Monday, November 12, 2007

With Democrats Like These....

This is the story 'bout Chuck and Diane
Two American pols screwin' up the whole land....
From my posting on "The Rant", November 8, 2006, one day after last year's mid-term elections:

"One week ago, we had every right to be pessimistic. All of that has changed....Come January 1st, it's all over - and when I say "over" I'm not merely referring to the Bush presidency, I'm referring to the entire right wing movement that began with the so-called "Reagan Revolution" over a quarter of a century ago."
What a difference a year makes.
One year ago last week, the American people (or, at least, the ones who bothered to vote) sent a clear, unmistakable message to their elected Representatives. The message could not have been misinterpreted: We're sick of the corrupt, reactionary fools and thieves who are at present running our beloved, once-great nation into the dirt. We're outraged that this country's tax burden is now being carried by the poor and middle class (a middle class which is quickly disappearing). We're fed up with the corporate greed that is throwing millions of our citizens into grinding poverty. We want the House and the Senate to act as the Constitution mandates they act: as overseers of the executive branch of this government. And, most importantly: We demand that American involvement in the obscenity that our "rulers" are at this moment committing against the men, women and little children of Iraq be ended - NOW!
That's fairly clear and concise, don'cha think? Now what part of that message did these stupid fucking Democrats not get?
The spineless timidity with which these pathetic, gutless assholes have shown in confronting the worst president in history and his nightmare of an administration's assault on American democracy can only be described as nauseating. All the hope that every thinking American was feeling on Election Day last is dead. On January 1 of last year we wanted to believe that the 110th Congress would do their constitutional duty and end George W. Bush's reign of terror and error. So cowardly have they turned out to be, they couldn't even bring themselves to vote for Dennis Kucinich's proposed articles of impeachment this week against Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney! A man whose approval ratings are now in the single digits! When the opportunity finally presented itself where they could take bold, decisive action, these goddamned crybabies folded up like a set of burlap lawn chairs.
Note to John Hall (my congressman, who voted with his timid colleagues to kill the Cheney impeachment): Don't make any plans for the 111th Congress, Buster! By the way, John, that band you fronted in the Seventies? Orleans? You guys were awful! "You're Still The One" still sucks! There. I feel better already.
While all of this was going on, Charles Schumer and Diane Fine-stain (thank you, Jello Biafra) voted during confirmation hearings to allow the name of Attorney General designate Michael Mukasey to go to the floor for a full vote. This is a guy who during his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, was unable to say whether or not waterboarding was legal, and thus, constituted torture. Said Senator Feinstein: "I really believe this person will be an independent source of fresh air in the department."
Come again???
Or how 'bout this little gem of enlightenment that Chuck Schumer added to the conversation: "For the Senate to make a bold declaration about torture and waterboarding is appealing. But to defeat him would abandon the hope of instituting many of the reforms called for by our investigation."
Huh??? Does Chuckles actually believe that Bush's latest hack is going to reform the Department of Justice? Is he so naive that he thinks for even a moment that Mukasey is going to hold the Bush Mob accountable for their crimes - too vast to adequately catalogue - against the people of the United States? He's joking, right? He's gotta be!
Am I missing something here?
The argument seems to be that we need an Attorney General to manage Justice - regardless of that person's competence. That's a fallacy too ridiculous to even comment on (but I will - what the heck!) It would probably be better off for the country as a whole to have that department leaderless for the foreseeable future then for them to install someone who will do even more damage than has already been done. A rudderless ship will drift for a while - but it rarely, if ever, sinks outright. Think about it: We've gone from John Ashcroft (bad) to Alberto Gonzalez (worse) to, quite possibly, Michael Mukasey (worst?) That's a chance that really shouldn't be taken. Unfortunately for us, the Democrats are just positively giddy to take these reckless chances. You see, they think that the more the GOP destroys America, the easier it will be for them to be elected next year. I kid you not, they actually believe such nonsense. That they would allow these despicable people to run roughshod over our government for no other reason than to satisfy their own, naked political opportunism is one of the most shameful things I've ever witnessed. These people have some nasty surprises in store for them come November of 2008.
Leave it to good ol' Russ Feingold to put things in their proper perspective! I'm told that he once failed an examination in High School. That may very well be the case but he's been pretty much right on target ever since. Said he:
"If judge Mukasey won't say the simple truth, that this barbaric behavior is torture, how can we count on him to stand up to the White House on other issues?"
The very fact that someone of Senator Feingold's stature and intellect still walks the floors of that body is one of the few (very few) things that give me hope.
The disgusting behavior this week of our Democratic Representatives only reinforces the rightness of my decision to bolt that worthless party almost a decade ago. They have all but abandoned the ideals of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal that set this country on the path to a near middle class utopia seventy-five years ago. The fact that only a miracle of fate will prevent them from nominating a candidate as visionless and clueless as Hillary Clinton to be their standard bearer at next summer's convention is all the proof you need to smell the ideological sewer into which they have fallen.
With Democrats like these, who needs Republicans?
Fifty-one years ago, John Fitzgerald Kennedy won a Pulitzer Prize in Historical Non-fiction for his book, Profiles In Courage. Were he writing that book today, where would he look for inspiration while casting his eyes upon the current, miserable state of his party? There is no doubt that he would be as embarrassed as you and I at the sorry, gnarled condition of the party of FDR. Their "base" is as angry as it's been in a very, very long time. Unless they get their act together soon and start showing the kind of courage that Jack Kennedy wrote so eloquently about half a century ago, they should expect another Green/Third Party uprising at the polls next November. That's not a vague threat. That's an absolute fact. Count on it.
Tom Degan
Goshen, NY
Profiles in Courage
by John F. Kennedy
Many of you who are regular readers of "THE RANT" have more than likely read the comments of Stoney Browning. You really ought to have a look at his blog, "Stoney's Rage". He's mad as hell and he's not gonna to take it anymore! Here's a link:


At 8:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The current health of the Democratic party looks grim and appears more like a Democratic Republican Alliance but I feel there is hope. The dynamics of “new” two-party system in America has been changing, exceedingly slow of course, but maybe in the end a more diverse and progressive society will emerge and prevail. There may be an even tie in Congress between the two parties but the Democrats are still entrenched in minorityism. Presently it seems like they are dinosaurs waiting for the weather to change. They will either live on or become extinct.

At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom- Agree

If DEMS don't show some REAL SPINE SOON (catchy title?) I agree many more independents will run AND get elected.

Be Well- Please!

Rick Lippin

At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

I am puzzled, disgusted and disheartened about what is going on. I simply can not understand how the Democrats consistently cave in to this nitwit president and the despicable things happening in this country. If I were not so damned old, for the first time in my life, I would seriously consider moving to another country.

At 12:54 PM, Blogger stoney13 said...

Amen, Amen, A-FUCKING-MEN!!!!

It's always tyhe same thing!!! Pork pie speaks, the "Dimocrats" whine like a bunch of wimps, AND THEN THEY CAVE!!!!

Hillary has the "Vaginal Victory Crew" so befuddled by the thought of getting a woman,(ANY WOMAN!!), in the White House, they can't see that Rupert Murdoch, Big Phrma, and the millitary industrialists, have filled her coffers to the bursting point! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!! It's more of the same!

Elect Hillary, and we'll be in the same shape we're in right now! 2013 will find us STILL in Iraq, saddled with debt, and owned by China!! GET REAL!!!!

Look where this woman gets her money! LOOK!!!! Now why do you think that is? What do you think all these K Street types are buying for their money? WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!

And don't even get me started on Nancy Pelosi!! Wanna know why the Kusinich bill went nowhere? That's easy! PELOSI DOESN'T WANT THE JOB!!!!! Impeach Bush! Impeach Cheney! Guess who winds up as President? NANCY PELOSI!!!!!! That's who!!! She knows what a mess Bush put this country is in, and she doesn't know how to fix it! Hell! I don't know anybody that CAN fix it!

I once thought that Ron Paul made sense, but Ron Paul is like a shallow grave! The deeper you dig, the more he stinks!

I don't know what's going to happen in 2008, but I know one thing for DAMNED sure! We won't like it, and it will be business as usual in Washington!

At 1:13 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Now Stoney! Stop beating around the bush (no pun intended) and tell us how you REALLY feel! Another gem, my friend. Thanks!

Tom Degan

At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Normally I'm with you but not for a third party. This is the way a Rudy gets elected.

I agree that the Dems are acting like a bunch of wimps. You're right, the message last year was more than clear. Thew pols just don't seem to get it.

Same old crap, go along to get along and anyone, like Dennis, who wants to speak out is treated like a fool.

The "in" group likes it the way it is. Money talks and always will.

We have to look to local elections, get poeple in office who give a damn and truly understand the issues and want to act on them.

I think voters are a whole lot more savvy than this gang thinks.

I think "impeach 'em" is a useless strategy. There isn't time enough to do that ... that's the problem. Not the merits but the process. So why chase a lost cause?

More than frustrating and sometimes it looks hopeless.

Tom, just keep the juices running and keep ranting. We're only a year away.


At 8:31 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Thank you for the kind words, Jan! And you're right; it probably is a lost cause. They can still provide rigorous legislative oversite though. Enough to cripple this administration. That really is what needs to be done.
All the best,

At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Demons only pretend to represent we the people. They do not cave to this administration they legitimize this administration. They support the basic philosophy of this administration that the bankers of the NWO are the people best qualified to manage this planet’s well being. As long as we supply the slave labor they will keep most of us alive. Like Greenspan says things could not be better on a planetary scale. So you are going to have to blast them for another 5 years before any real change is going to be on the table. Thank God the Islamic nationalists are giving them an ass kicking. We will not join that fight until 2012.

At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With Dems like this we don't need Republicans to gum up the works and run the country further into the ground (if it is possible)!
The R's have Feinstein in their pockets because her husband's business deals can't pass the smell test. Neither can the Rs but they are better at lying SO FAR.
Brace yourself for a possible Holy Joe stunt, Feinstein can go I or R and the cash will roll into her campaign coffers.
Does anyone know what the White House has on Schumer to roll him? His explanation sounded even weaker than some of the Bush-Cheny lies.
I respected Schumer but no more
DAMN RIGHT waterboarding is torture!!!!!Not being able to breathe is agony and needs a UN resolution to ban such an outrageous practise

At 2:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Put Pelosi, Feinstein, Reid, Schumer, Hillary, Lieberman and quite a few other wimps, wusses and opportunists in the same bag, shake 'em up real good, and you would NOT be able to tell who dropped out first. The only people more insipid than they are, are the idiots who keep voting for them. They all have their greedy, grimy hands under a whole convention hall full of tables. Their offshore accounts are bulging at the seams. Special interests own these mutts. Self-interest motivates them. Feinstein has a special circle in Hell waiting just for her. She actually supported the nomination of Leslie Southwick to the bench-a lifetime position for a lifelong racist! Doesn't the old hag have any moral decency left in her? Why does she even bother to call herself a Democrat?! When you nominate a right-wing scumbag like Southwick, not only are you a party sell-out, you undermine Democracy as a whole. She and Schumer scratch each other's backs. It isn't a pretty sight. As for Pelosi, the woman is useless. Maggots have more backbone. It is readily apparent that once most human beings go to Washington,D.C. to be part of the government, they metamorph into greedy, feckless, corrupt Frankensteins,that consider only their personal not the public benefit. Politicians have never had a truly honorable image. The sorry bunch that populates all the branches of government at the moment(I include the Supremes, since they are totally politicized), tarnish the image beyond mortal imagination. Horse manure looks more appealing by comparison.

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent as always! Have you ever noticed Schummer,Feinstein, Emmanuel, Hoyer are all Neocons? And they lead the opposition? As the Church Lady from SNL used to say "How Convenient"!

At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said Lakerise! As I stated in my post, I wonder if Feinstein will remain a Democrat much longer, tho I am sure Rebublican cash will continue rolling into her campaign coffers as long as her tongue is long enough to lick their boots.


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