Monday, October 29, 2007

Iraq....Iran....I rant....

As the legendary Yogi Berra once declared, "It's deja vu all over again." Four years ago - to this very day - they were flooding the Sunday morning talk shows and the prime time evening news and cable programs with their fear-mongering talk of "smoking guns" coming in the form of "mushroom clouds". Four years ago it was a "slam dunk" that, once we invaded Iraq, American soldiers would be "greeted as liberators" with "flowers and candies" strewn an their feet. Four years ago we were told by the First Fool that the mission of the United States was "to bring freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people." They were lying to us. Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction and they knew it. "Freedom and Democracy"? These are the same people who are only in power because they were able to steal two elections in their own country. They don't give a shit about democracy in Iraq or anywhere else for that matter. Their only motivation for invading that country was in order to seize the second or third largest oil reserves on the planet. Because of the Bush Mob's murderous corruption and incompetence, over one million men, women and little children lay dead.

And now these homicidal bastards want to attack Iran.

And as bad as that is, the opposition party (Note to viewers of FOX and Friends: that would be the Democrats) seems perfectly content to let the administration commit yet another blunder of historical proportions for no reason other than political gain. You see, the more Bush and company screw things up, the more they destroy your once-great nation, the easier it will be for the Dems at the polls next year. Apparently the death count means not a thing to these pathetic, gutless assholes. Aw, hell! What's one or two million more corpses between friends, ay?

The Democrats seem to have forgotten that it is only the Congress that can declare war (YIKES! It embarrasses me now to even remember that I was registered to vote in that party for twenty years!) When Bush and Cheney attack the (like it or not) sovereign nation of Iran without the constitutionally mandated congressional approval, impeachment proceedings should begin at once. If that fails to happen, the party of FDR will be destroyed next year with another third party uprising - COUNT ON IT. My advise to them? Keep a wary eye over your left shoulder, kiddies!

Again, for the second or third time this month, I must quote Paul Krugman (I think he's really neat, don't you?). From his column in this morning's New York Times:

"The idea that bombing will bring the Iranian regime to its knees - and bombing is the only option, since we've run out of troops - is pure wishful thinking. Last year Israel tried to cripple Hezbollah with an air campaign, and ended up strengthening it instead. There's every reason to believe that an attack on Iran would produce the same result, with the added effects of endangering US forces in Iraq and driving oil prices well into the triple digits."

We are already in the process of fighting two wars that we are - make no mistake about it - destined to lose. And here we are, about to insanely embark upon a third. Am I hallucinating this? Am I missing something here? What gives? All this week, George W. Bush has, once again, been brazenly playing the fear card by conjuring images of a third world war if we don't "do something" about Iran. Here's a nasty little piece of information that you can take to the bank: Attacking Iran will, almost assuredly, make World War III inevitable.

The main argument against impeaching this disgusting administration seems to be that there are only less than fifteen months to go until they're history. How much more damage can they possibly do? What's the point?

Here's the point:

The damage they have already done to this country and this planet in so short a time will take generations to undo. The irreparable harm that they can still do in what comparably little time they have left is nothing short of incalculable. Because of the stress that they have placed on the American economy, our entire social and economic infrastructure could collapse at any moment. And don't think for a minute that it's beneath them to stage an overthrow of our system of government - they've already accomplished that! That they are at this moment planning an electoral coup next year in order to perpetuate their power, I have little doubt. Don't forget that those easily manipulable, Die-Bolt electronic voting machines are now in place in more than enough swing states to do the job. Why do you think it is that in 2000 and 2004 - for the first time since scientific polling began - the exit polls did not conform to the election results? Is that a mere coincidence? C'mon, folks!

Don't deceive yourselves into believing that we're over there fighting the bad guys - WE ARE THE BAD GUYS!!! HELLO??? We "preemptively" invaded a country without provocation - a country that was a danger to no one but itself. That is what is known as a war crime. That is why the Nazi hierarchy were all hanged on the gallows sixty years ago - Hey! that gives me a great idea!....never mind. Don't kid yourselves into believing that the motives of this White House are or ever were honorable. To anyone dumb enough to believe that: I've got a portable, kerosene heater made out of balsa wood that I would just love to sell you!

When (not "if" but "when") our despicable, half-witted little thug-in-chief orders the military to begin a campaign of bombing in Iran, the House and Senate should initiate impeachment proceedings immediately. Not only that, but any and all military officers who comply with the president's orders should also be held criminally culpable. None of this "I vas only followink orders" jazz. International law clearly outlaws unprovoked attacks. Period.
On January 20, 2001 and 2004, Bush vowed to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States...." He has, instead, torn that precious document to shreds and pissed on its tattered remains. For almost seven years now, a weak and timid Congress has allowed this bloodthirsty, imbecilic little guttersnipe to run roughshod over our democracy. This is a situation which must end - not on January 20, 2009 - This is a situation which must end NOW. Our very future depends on it.

The Republican party is already doomed. Let's hope and pray that the Democrats finally show some long-overdue courage. Otherwise....

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY
Sarah Rachel is a young women living in red state Tuscaloosa, Alabama - with a very blue state perspective. Her thoughts on not only politics but, in particular, spirituality, are profound and deeply moving. Here's a link to her site:
Please, have a look. She is outstanding.


At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

Another great article and sadly enough, you are right on target with it. At this point there are only two things we can be certain of; there will be a war, or an attempted war with Iran and the Bushies will not be leaving office on 2009.

At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


While I obviously support impeachment for these fine public servants, I feel the need to point out why I don't believe that it will happen. As I peruse our national history I see a very clear trend of us as a people turning a blind eye to our own excesses and crimes. The most obvious example of which is the failure to impeach Tricky Dick. Another is to substitute the ugliness of the term "nigger" with the euphamism "the 'N'word. In both instances we have decided to ignore or attempt to prettify very ugly realities rather than confront them head on. As I don't see any attempt to change this trend in our national discourse, it leads me to believe that we will merely try to forget the past eight years instead of taking a good look at how we allowed it to happen. Just my two cents on that.

At 5:13 PM, Blogger Todd said...

"Here's a little bitty bundle of boodle you can take to the bank: Attacking Iran will, almost assuredly, make WW3 inevitable."

And I have NO DOUBT that the bush gustoppo knows FULL WELL that it WILL start WWIII (or IV as some people believe we're already in the 3rd one). It would fall right in-line with their "Revelations" and "End Or Times" scam.

And this was one of your best rants since I've been subscribed.

At 1:24 AM, Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

It seems like every single crisis is coming together at the same time, Tom.
WW3 or 4 (who's counting?), oil shortage, water shortages, global warming, economy tanking, home repossessions and on.
So what's a little Rapture between friends?
There will be no elections, my friend. We all see the face of fascism.
And on a slighter lighter note - did you see how Rummy ran out of France?
Keep the peace, Tom.

At 3:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We shall, indeed, be very fortunate if we escape WWIII, after these wretched rodents, that have taken over our country, are finished with their dual assaults of rape and robbery. The Republikkkans are officially a toxin. They are like an epidemic of Bubonic Plague. They have decimated an entire nation, allowed one of our great cities to be destroyed, let millions go without health care coverage, and thrown drops on the raging fire of foreclosures. People are losing their homes, homelessness is increasing by leaps and bounds, but the Republikkkans, and their Fuhrer, George Bush and his Himmler, Cheney, are interested only in starting another war!!!The Democrats obviously interpreted the last election as a mandate to allow them to whine and pule and wring their hands....period. Nancy Pelosi is pathetic. Harry Reid redefines cowardice. In the meantime, we might as well take a world map and put a SOLD sign over the good ole' USA, because China owns us. How will we pay for another war? Generations will be paying for the two that we are losing now, with no end in sight. Are there ANY sane people left in government,(other than a few mavericks like Kucinich)? Hillary, say they will not set up a timeline for withdrawal. The frontrunners for the Republikkkans would expand the war and attack anything that moves in the Middle East.It boggles the mind. Insanity runs rampant in the land.

At 5:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always drop by here because of your positive outlook (something I have difficulty doing), that the Republicans are doomed, it's not "if" but "when" the Bush-Cheney junta are consigned to the depths of Dante's inferno.

At 9:46 AM, Blogger Carrie said...

Hey Tom,

Once again great writing. My son just turned 18 and I am very scared for him... very.


At 9:53 AM, Blogger Carrie said...

Hey Tom,

Once again, great writing...It is always a great morning when you have a new rant to read!

My son just turned 18 and I am very scared there will be a draft, but maybe a draft is what we need to get more people up and participating in the rallies and marches.

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a false sense of cozy security in believing that change is slow and the wheels of justice grind fine, yada yada...... Change came fast to the residents of Dresden and Hiroshima when Allied bombers were overhead. The fascist zealots that have run this democracy into a wall will continue to spread their lies and ill will throughout the world. Those of us that despise the thuggish Bush regime will suffer as did the Germans and Japanese who weren't in line with the fascist regimes that held them captive.
The world has reason to fear the zealots ruining America as much as the fascist Islamists! I have never felt as angry and pessimistic about my country as I have these past 7 years.

At 3:08 PM, Blogger stoney13 said...


Great post!! (As Usual!) I'm so fucking SICK of hearing "Iran's got nukes!!" Iranian 'Terrists' are killing American soldiers!!" We can't let Iran get their hands on Nuclear weapons!!" BULLSHIT!!!!!

Iran has one thing, and ONLY one thing that Bush-Cheney wants! They've got the SECOND LARGEST PROVEN OIL RESERVES IN THE WORLD!!!

Fifteen months the lazy-ass "Dimocrats" mutter about? HOW LONG DID IT TAKE BUSH-CHENEY TO GET US INTO IRAQ???!!!! It's time to impeach the assholes! If that doesn't work, then let's have the Joint-Chiefs convene a tribunal considering whether Bush is fit to serve as Comander-in-Chief!! It's not a hard thing to do! There are articles in The Uniform Code of Military Justice to deal with just that!

We all know that if it wasn't for certain elements of The United States Airforce, we would have already been at war with Iran! We all know what that little flight of that B-52 from Minot, to Barksdale was all about! WE'RE NOT THAT STUPID!!!!

That oh-so-very-strange matter of Israel dropping bombs in Syria? IT WAS A PULLBACK!!!! IT WAS A MISSION ABORT!!! The pilot of that fighter jet did exactly what ANY fighter pilot would do after a mission abort is called in hostile airspace! He dropped his load, AND GOT THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!!! Luckily it was only the shifting desert sand of Syria that got fragged, but it could have been worse! MUCH WORSE!!!

What if it was a major Syrian city that got that ordinace dropped on it! What if there had been multiple civilian casualties? Multiple, AND I MEAN MULTIPLE Islamic countries are seriously pissed at Isreal, and us for feeding Isreal nukes for the last thirty years, and Syria is an "Ally in the War on Terror"! What happens then? I'll tell you! EVERY US SOLDIER IN THE MIDDLE EAST BECOMES A LEGITIMATE TARGET FOR WHOEVER HAS A FIREARM! And I'm not talking about terrorist attacks! I'm talking LEGITIMATE TARGETS!!!!

Iran isn't the defencless nation with no airforce that Iraq was! Iran has to finest tactical ordinace that Russia has to offer! They can, and WILL bring the fight! These are the people that fought Suddam Husein till he was broke! They know how to drive out a MUCH larger force! They won't lie down and give up like the Iraqis did!

I can think of no bigger blunder that President Pork Pie could possibly make than to attack Iran, or Syria. It would drain the already taxed assets of this country dry! We have no chance in hell of winning such a conflict! And fortunately, we have military comanders in this country that realize it! They're doing all they can, but they can only do so much!

At 7:00 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Again, Mr. Browning, I could not have put it better had I prayed to try. Folks, have you seen Stoney's blog? (called, STONEY'S RAGE") There is a link to it on this site - you REALLY ought to check it out!


Tom Degan

At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


How can nature be so sweet,
Malicious but per need?
It is not so with men you meet
So driven by their greed.

The plotting and farsighted kind--
Ruthless as Cheney too--
Rove represents a kind of mind,
And all that motley crew.

Nature can be horrendous vicious
But none so much as man,
Severe by program and officious
Nor none more than this clan.


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