Monday, October 15, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth for the Dems

Hey Democrats! Think about this: How would you like to have an Academy Award winning, Nobel Peace Prize recipient running at the top of your ticket? Hell, even Ronald Reagan never won an Oscar! (He never deserved one. Did you ever see him act? Just awful!) And he certainly never won a Nobel Prize! Can you even imagine something as absurd as that? The patron of the Contras getting a prize for peace??? Then again, they did give one to Henry Kissinger, the world's only German/Jewish war criminal, didn't they? On second thought....
But back to my main argument: Not since 1932 have you ever had a better chance of reclaiming the White House, and yet - incredibly - you seem to be hell-bent on committing the worst political blunder since you handed the nomination to Hubert Humphrey in 1968. You are about to nominate the only candidate among your current crop of front runners who can't possibly win the election in 2008. Four more years of a GOP-controlled executive branch of our government will, quite possibly, destroy this country - that's assuming it's not already broken beyond repair. The fact of the matter is this: Al Gore, if given the nomination next summer, will certainly be the next president of the United States. Hillary Clinton will certainly be defeated. It is as simple as that.

Here is an inconvenient truth you silly donkeys must come to terms with: You desperately need a nominee who is going to energize and inspire your base - and Hillary Clinton is not the candidate who will do that. Al Gore, on the other hand, will most assuredly appeal to your base. How do I know that? BECAUSE I AM YOUR BLOODY BASE! (or at least, I was). Senator Clinton is one of the many reasons I am no longer a Democrat. I'll be voting for the party of FDR next year, come heck or high water. But if Hillary is the person I'm forced to vote for, I'll be holding my nose, trust me. Here is something you need to understand: If you nominate her at your convention next summer, you will face another third-party uprising at the polls in November of '08. COUNT ON IT. That's a chance you can't afford to take. You remember what happened in 2000, don't you? Of course you do.
Hear me out, Democrats! Have you noticed that all the right-wing talking heads and talking points are claiming that she will be their most formidable foe next year? Woooooh!! They're really scared of her, aren't they? Don't you see what they're trying to do here, folks? They're trying to manipulate you into believing that she's unbeatable. They're trying to lull you into thinking that Hillary Clinton as your standard bearer will mean certain doom for their chances at retaining the White House in January of '09 - and you people are falling for it hook line and sinker! Ask yourselves the following question: Why would Rupert Murdoch - of all people - be holding fundraisers for her? Do you actually believe that the owner of FOX Noise and the New York Toast wants her as our next president? It is nothing more than a cynical, strategic move on Murdoch's part. He wants her to be the next Democratic nominee because he knows she is bound to lose. Sure, if the Hamptons had seven-hundred electoral votes, she'd be a shoo-in - BUT THEY DON'T! Trust me on this one, campers: They're praying for a Hillary Clinton candidacy!
It has been said that Al Gore does not want to run for president; Gore himself has even hinted that he doesn't want to run. That may be the case. But a nationwide, Draft Gore movement would definitely change the man's mind in a heartbeat. We have got to let him know that America needs him whether it realizes it or not. Think of the message that a Gore administration would sent to the rest of the world! It would be like saying, "Yeah, Planet Earth, we Americans really screwed up - BIG TIME - when we stupidly sent that half-witted, murderous little thug from Crawford, Texas to Washington DC. But we're gonna put things right, Planet Earth. Honest to goodness we are!"
From Paul Krugman's column in today's New York Times:
"The worst thing about Mr. Gore, from the conservative point of view, is that he keeps being right. In 1992 George H.W. Bush mocked him as the 'ozone man', but three years later the scientists who discovered the threat to the ozone layer won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. In 2002 he warned that if we invaded Iraq, 'the resulting chaos could easily pose a far greater threat to the United States than we presently face from Saddam.' And so it has proved."
In other words, the less we heed the warning of Al Gore, the more idiotic we look as a nation (Don'cha just love Krugman? I sure do!) One of the worst mistakes I ever made in my life was abandoning the Gore campaign in 2000 and supporting the Green Party candidacy of Ralph Nader. At the time, it seemed like a safe, even responsible thing to do. Ralph was addressing every issue that needed to be addressed; issues that both major political parties were totally ignoring. As alarming as a prospective George W. Bush administration seemed (even without the benefit of seven years 20/20 historical hindsight), the guy was so jaw-droppingly stupid, I felt he didn't have a chance in hell. Who knew he would be able to steal the election in Florida by removing 57,000 African Americans from the voting rolls? Who knew that so huge a segment of the electorate would be foolish enough to vote for him? If only we knew then what we know now....
The very worst thing you can say about Al Gore is that Saddam Hussein would still be in power had the former vice-president not been denied the White House by an ideologically perverted Supreme Court in December of 2000. Right!....and over a million Iraqi men, women and little children would still be alive. Right!....and almost four-thousand American families would not this day be grieving for a lost son or daughter. Right!....and our entire social and economic infrastructure would not be teetering on the edge of the total collapse that will surely come any day now. Right!....and we all would be a lot more secure. Good ol' Saddam! Come to think of it, I'm startin' to miss the old bugger!
But, hey! All of that is water under the bridge, as they say. The Democratic Party is now in a unique position to right some extremely nasty wrongs. Al Gore won the presidency on Election Day 2000 and it was stolen from him. At this point in time, I think it is a foregone conclusion that our nation would be a whole hell of a lot better off had a President Gore taken the oath of office on January 20, 2001. As it now stands, the damage that has been done to our beloved country by the disgusting little piece of shit who at this very moment sleeps soundly in the master bedroom of the Executive Mansion will take generations to undo. Ancient Chinese wisdom tells us that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. A Gore White House would be a very good first step indeed.
Hey Democrats! Do you want to know another reason why I left your party almost a decade ago? You people are just dumb enough to give the nomination to Hillary Clinton!
Prove me wrong, Dems! Please, prove me wrong!
Tom Degan
Goshen, NY
The Conscience of a Liberal
by Paul Krugman


At 10:59 AM, Blogger Todd said...

Good one, Tom, as always. Yeah, it would be interesting if Gore did run for Prez again and won.

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Sarah D said...

oh, tom, i completely agree with you on this one. even as a woman, a democrat, and a pusher for peace, economic prosperity, and universal health care, i just can't see myself voting for hillary! i agree that the republicans are trying to bring a lot of attention to her, and while i don't think she is a "bad" candidate, america is not ready for ms. clinton and certainly not bill again. it really pains me to say that as a staunch democrat, but i would rather vote for obama or no one at all if the situation gets dire. npr's 'a prairie home companion' had two impersonators of gore and lil' bush, and while i laughed, i also did some fist pumping and high fiving no one in particular that gore has achieved and accomplished ACTUAL, MERIT WORTHY prizes and awards. (see if you can find apm on and listen to that snippet.) sarah vowell's 'the partly cloudy patriot' (excellent, excellent read) talks about how 'nerdy' gore was and that was probably why he didn't win--no one could relate to him, he was too smart, and he didn't have the frat boy personality that america seems to find attractive. but now! look at him! nobel prize! an oscar! when we're in the middle of terrorism, a dragging war that does not seem to have an end, presidential blunders, environmental crisis, global warming, oil shortages, poverty, neglecting children's health care...need i go on...i bet a nerdy, nobel prize winner, oscar winner, biology and ecology expert president doesn't seem too bad after all. when will we as a country wake up and see the light?

and you know i live in alabama where bush is hailed as a god of some sort, and the sororities and fraternities actually made t shirts that said "W...still the president." this was CAMPUS WIDE. unbelievable. unbelievable.

At 5:16 PM, Blogger Floyd M. Orr said...

Go, Tom, go! This is a totally excellent article; right on the money! Here is the really sad part. As I have so often said to my wife, Tom is the most famous person who fully supports our economic and political viewpoint. The problem is that every talking head on television is working hard to shove Hillary down our throats. That would not be so dangerous if America wasn't so full of morons that seem to believe anything coming from a cathode ray tube.

At 6:40 PM, Blogger Tom Degan said...

Dear Sarah Rachel,
I know America is ready for a woman president (long overdue) But EEK GADS! Not that woman! She stands for nothing. And her complicity in enabling the First Fool is beyond belief.

By the way folks, Sarah Rachel is the author of a most excellent blog called "Lie Down and Sleep". A link to it can be found on this site. You really should check it out - it's beautiful!

At 1:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom, I too will be holding my nose if Hillary gets the nod from the dems. I've wanted to be able to vote for a woman president for a long time, but I'd really rather it not be the Queen of the Focus Group Polls.

Personally, I'm hoping for a miraculous upset between now and Nov 2008......fingers crossed!

Mary Eman

At 10:56 AM, Blogger Claire said...

The BBC edit how much and who we see and hear about over here. Free uncensored media coverage!??! Hillary gets covered but mostly cause of Bill. Obama got 4 mins at some rally the other day. Coverage is scant but then there is plenty political to keep us busy this side of the pond. UK, Europe, China......... I'll watch your blog for info.

At 1:41 PM, Blogger Bambic said...

It would be great if Gore would run and win and actually get to serve this time, but we've got to face reality,guys: Hillary has this election wrapped up.
I worked for Jerry Brown back in '92 when he ran against Clinton and you would not believe the skeletons in the Clinton's closet.
Or maybe you would. But it didn't stop him from getting the nomination. I learned more than I wanted to know about politics and the DNC and I'll eat my hat if anyone other than Hillary wins this election.
Believe me, I am no fan, but she is going to be our next prez.

At 1:58 PM, Blogger stoney13 said...

Hillary is looking more and more like she's been bought and paid for! There's something about that woman that just don't set right with me!

At 5:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Tom and all,

Here's a suggestion to get the attention of candidates: when the glitzy ads come around asking for donations, send them back with no money and a note that says, "No money and no vote until you commit to get us out of Iraq and keep us out of Iran and impeach Bush and Cheney!"

And for those who say that it is too late to impeach them, here's something to consider: whoever comes into the presidency as it is now after Bush has messed with it, is immediately liable for impeachment unless they act first thing to undo the damage Bush has wrought to the Constitution with his Unitary Executive Act and many other things. The grassroots impeachment movement is not going away when the election is over!

At 10:42 AM, Blogger Avram Mirsky said...

Count me in as another unrepentant "Run-Al-Run" enthusiast. The sad thing is that certain elements of the left seem to want to drag the man down (I think that ultimately there is no satisfying those folks). To wit, check out this Information Clearing House post by Stephen Lendman, and some of the subsequent comments.

Gore had little choice but to accept the Clinton era Dem leadership in 2000; that's why, I believe, he seemed to uncomfortable in his own skin (do you think he REALLY wanted Lieberman as his VP?). "The Assault on Reason" is a book of man who has come back to himself. Howard Dean has created a grassroots movement in the party that I think would completely overwhelm the Hillary machine if Gore declared.

At 2:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right again you are, Tom. The Media is hot to have Hillary be the candidate. So is the Republican Party. The corporations that own the Media and the Repugs know that they have the best chance of all at beating Hillary. Women my age, a "certain age", have been around long enough and seen enough to know she is disingenuous. We don't like her. We don't trust her. She has to show the world she has Big Kahunas, so she is going to stay in Iraq. She is also much more rigid in her thinking than Bill. True,Bill was a Slick Willy. However,Hillary will want to defeat the forces of evil. There are forces of evil, but the Iraq War isnt defeating them, it is encouraging them. Hillary wont admit that; and she might be as bad as Bush in seeing herself as Joan of Arc fighting the "Infidels", and continuing a "Holy Crusade." Plus, she is deep in political debt to her fat-cat contributors. She is an old guard politician through and through. I am weary of the Clintons. We need a fresh face, someone who cares about the average citizen.I keep hoping Iowa will take the wind out of her sails. The sheeple are so enamoured of name recognition in this "image is everything" country. Whatever happened to substance, wisdom, common sense, decency, integrity and truth?!!!

At 10:14 AM, Blogger Lauren said...

Hillary repeats the same talking points as any candidate on the right. Republican candidates say she doesn't because they are trying to create political divisions where divisions simply don't exist.


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