self-deception that may be psychologically necessary to justify the tactics needed to win the political game....He has always been an instinctive leader more than an intellectual leader....he chooses based on his gut and his most deeply held convictions. Such was the case with Iraq....Bush's discomfort with change makes it difficult for him to step back from the bonds he develops and make clear-eyed decisions about what is best."
Actually, McClellan is quite charitable in his characterization of Bush. One of the assertions he makes in the book is that the Bush Mob distorted intelligence regarding Saddam Hussein's mythical WMD program in order to achieve their goal of bringing democracy to the Middle East. Bullshit. These people stole two elections in their own country. They don't give a damn about democracy in Iraq or anywhere else for that matter. Their real motivation for invading was to seize what is generally believed to be the second or third largest oil reserves on the planet. For that reason, over a million men, women and little children are dead. What you have here is the very definition of war crimes. Sixty years ago former Nazis were being hanged at the gallows for a lot less.

Back on November 26, after McClellan announced the details of his forthcoming book, I wrote on this blog in a piece called, Sing, Scotty, Sing!!!:

"[W]henever anyone had the nerve to stand up and expose the corruption and incompetence of the Bush Mob (Paul O'Neil, Richard Clarke, Joe Wilson, Scott Ritter, John Kerry....the list is endless) that person's reputation was seriously damaged by the Karl Rove propaganda machine....My biggest fear is that Scotty is going to cave in to the pressure that Bush's henchmen will undoubtedly place on him."

When the April publication date came and went, I thought that they might have been successful at intimidating him. Thank goodness I was wrong about that - but I did get this right: the assault on McClellan's reputation is going full tilt. From the piece I wrote in November:

"Rush Limbaugh dismissed the story by implying that all one had to do was look at Scott's record of distortions as spokesman for the Bush White House to see that he's a known liar. Why believe him now? I wonder, did Rush even bother thinking that one through before blurting it out? It's the drugs. It must be."

Oh, and speaking of drugs! My favorite quote from the book is about the 2000 campaign and Bush's rumored cocaine use:

"I heard Bush say, 'You know, the truth is I honestly don't remember whether I tried it or not. We had some pretty wild parties back in the day, and I just don't remember.' I remember thinking to myself, How can that be? How can someone simply not remember whether or not they used an illegal substance like cocaine?....I felt I was witnessing Bush convincing himself to believe something that probably was not true."

Hopefully the American people will start to see the pattern here and recognize the assault on McClellan's character for what it is: lies that are only meant to distract us from a much larger and ominous truth. The fact is they were lying to us when they said we were in imminent danger of "mushroom clouds". They ignored critical, tangible intelligence that Saddam Hussein and his two nutty sons were a threat to no one but themselves. The result is without a doubt the most spectacular and catastrophic foreign policy blunder in American history - possibly in the history of the world. This war is lost. Our only option for "winning" it would be to drop several nuclear weapons on the country, killing every human being inhabiting it. Since that is not an option (at least I hope like hell it's not) our only choice would be to withdraw as soon as possible and hope for the best. If our only exit strategy depends on total victory, we'll be bogged down in Iraq forever.

Every day in every way it's getting worse and worse for this nightmare of an administration. As the months drag by, and the specter of the damage that these people have done to our country becomes more and more apparent, the inevitable reality will start to sink in that many people need to be prosecuted and sent to prison for the rest of their lives. That list would include George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney. It is not merely the crimes that have been committed against the people of Iraq - bad as those crimes are - but the scores of billions of dollars that have gone unaccounted for in the process. Seriously, whom do you think has the clout to steal that much cash - Scott McClellan?

It's going to be interesting to watch this administration go into damage control in the next few weeks. Trying to portray squeaky clean Scotty as some kind of anti-American, bomb-throwing anarchist is going to be a bit of a chore to say the least. Said Press Secretary Perino, Bush "doesn't recognize this as the Scott McClellan that he hired and confided in and worked with for so many years." Of course he doesn't. This Scott McClellan doesn't even vaguely resemble Bush's sycophantic spokesman of two years ago. There's been a change here and it's a welcome one. Good for you, Scott!

Tom Degan

Goshen, NY


What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception by Scott McClellan

The Greatest Story Ever Sold by Frank Rich


At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A letter in today's NY Times makes an important point that is worth quoting in full:

"To the Editor:

If Scott McClellan was so out of the loop — and his access to information as delimited as the administration now argues — why would the news media attend future Q & A sessions of the current press secretary or give her the time of day?

Leo Driscoll
Spokane, Wash., May 28, 2008"

Indeed. Why would any self-respecting journalist believe anything any of these people say?

~social democrat

At 8:11 PM, Blogger Prairie Waif said...

As much as Smokey's cure for "Political Poisoning" is possible here in Canada, I have never availed myself of "the green." Somehow, I crawled out from under my academic rock long after the rebellion of high school and by that time? Pale Wheat Beer with a slice of Lime on the Patio of the Peterborough Arms was the place to discuss the *DISGUST* of the UNITED STATES ADMINISTRATION.

I cannot, for the *life* of me, understand how there can still be supporters of this corrupt and Held in World Wide Contempt Bush Administration. Who needs the Thorazine? There seems to be a huge split of people from the reality in which they live, due to the policies of the BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

This summer's beverage of choice? Sitting on the patio with a GUINNESS. At least Ireland was able to recover a floundering economy and due to the diaspora of the potato famine, there will always be a sympathetic Irish compatriot to share it with. . .

I'm ordering a few cases to have at home. And then storing up the financial resources to spend my summer in a stupor. The whole primary has been a nightmare.

Scott McClelland, OF ALL PEOPLE is a beacon of hope that my country may be salvagable. . .

I need a drink.

At 9:27 PM, Blogger stoney13 said...

If you've done so many drugs, that you forgot that you ever did drugs, then you've done a shit load of drugs!!!!!!

At 9:29 PM, Blogger stoney13 said...

Prairie Waif,

Draft or Extra Stout?^_^

At 10:53 PM, Blogger Prairie Waif said...

We'll meet with Tom and do both.

At 5:34 AM, Blogger stoney13 said...

Social Democrat,

When it's the only game in town, you play it! That's how they pulled this shit off! They make sure you get only one side of the story! They do it by being a bunch of sneaky son-of-a-bitches! You know! LIKE FUCKING SNEAK-THIEVES!

THINK about it, man! In 1999, did YOU think this country would be this fucked up in 2008? The press deserves a GREAT deal of blame for it! Of course the press isn't completely to blame! It was government that shaped the system that dumbs down the populace! The press just helped put it in place when news became entertainment!

At 7:48 AM, Blogger Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

You've hit the nail right on the head, Stoney. "News as entertainment". It was Reagan's deregulation of the FCC that made this deplorable situation possible. Back in the day of the Cronkites and the Severeids and the Murrows, the American people has a pretty good idea what was going on with regard to affairs of state. That is no longer the case. The corporate takeover of the media as turned us into the stupidest people on the planet Earth. Think about that. Twenty-five years ago, CBS was owned by the Paley family. Today it is owned by Westinghouse - an arms manufacturer. Why isn't the public seriously alarmed by this turn of events? Oh....right. They're idiots. Never mind.

Tom Degan

At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Access" to unreliable data is worse than no access at all. It's just as sickening to see all these so-called journalists starting to speak up and say "Yeah, I was threatened with loss of access if I tried to make waves and ask real questions." THAT was their real story. Why didn't they report that?

Yes, I understand the death spiral that we're in. We the People are asking our elected officials to vote themselves out of all this power, influence, and money that we have allowed them to award themselves. Who are we kidding? We had some power at the ballot box until the corporations took that over, too. I think that a majority of the People now realize that corporations were create to serve the People and the common good, and not vice versa, but it may be too late to reverse direction. The ship of state is no sailboat, it's a 550,000 ton oil tanker.

~social democrat

At 3:42 PM, Blogger Prairie Waif said...

Access to power?

When was the last time one of those "Press Secretaries" asked Helen Thomas a question? Huh?

Years. Why? Because she held them to the question that she ASKED, not the one they answered.

Too bad most people think that if someone opens their mouth after a question they are actually addressing the question asked, when in reality? They are just spitting out the automated "talking points" plugged into their voice box for the day and whenever someone asks a question, aka "pulls the string," they get the three or four programmed answers. Next? "Math is hard."

At 4:40 PM, Anonymous ethical1 said...

I think it's great that Scott came clean. At the same time, I refuse to buy his book and contribute to his personal fortune as a reward for all the lies he told me during his tenure. This seems to be how the game is played. Lie, quit, wait a couple years, cash in on telling the truth and clear your name.

Unless Mr. McClellan agrees to donate all his proceeds to helping the Iraq war veterans he helped create, don't buy his book!

Wendy in St. Louie

At 5:03 PM, Blogger Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Good point, Wendy! He really should donate the proceeds to the vets and the widows and widowers and orphans of those vets. Although Ari Fleisher had more of a hand in creating them than Scott did.

Tom Degan

At 1:20 AM, Anonymous John Harragin said...

How? The liberal biased media - that is how. That statement is a lie - and it is the foundation that so many other lies are built upon. Tom started a list by mentioning Westinghouse's owning of CBS. It continues with GE owning NBC, Disney - ABC, Fox... The list goes on and on. Is it reasonable to expect news that is not loaded with propaganda?

We should really work to bust the myth of 'liberal bias'.

It's worth noting that the fox type 'liberal bias' attacks are aimed at ABC, NBC and the NY Times in a way that is intended to give a sense of credibility to these attacked media sources to non-fox enthusiasts (like us?). NBC, for instance, uses Keith Olbermann to draw this attack - but for every minute of Keith, there is many many hours of their normal programing. And you can guess what nutritious information those motherfuckers are slipping into that feed.

Free your mind - quit watching TV!


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